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    Ever noticed how hair adverts for guys are filled with breakdance-skateboard twats with hair nobody would ever want. We wanted to do the opposite. British guys just want to look a bit smarter. They want to look effortless.

    First advert ever cast on Myspace. Hundreds of people uploaded clips of themselves performing tricks, driven by press and online ads. Thousands of bands uploaded music for the ad.

    Once we had a star, he was trained then the advert was shot in one take after over 100 attempts. A documentary was made about the training and shown on Interactive TV. A free album of the top 10 tracks was released on iTunes.

    2 D&AD Yellow pencils, 3 D&AD In Book, 4 BTAA Arrows, Creative Circle Integrated gold and bronze, 2 One Show Mrits, Meribel Winner, Pearl & Dean cinema ad of the year, Campiagns 5th best ad of the year and the big one... Zoo Magazine's coolest ad of the year.