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Cable Kickbacks: How To Do It Properly And The Benefits You’ll Get From It

If you’re like me and all the other millions in the world, then you know looking great from behind is just as crucial as looking fantastic in front. Who wouldn’t want to give an impressive exit with a fabulous backside? Besides, having a fit backfill in those dresses in all the right places.

Thank goodness fitness experts have come up with exercises to build and strengthen posterior muscles. Fitness gurus and experts have come up with so many techniques that you’ll find yourself reeling in confusion. That’s an exaggeration, but there is one exercise that does stand out!

Glute cable kickbacks can do the trick of building up a backside that is strong on its own. These exercises can even lift and shape your butt. You’ll never be so conscious of your back again.

Wait, There’s More?

What’s even more fantastic is that you can do glute kickback exercises in the comforts of your own home. If you’re too lazy to get up and head out to the gym, get yourself a resistance band and work up a sweat in your room. It all depends on how self-motivated you are. Are you the kind who likes to see other people sweating it out? You may want a gym membership and feel more motivated when you work out alongside other people.

If you want to focus on achieving your fitness goals, read on about glute cable kickbacks. There’s a lot of information out there, and you only need to make the first step by learning about glute cable kickback exercises. Working out with a cable machine to shape up your booty is a highly recommended one. You may even start feeling a little more excited, knowing you can achieve that round bottom with just exercise. No surgery is needed to look as hot as your favorite celebrity.

What Is Glute Cable Kickbacks Exercise?

You must be wondering what a glute kickback exercise is now that you may want to have a fitter body. Let’s start from the beginning to help you get that sexy shape and silhouette by breaking down the basics.

Your ‘glutes’ are actually the muscles in your buttocks. “Glutes” is the shorter term for all three kinds of butt muscles. The three muscles are the Gluteus Maximus, the Gluteus medius, and the Gluteus minimus. The largest muscle is the Gluteus Maximus that really gives your butt its shape. It’s also the muscle that allows you to move your thighs. The two other muscles are smaller but are essential in supporting the Gluteus Maximus.

Glutes: What Is Their Role?

Your glutes play a vital part in your life, like helping you maintain balance. That’s why any workout routine should include a glute kickback one. Yes, you read that right. Your butt muscles are really important and are not just for sitting on.

Now what you want to do is workout these butt muscles along with your hamstrings. Your hamstring muscles are located at the back of your thighs and are connected to your glutes.

What Can Cable Kickbacks Offer?

Glute cable kickbacks allow you to focus more intently on working your butt out. Fitness experts recommend using a cable machine to see more results for butt workouts. There is a resistance you work against when you attach a cable to your ankle and literally kickback.

Yes, cable machines are great, and they’re even relatively easy to use. You will appreciate the ease of gym cable machines and even find cable machines focusing solely on the glutes. Check out the gym nearest you. I’m already letting you know as early as now that glute kickbacks should be part of your workout regimen.

Are Cable Kickbacks Effective?

What about squats and lunges? Aren’t those what they always recommend? You may be wondering at this point about these exercises you always hear about. I would be too, because that’s what everyone swears by; if you want a nice butt, squat.

Yes, these exercises are also recommended, but they work with different kinds of muscles. If you want to focus on your glutes, the cable kickback exercises will isolate these muscles. Glute cable kickbacks target glutes and hamstrings. Hamstrings are connected to the glutes, and by exercising these, you get a rounder and fuller butt as a result.

The standing glute cable kickback targets the butt and the hip. Even more extraordinary is the fact that this kind of exercise also shapes up the rest of the lower body. Think of nicely toned legs, and you’ll get the picture.

The Best Thing About Cable Machines

Using cable machines has many, many advantages. According to the founder of Movement Vault, Grayson Wickham, a cable machine allows more freedom of movement. That’s why glute cable kickback exercises can be done by switching directions. Have I also mentioned it’s not going to be as jerky too?

You can do your glute kickback standing up or bent over slightly. It all depends on what you want to achieve. The cable machine is easy to use anyway.

What I like about cable machines is that the weight is adjustable. You can stack on more weights as you progress and form stronger muscles. I recommend you start with some lighter weights and work your way up.

What Are the Glute Cable Kickbacks Benefits?

We’ve already established that it’s essential to work out the glutes and hamstrings with cable kickbacks. Now you know that you’ll end up having a shapelier butt, but what other benefits are there? You may want to know what else you can get from literally working your butt off.

Other than a fuller bottom, glute cable kickback exercises also create leaner legs that are shapely. Having slim-looking yet toned legs is a lot better than having what people call “stem” for legs. Nobody likes stick-thin legs. They’ll never look great with that cocktail dress or those board shorts at the beach.

