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Do Ladybugs Bite or Not? Here’s Everything You Must Know

Ladybugs! These beautiful-looking insects can be seen where plants are present. Yet, you may find them in your house from time to time if you have plants or live in the countryside. Also, if you live in a big house with large patches of grass, your place can be infested with ladybugs. Also, you will find them over your body any time of the day or night.

Now, most insects bite, and some can even turn human skin into a nightmare. That’s why it is essential to know whether:

  • Can ladybugs bite you?
  • Can ladybugs harm you?
  • How to prevent the infestation of ladybugs in your house?
  • How to clean your place up from ladybugs?

This post will educate you all about it. Plus, you will know many things about ladybugs. So, entirely read this post.

Let’s begin!

Intriguing question: Can ladybugs bite you?

Science tells us about over 5000 species of ladybugs in the world. The US alone hosts over 24 different species of ladybugs. And these insects eat other small insects in crop fields. That’s why farmers also raise them for better harvests while killing harmful insects. So, ladybugs are somehow useful insects for humans.

Yet, ladybugs can bite humans. However, it is not their common or obvious behavior. Generally, ladybugs crawl over humans and leave whenever they can without taking a bite of flesh. But, exceptions are always there.

You cannot tell whether ladybugs will certainly bite you whenever they are around you. That’s why always take precautions and stop the infestation of ladybugs.

According to research, 26% of ladybug species bite humans. The rest do not. But it is hard for a normal human to identify a biting ladybug. That’s why it’s wise to keep away from ladybugs.

Ladybugs often bite on those parts of the human body where hairs are not present. Also, ladybugs bite when they feel threatened. So, remain calm and still when a ladybug is around you.

How many types of ladybugs can bite you?

Most species of ladybugs do not attack homes but remain out there in green areas. Yet, the ones that infest homes always bite. That’s why if you see a ladybug or an insect with black spots on the body, then try to get rid of them from your house with all available treatments.

These are common ladybug beetles that bite, and these are also present in most parts of the world, along with a large population in the US.

  • Asian lady beetle
  • Ladybug beetle
  • Ladybird beetle

What are the dangers associated with ladybugs?

Ladybugs can give allergic reactions to the human body. Yet, most people do not get it even after a bite. But ladybugs can cause breathing problems and swelling of the face and lips. That’s why try to keep yourself away from a bite of a ladybug.

Ladybugs have similar proteins to cockroaches, causing allergic reactions to humans. Also, sensitive people need to get to the hospital after the bite. Otherwise, serious damage can happen to the lungs or skin.

What does compel ladybugs to come to your place?

Usually, ladybugs attack houses at the end of fall and at the start of winter. The reason is hibernation and getting a warm place to spend time and reproduce. Ladybugs hibernate during winter. When the spring starts, they come out and reproduce.

How to prevent ladybugs from infesting your home?

Here are some practical tips.

  • Seal all windows and doors. There must not be any gap anywhere in windows or door openings. You can use silicone or latex to fill gaps.
  • Close all entry points of your house. For example, you have to take care of pipes and vents.
  • Use ladybug repelling plants in your houses like mum or lavender.

How to take care of your home when you have a ladybug infestation?

You have to use special treatments to clean your house from ladybugs. Here is the detail.


You have to use pest control and insecticide sprays in your house. It is best if you spray insecticides in your place at the start of September. And spray it again in the mid of October. This way, you can prevent a large population of ladybugs from living in your house.


Use a vacuum cleaner to catch all ladybugs from all corners. Next, sweep them up and put them away from your place. Remember one thing. Ladybugs emit blood from their joints. That’s why they can stain your carpets and fabrics when you will be using a vacuum. So, clean ladybugs, but with care for your items.


You can use homemade traps to catch ladybugs. For that, cut a 2-liter plastic bottle in half. Next, put some jam or jelly in the bottle. Ladybugs will come to eat, but cannot escape from the bottle because of the stickiness of the jam or jelly. This way, you can catch every ladybug in your house.

Diatomaceous earth

You can also use diatomaceous earth to kill ladybugs. So, apply it to various areas of your house. Lady beetles will come and stick with the diatomaceous earth. Next, they will die out due to natural pesticides in the diatomaceous earth.

Remember, you must remove dead ladybugs from your house. These dead insects can also cause allergic reactions.

Wrap up

Yes, ladybugs can bite you. Plus, they can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems. So, try to prevent the infestation of ladybugs by all means. You can close all entry points of your house. Also, you can use ladybug repelling plants in your house.

If you live in the countryside, then it is necessary to spray insecticide in your house before the end of the fall. It will stop the infestation.

Remember, if you are bitten by a ladybug, then immediately go to a hospital and get allergy shots. Otherwise, your skin can turn blue, and you will have breathing problems.

That’s all you need to know. So, remember the details and have a great day.



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