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Ways To Make Your Desk More Aesthetic and Picturesque

No matter what line of work you are in, your general workspace desk plays a huge role in your productivity. To be more precise, how your home desk looks can impact your work and outputs. Either it inspires the motivation to work better and wiser, or it makes you feel less productive.

Having an aesthetic workspace can help bring out your overall productivity and creativeness. From attractive colors to the intangible feeling of inspiration, you should be able to work more efficiently.

An aesthetic desk can help you feel more comfortable and at ease in your day-to-day life. Whether it’s for work, studying, or even casual browsing. To help you come up with the work desk of your dreams, here is a complete guide on making your desk more aesthetic!

Why Is Aesthetic Important?

Desk aesthetics are not just there to keep up appearances. Having a functional and attractive desk and décor can provide a positive impact.

It also helps you keep focused. Not only can an aesthetic desk encourage you to work every day, but it reflects in the quality of your output as well.

A creative environment or workspace holds power that can influence your mood. About 46% of professionals admitted that their workspace impacts their productivity.

Aesthetics not only encourage creativity. It also elicits feelings of calm and happiness within you. Having an aesthetic desk can help you feel less stressed with work and your studies.

How Can You Make Your Desk Look Aesthetic?

There are various ways on how you can make your work desk look aesthetic and picturesque. Here are some top-tier tips you can follow:

1. Pick The Right Color

Believe it or not, colors play a role in your creativity, productivity, and innovation. There is a science that backs this up — color therapy. It reveals that color can help you make informed decisions.

Also, choosing the right color can help you in various ways. Blue, green, red, and yellow seem to be the likely colors that show improvement and workflow increase.

Blue is best for creating a calming and stable environment that can help you stay focused. The cooler shades of the color wheel can work well for those who work for long hours. It also would be suitable for those burning the midnight oil since it does not cause eye fatigue.

The warmer side of the wheel, like yellow, can stimulate creativity and promote optimism and energy. Red would be best for work that involves physical labor since it increases blood flow and evokes emotions.

2. Choose A Theme

You can pick a theme or concept that suits your taste and go wild. A minimalistic theme means more white and basic objects and setup. If you are a person who loves or does art, you can choose a gallery theme wherein you pin up or frame your or other people’s work.

An ocean theme means everything under the sea, such as seashell-themed stationery and supplies. A garden-style desk means you can include some greenery and make use of natural light!

3. Personalize Your Space

There are several ways you can add personality to your desk. You can paint it a fun color or add personal touches like plants or photos. You may also use a desk organizer to store all your supplies.

The best way to make your desk feel like home is by giving it your personal touch. While it would be beneficial to separate work and personal life, adding elements that remind you of your family, friends, or lover can help you feel more inspired.

You can also print out your favorite quotes and frame them. It can add vigor to your motivation to work.

4. Add Some Light

You will need steady light to work efficiently. Opening your blinds or curtains can bring natural light into the room. This kind of light has mood-boosting effects and promotes creativity.

If you lack windows in your office or room, you can use a desk lamp or any light fixture such as LED lights. These can touch up your desk beautifully. Pick one that matches well with your personality or style.

5. Organize

Seeing your desk organized and clean is sometimes enough to make it picture-ready. Keep your desk clutter-free to make it seem more aesthetic. You can build a system yourself to help reduce clutter, such as color-coding, to-do lists, and check sheets.

You may color-code the items on your desk for a more aesthetic touch. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but it also helps you find your files and supplies much easier. Rid your desks of any extraneous items, dirty mugs, smudges, and anything unsightly.

6. Add Desk Accessories

Decide on your desk accessories. Choose which desk accessory and component you will need to complete your aesthetic desk setup. If you choose a theme, make sure to consider it when choosing your desk accessories.

7. Include Some Greenery

If your desk is near the window, it would be great to add some greenery. Not only do plants add personality to your desk, it also helps with cleaning the air and boosting your mood. They offer a fresh look to your workspace.

You can use plants that won’t die quickly. Succulents and cactuses are some of the top choices for desk plants. You do not need to water them daily, nor do you have to worry about pests and infestations.

What Are The Essentials Of An Aesthetic Desk?

If you are planning to make your desk more aesthetic, it is necessary to know which desk essentials you will need. These components will complete the overall look of your desk.

First on the list of essentials is the desk itself. There are a variety of aesthetic styles and designs you can choose from. Ranging from the timeless mid-century style to the more loud ones with playful colors and designs.

Your computer or laptop setup is also essential for your desk. You can choose an aesthetic keyboard or custom keycaps. Pair them up with a matching mouse and you are set! Make sure to pay attention to choosing your desk pad as well, as it can make or break your aesthetic.

Next up is your desk chair. It would be good to pick a chair that would match your setup, all without compromising your comfort. There are many chairs you can choose from, ranging from racing-style gaming chairs to simple but comfortable ones.

Other essentials you will need on your desk are headphones, desk organizers, a clock, and wall décor. Some optional ones are small sculptures, mics and speakers. In choosing these essentials, make sure that they would go well with your whole setup!

Some Aesthetic Desk Setup Ideas

For more aesthetic setup ideas, here are some you can try out!

Minimalist Setup

Today, the biggest trend in desk setup is the minimalist workspace. Minimalism embodies the ‘less is more’ concept with its crisp and clutter-free look. It involves stripping things down and using their most basic form. You can associate it with simplicity, a monochromatic palette, and clean lines.

The minimalist setup or décor outlook is easy enough to recreate and clean. It also does not cost as much as other desk setups.

To have a minimalist layout, you must reduce your items. You also need to choose a monochromatic color palette and make use of drawers and organizers. Remember to keep it basic and simple and to avoid loud colors.

Neon or Gaming Setup

The foundation of this look is lights, a mechanical keyboard, monitors, and a gaming chair. It might work well for hard-core gamers and night owls who want to have the perfect desk setup.

For this, you will need to have a gaming room light, a high-end headset, a desk pad, and a comfortable footrest.

Pastel Setup

Pastels are pale color tones that you can create by mixing a good amount of white into the original shade. This tone has a soft and dreamy appearance, evoking feelings of nostalgia and calmness. It is often associated with the kawaii and cute culture that originated from Japan.

This setup entails playing with light shades of colors, such as pink and lavender. You use pastel-colored keyboards, notebooks, pens, and a mouse pad. You can also add cute stickers, white curtains, and flowers to complete the look.


Working and studying can get boring once in a while. A mundane and dull desk does not help with that particular issue. A good way to amend this is by sprucing up your workspace to make it more aesthetic!

Making your desk look aesthetic has benefits that go beyond visual appeal. Having a neat and stylish workspace does wonder for your productivity and motivation. You can do a total desk makeover using the ideas above to add life and personality to your work desk.


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