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Does She Like Me? How to Tell She Is Into You

Does she like me? That is a question that plagues the majority of males across the planet. Humans, just like animals, love the opposite sex companionship. However, finding your true love is quite tricky because you have no idea what to expect from your potential soulmate.

While humans and mammals share the same prototype mating arrangements, the setting is a little different for humans. First of all, women expect the men to make the first move to show their interest. Common signs of men making the first move include asking the lady for a date or even striking a casual conversation.

While men are expected to make the first moves, the women respond by dropping subtle clues which indicate if the lady is interested or not. The bottom line here is that women are the ones that decide if the man can initiate the romantic approach.

Some men have a knack for understanding the clues women drop. The sad thing is that such men fail to pursue the clues and end up losing the lady. There are many instances where women have told men they gave them many signals, but the men failed to act on them.

In some cases, the guy might be lucky if the lady is patient and persistent, but in many cases, the lady who should have been the one ends up being the one who got away.

However, some men do not know when it comes to recognizing such clues, and at best, they often find themselves at a loss and looking awkward. In this article, I will provide you with tips on how to interpret clues that women drop. They will help you know if the lady likes you.

If you have a hard time interpreting the woman you want, I will give you several signs that will help you understand if she likes you.

7 Signs to Look For

Many people have been at this point in their lives. You meet a beautiful girl, you go on a date and when the date ends you are not sure if she likes you. I cannot blame the male species because it is challenging to interpret women’s signals. In most cases, we can all agree that they are “mixed signals.”

The signals often confuse men rather than making it clear where the woman stands. Learning to spot those subtle signs is the easiest way to answer your question, “does she like me?”

However, I must warn you that one sign is not enough to assume that a woman likes you. You should be on the lookout for several signs and make sure that those signs do not contradict each other.

1. She is always available when you call

One big sign that a girl likes you is that she will always be available when you want to meet her. It will not matter whether she has important things to do. She will adjust her schedule to make time for you.

This is a fabulous hint to consider because every time you call her and she never says no to your coffee or lunch dates, then you can rest assured that she feels something for you. The rationale behind this point is that any lady who has no feelings for you will never waste her time with a person she is not interested in.

The lady might make a counter-offer if her schedule is tight. However, you should be keen to listen to the counter-offer because if she cannot meet you on the day you want, she will suggest another day when she is free for a date.

The counter-offer is vital to your pursuit of the lady because it shows that she did not blow you off, but she offered an alternative. It is crucial to differentiate between a polite rejection and a counter-offer.

If she offers to take a rain check, do not bug her with endless emails, calls, messages, and other forms of contact through social media. Let her come up with an alternative time and date when you can meet.

Dating and relationship is tricky business. If the woman you want to take out on a date cancels on you several times without any follow-up, then I advise you to stop wasting your time and move on. Canceling dates on several occasions is only excusable if she is sick or something tragic has happened in her family.

2. Response to messages

Want a sign of attraction? How is she responsive to your messages? It does not have to be a phone to phone messages, but also messages you can send through social media platforms.

This is one of the best tests that you can use to test if she is into you. If you note that she is prompt to reply to your messages, you should know that it is a telltale sign she likes you.

There are some red flags that you should look out for. For instance, if you note that she responds to other comments on social media and yet ignores your messages for some time, then know that she does not feel you in any way. If a woman likes you, she will take her time to apologize and explain why she was not in a position to respond to you right away.

You may wonder why being responsive is essential. Here is the secret, if a woman does not want you to lose interest in her, she will make sure that she responds to your messages as soon as possible to keep the conversation rolling.

3. Attention during a date

Whenever you go on a date, you expect full attention from your date. If she likes you, she will be attentive and pressure you to talk more about yourself. It is an excellent way for her to know you and understand you.

When she is excited, her excitement shows through high-pitched voices. The natural flow of the conversation will make it clear to you that she is into you. You should also note her body language when you are on a date.

Make sure you note if she has crossed her legs. This is a good sign because it shows that she is comfortable around you and wants to seem decent in front of you.

4. Subtle body contact

If a woman touches your arm, even if it is just for a brief moment, then that is a clear sign that she likes you. It does not have to be immense; just a brief brush on your arm and shoulder should send the right signals. Some daring women will go straight for the ultimate prize. In such cases, she will rest her hand on your thigh, hoping that you will pick up the hint.

You should know that many women have taught their kids to refrain from touching men to avoid sending the wrong message. Therefore, if she touches you even briefly, you should know that it is a big deal.

Some women do not have a problem touching anyone, even if it is their mothers, brothers, sisters, and other relatives. Therefore, you should do your homework about how she behaves with other people so that you do not pick the wrong signs. It would be best if you also were on the look for the “accidental touch” because it can ruin your relationship before it even starts.

5. She is always around

You always wonder, “does she like me?” The best way I answer your question is by determining whether your lady always seems to be around. For instance, does do you always meet each other in the least expected places? Whenever you meet accidentally, does she always come to your direct line of vision?

If your answer is yes to those questions, then you should know that your lady likes you. You should know that women do such things to create a way where you will notice them. If she knows the places where you like to hang out, then I can assure you that if she likes you, you will surely bump into her in some of those places.

6. Body language

One of the best ways to know if a woman likes is you is by reading her body language. The common signs include making sure that she maintains eye contact and head tilts. If she laughs at your jokes no matter how bland they are, then you should know that she is into you.

Other common body language signs that you should look out for include lasting smiles, always leaning towards you when you are together, and being in your personal space.

7. Her friends know about you

This is one of the surest ways to know that the lady you are targeting likes you. If you meet her with her friends and they already know about you, then you can know that the lady is yours.

She will want you to spend time with her and her friends, and you might be surprised to find that her relationship status has shifted from being single to something else.

Final Thoughts

Does she like me? That is a question that puts a lot of men on edge once they decide to approach a lady they like.

Most men do not have any clue on detecting women’s clues. Follow the tips I have listed above, and you can be sure to get your elusive Cinderella.



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