Most of the time, people take their butt muscles for granted. People always focus on getting those buff arms or those hard rock abs and forget the part that they don’t see often.

It’s essential also to work your butt muscles out. You’ll be surprised to know the critical role they play with the entire body. It’s all about strength, movement, and balance. It’s time to pay attention to your glutes and bless your bathroom mirror with its shapely beauty.

According To Research

Based on a 2009 study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy, gluteal muscle weakness causes lower back pain, ankle instability, and lack of balance. Weak butt muscles can also lead to injuries in the future.

Don’t all those risks make you want to work your butt out more? Most people report an improvement in posture when they have stronger glutes. Yes, your butt helps you to stand straighter or taller.

When you work your glutes out, expect to get stronger, become more flexible, and move more fluidly. I wish that also meant you’ll look a lot sexier, but then again, you will have more confidence.

Glute kickback exercises can also supplement your other workouts. This means that having stronger glutes will help significantly with different activities. Examples are deadlifts and squats. You’ll also see an improvement in your performance in running and jumping. That’s excellent news for sportspeople.

How To Do Cable Glute Kickbacks And Avoid Mistakes

Where do you start? Beginners may find it intimidating to use any gym machinery, but that shouldn’t be the case. If you are new to this, don’t worry. You can always ask for assistance from a fitness trainer or do your little research. The cable machine is also relatively easy to use.

The Best Way To Start

When you start your glute cable workout, you attach the cuff to your ankle. The cable machine connected resembles a pulley machine where your leg will pull the weights on the other end.

It’s best if you start with something light. Stacking on too much weight will defeat the exercise’s purpose, but we’ll talk about that more later. The primary thing is to start light.

Do Not Forget Your Form

Any exercise always requires a proper form. Getting the form right makes sure that the muscles targeted are worked out. You avoid injuries when you are doing things right too.

Most people make the mistake of arching their backs too much. Arching too much can hurt the lower back. Just keep your back straight, and you’ll be alright.

Stand in front of the stack of weights and attach the cuff to your ankle. Don’t stand too straight. You’ll want to do this exercise with your knees slightly bent. You can hold on to the tower for support but keep your back straight. You can bend slightly towards the tower too.

Value Your Core

Don’t forget to engage your core. Contract your ab muscles during this exercise so you can get the most out of every movement. Get ready to do a lot of counting and controlled breathing.

You can begin the exercise by raising your leg back slowly or “kicking back.” It would be best if your hip is extended at the back. Pause and hold your position for one or two seconds before slowly putting it down.

A simple time formula to keep in mind in executing one set is the following:
➔ Count one or two seconds to raise
➔ Squeeze your glutes at the top for one to two seconds
➔ Count three to four seconds as you put your leg down

The Ideal Rep

The ideal is to do about 10 to 15 reps. Aim for two to three sets before transferring the cuff to the other foot and repeating the process. You can increase your number of reps and sets when you get better and stronger at this.

I’ve mentioned earlier that one mistake beginners make stacking on too much weight. The best way is to start light, but how do you know how light is too light? When is it too heavy?

The answer is if you can’t do more than five reps, it’s just too heavy. If you can do more than 20, it’s too light. You’re going to end up using your entire body to lift your leg instead of using the targeted muscles when it’s too heavy. It’s best to start light.

You should be conscious of how you lift your leg when pulling the weights. Many beginners make the mistake of swinging or using momentum, which defeats the purpose of making the glutes work. You’re supposed to feel the use of those muscles.

Some beginners do not swing the whole way back, which you have to avoid yourself. It would help if you kicked your leg back as far as possible to make the glutes tenser. You’ll feel the muscles tighten up when you’re doing it right.

Things To Remember

You’ll never have as much fun working out your butt muscles and hamstrings when you work with a cable machine. Have we forgotten the benefits of great butt workouts?

The glute cable kickback exercises and their variations will not only give you a fuller backside but also shapelier legs. If you’re a dedicated athlete, you’ll benefit even more because glute kickbacks are great supplementary exercises that boost speed and strength.

Personal trainer Mecayla Froerer says that cable machines are also so easy to set up and use that you can work out without putting too much time into prepping. You can always ask for assistance when you’re learning the ropes.

You can also work out at home, and all you’ll need is a mat and maybe a laptop to watch a video on how to work out your glutes on the floor. Perhaps you can throw in variations and a little yoga.


If you want to achieve the best results with your exercise, make sure you also eat right. This doesn’t mean you go starving yourself because you do need calories to build your muscle. When you’ve built up a lot of muscle, your body will turn into a calorie and fat-burning machine.

Why not visit your local gym and check out their equipment today? Start exercising today. It’s not a pain in the butt!



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