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Cheating Girlfriend: The Signs and How To Cope

It’s a terrible feeling when you find out that your girlfriend’s cheating on you.

Even worse, when she’s not just cheating on you, but cheating with someone who doesn’t care about her or love her the way that you do.

You may have had your suspicions for a long time, or it may have come as a complete shock to you.

The signs of cheating vary from person to person and relationship to relationship. Still, some common signs can help point out whether or not your girl’s cheating on you.

In this article, I’ll discuss the top signs that your girlfriend’s probably cheating. I’ll also explain how you can appropriately cope with these feelings so that both parties can move forward positively.

Why would a girl cheat in the first place?

There are many reasons why people cheat, but it typically boils down to one thing – love.

The person that they’re cheating on may not give them what they need or want out of their relationship. Eventually, they seek affection elsewhere – oftentimes behind closed doors just like any old affair.

There could also be other factors at play here too. These may include insecurity, desperation for attention, or just being plain selfish.

It’s important to realize that everyone’s different, and every relationship has its problems. Not all relationships are perfect – even when they look like it on the outside.

So what signs should you look for?

10 common signs that your girlfriend is cheating

So, what are the signs of infidelity in a relationship? What red flags should you be on the lookout for when having your suspicions?

Remember that the signs of infidelity can vary from person to person and relationship to relationship. Thus, you must keep your eyes peeled for any signs that may indicate such a thing.

Some common signs include:

1. Loss of intimacy in your relationship

If you notice a sudden loss of intimacy in your relationship, it may be because she’s cheating.

In the beginning stages of infidelity, most women will try to avoid being intimate with their significant other so that they don’t get caught.

However, once things become more serious and constant between her and someone else, she’ll start distancing herself from you physically as well. (Oftentimes, going out or staying at home instead of trying to rekindle lost connections.)

2. Taking irregular shifts at work

This may be an indication of someone who’s trying to spend more time with another person. Also, it means less time spent with you.

From your perspective, it makes no sense why she’d need to do this. If anything, it sounds like a hassle for both parties involved.

You should keep tabs on her work schedule to make sure there are no signs of suspicious activity. This is especially if she works late hours or has odd shifts at different times. Just ensure that you do not overstep or look over insecure and throw things out of control.

If your girlfriend happens to have an irregular shift, ask her why this is the case and how long it will last. Be open about your concerns while also showing support for you to solve any problems(if any) together as a couple.

Remember, showing signs of mistrust can cause irreversible damage to otherwise healthy relationships! Don’t assume anything just because something seems strange according to human nature. Instead, communicate with each other so that both parties feel supported.

3. If she’s avoiding eye contact during conversations

If your girlfriend’s avoiding eye contact during conversations, it may be because she doesn’t want you to see her guilt.

Instead of looking you in the eyes when talking about something else, she’ll look away or shift around in place. This is a major red flag and a sign that infidelity may have crept up in your relationship.

She probably feels guilty and knows what she’s doing – so keep an eye out on this one.

4. Wearing new clothes or different styles of clothing

If you suddenly notice this trend with her, it may be because she wants to impress someone else.

Oftentimes when people get involved with a person outside their relationship, they’ll try and dress better to look attractive for them.

This doesn’t mean that you should accuse her immediately. There could be another reason behind the change in wardrobe. But if this is suspiciously frequent or out of character for what she usually wears, then keep an eye out.

You can also ask about why she’d want a new outfit. Maybe there was some event going on at work where everyone wore nice outfits? If so, just ensure that you’re supportive no matter how minor it may be.

Remember, most women are naturally insecure and will try to dress better to feel more confident around others. If there’s a legitimate reason behind her change in wardrobe with no signs of infidelity involved, then don’t assume the worst!

5. When she’s always looking to pick a fight with you

This may happen to you when she needs an excuse as to why she isn’t home.

When some girlfriends cheat, they’ll try and cover up any mistakes or slip-ups by trying to create problems in the relationship.

Eventually, these arguments will start getting more frequent and intense until both parties are always at each other’s throats. (This is especially true if her new lover has been pressuring her into doing so.)

At this point, there may not be much room for reconciliation left between the two of you. Thus, you may need to take some steps towards moving forward before things get worse.

6. Suspicious phone calls/text messages

Now, this is the mother of all red flags. It’s among the oldest signals in the book!

Although she may try and lie about it at first, the truth will come out in time. More so, if there’s anything suspicious going on behind closed doors.

If so, ask her what was up with that message/call when she comes home later tonight because something seemed off about it!

Doing so can be an extremely effective way of opening up communication between you two. It’ll also help you get to the bottom of things before they escalate much more than they already have.

Remember: Don’t assume anything just yet. At least not until you have all the evidence for everyone involved. Be patient and open-minded towards understanding each other rather than jumping to conclusions.

7. Hides her social media activity from you

Your girlfriend may also have some Facebook or Instagram friends that you don’t know about. If she’s doing something wrong with them that she knows won’t fly with you, she may tend to hide them from you.

If that’s the case, then you may discover she’s blocked your access to her social media profiles for no apparent reason.

She wouldn’t block you if it had anything to do with work or business, right?

If this happens frequently, then be suspicious of any instances where she suddenly goes quiet around you. More so, when you ask about what she does online on these sites (and elsewhere).

She could be simply using them to connect with someone else who isn’t available in real life like yourself!

Just make sure not to accuse her without proof.

8. Sudden changes in behavior

When you first meet your girlfriend, she was probably a nice and outgoing person.

If there are any sudden changes in this area, then you may have cause for suspicion. More so, when she becomes more reserved around you for no apparent reason.

If a change in her behavior makes your relationship feel uncomfortable, then, by all means, speak up about it. Chances are high that something’s going on behind your back.

You wouldn’t have fallen for someone who wasn’t the nicest person anyway right?

9. When she suddenly becomes interested in your schedule

In some cases, this may be an attempt at tracking down your movements or whereabouts.

She wants to know where you are (and when) so that she can maneuver around your schedule. She may not want to get caught, hence, the subtle surveillance.

You have every right to get suspicious if this sudden interest pops up out of nowhere.

10. Keeps hinting that you should break up

On the other hand, your girlfriend may have another way of telling you that she’s seeing someone else.

For instance:

When she keeps telling you about her desire for a breakup. Or, in other cases, constantly brings up past relationships. She may also start pointing out some flaws in you that didn’t bother her when you two started dating.

This could be an attempt at making it easier for her when you finally catch her. She would say that she tried telling you of your incompatibility all along!

How to cope with a cheating girl

It’s normal to feel hurt and betrayed if you find your girlfriend cheating on you.

But, if the two of you are both determined to fix things, then there’s still hope.

Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Be honest with yourself first before speaking with anyone else. This means first taking time off from friends and social media until everything settles down. It’s also important that you don’t blame yourself too much. You might have made some mistakes along the way, but you can always change things for the better!
  2. When she comes home later tonight, ask her about it. If this turns out to be true, then take extra care not to show your anger or disgust with her behavior. You don’t want to drive her away further than she already is. It’s also possible that you may not even like what you see anymore, but try to fight through it!
  3. Resist any temptation of cheating yourself (either out of revenge or curiosity). This will only complicate your life further and make things harder than they already are for both of you. Not to mention how much heartache this could cost if she finds out about it down the line.
  4. When all else fails, consider couples therapy with a specialist. This could be a long and difficult road, but it’s still possible to save the relationship if you both want it enough.


Cheating girlfriends happen more often than not these days. My advice is, don’t feel too bad if anything similar happens to you.

It doesn’t mean that you should give up without trying to understand the cause for her cheating. You may have gotten into your current predicament because of poor choices on your part or hers.

All in all, don’t let the situation keep you down. If there’s hope for reconciliation, then follow through and see how best you can cope with the situation.



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