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Electric Blue Acara: The Complete Guide

There are many fish enthusiasts across the world. Fish is the third most popular pet next to dogs and cats. According to the National Pet Survey, around 68% of homeowners in the United States own a pet fish. Why are fish popular as pets? There are many reasons why fish are the obvious choice for a household pet.

Reasons Why A Fish Is A Good Pet

Fish bring health benefits.

Have you ever wondered why there are fish aquariums in many doctors’ offices? Many dentists and pediatricians have them. One reason is that fish bring plenty of health benefits like the following:

  • They reduce stress and anxiety, especially for children. They can gaze at the aquarium. They can also see how the fishes swim by.
  • The sound of water also has a relaxing effect on people. Imagine the sound of the ocean, and you would feel calm. The aquarium has the same effect.

All these activities will reduce stress and anxiety, especially for children.

Fish are not noisy and rowdy.

Unlike other animals like dogs and cats, fishes are not noisy and rowdy. The most noise you will hear is the sound of water. This is not noisy at all. Because of this, fishes are an ideal pet for people who do not like noise.

Fish teaches responsibility.

For those of you who have children, let them take care of fish is a great way to teach them responsibility. It teaches them how to take care of something other than themselves.
One bonus of taking care of fish is that they are pretty low maintenance to take care of. This means that your children can have the added responsibility.

Fish do not take up much space.

Because fish are in tanks or aquariums, they do not take up much space. All you must do is look for a vacant corner. Afterward, you need to set up the tank and its tank requirements and that’s it!
As the title suggests, fish do not take up much space. They prefer to float around in their aquarium.

Fish is cheaper to maintain.

You need to invest more when setting up your fish tank. In the long run, it becomes cheaper. Fish is more cost-effective to maintain as compared to other pets.

Dogs and cats are more expensive to maintain because of the following activities:

  • Vaccines
  • Groomin
  • Check-up activities
  • Food requirements.

Fish are cheaper to maintain because all you need is to set up their tank, buy food, and clean their tanks.

What Is Electric Blue Acara?

Since there are many benefits to having fish as a pet, let us look at some fish species I will recommend for you.

One such fish species that you can have as a pet is the electric blue acara. They look magnificent. They are also calm creatures. Because of these characteristics, they are very popular among fish enthusiasts.

Origins of the Electric Blue Acara?

The electric blue acara comes from the Cichlidae family. The Cichlidae family are territorial and aggressive. But, the electric blue acara is the exact opposite! They are peace-loving creatures who love to dig and burrow themselves in the sand.

The Electric Blue Acara is a freshwater fish. They also originated from Central and South America, particularly in Venezuela and Trinidad. Because of this, they prefer tropical water with a pH level of 6.5 to 8.

Other Interesting Facts

The Electric Blue Acara is majestic and beautiful to look at. You would think that they came straight out of a children’s storybook, but they are 100% real!

With their shiny and shimmery bodies, it appears that they are sprinkling magic dust as they swim. The blue color of their fins also makes them pleasing to look at.


True to their name, one look at the electric blue acara, and you would know why it has that name. They have an eccentric color pattern that is shiny blue neon. They also have an interesting color gradient. It shimmers between silver and neon blue as they swim.

Because of their unique external appearance, they are very popular among fish enthusiasts. These types of fish will also stand out in your aquarium fish tank!

The electric blue acara has a light blue and shiny appearance. When they swim, it appears as they glimmer and sprinkle magical fairy dust!

They have a faded yellow hue on their sides of their bodies. Their dorsal fin also has a signature bright yellow line, which adds a dash of color to their blue color.

Other Vital Characteristics

Due to their light blue shiny color, their scales are very visible. It appears that as if they have an organized pattern of scales on their bodies. In reality, their body has five to eight straight black lines.

Because of their blue color, this straight line might not always be visible to you. This also makes them mesmerizing to look at when they are swimming.

Their shiny blue color fades out a bit when it comes to their forehead area. The tops of their head area have a dark gray color and do not have any blue color. This adds to the mysterious look of the electric blue acara.

For small fish, they have rather large eyes and dark pupils. They also have a reddish iris which adds to their appeal.

Body Shape

Their body shape is oval. For small fish, they appear to be very compact and stocky. Because of this, they appear to be more majestic when in the aquarium tank!

You will also notice that they have spiny rays at the back. They use this as protection from potential predators.

You can also see that their dorsal fin is often pointed. This protects them from more aggressive types of fish.

The Electric Blue Acara is often mistaken for the Green Terror Cichlid. Both fishes have a similar color. The Electric Blue Acara has a more peaceful temperament compared to the Green Terror. They only display aggressive behaviors when spawning or breeding.

Typical Behavior

The Electric Blue Acara is a very curious fish. They like to swim a lot. They also like to check out every corner of your aquarium. To keep them active, you should put many hollowed décor and caves in your tank.

Do not put plants in your aquarium. The Electric Blue Acara will destroy them because they like to dig.

The electric blue acara loves digging, you will see it at the bottom of your tank. It rarely swims to the surface of the tank.

Because of its temperament, you might see it hiding and being shy. Other times, you will see them swimming and investigating the tank.

Winning Traits

The Electric Blue Acara is also a peace-loving fish. They get along well with a majority of fishes kept in tanks. They will also not cause you any trouble. Because they are easy to take care of, this makes it appealing for newbies to buy.

For females who gave birth to their newborn fish, you will see a unique characteristic. They will give food to their offspring. This is a characteristic seen in mammals and not in fish.

Male species of the Electric Blue Acara can sometimes be territorial. This is especially true when there are more males in the tank. You can resolve this by having a good fish-to-water ratio in your tank.


The Electric Blue Acara is a small fish and can grow up to 7 inches at its peak. They are oval, stout, compact, and stocky fish. They do not take up much space and can fit into an average-sized tank.


The Electric Blue Acara is that it has a long lifespan. In the wild, it can live for up to twenty years. These types of fish can live up to 10 years when inside an aquarium. Living that long is very rare for most freshwater fish. Freshwater fish usually have a lifespan of up to six years.

Of course, the number of years that the Electric Blue Acara depends on the care you give your fish. If you give it ample care, then the chances to live longer will also increase.

Factors that can increase their lifespan are the following:

  • Diet
  • Tank set-up
  • Water conditions

Electric Blue Acara Care

The Electric Blue Acara is a very low-maintenance fish. They are quite resilient and can survive any water condition.

They prefer water with balanced pH levels. It would be best if you also cleaned their tank. I recommend changing up to 25% of your water levels every week.

These types of fish are also not picky eaters. They are omnivores and can eat either vegetables, meat, or both.

The Electric Blue Acara are curious creatures. They need ample space to swim around. Hence, you would need to have a medium to a large-size aquarium for your fish.

Feeding And Diet

The Electric Blue Acara are not picky eaters. They are omnivores. They can eat meat or vegetables available in the market.

I recommend that you feed them with pellets and flakes. Brine shrimp, earthworm, and larvae are also good feeding options for your fish. You can also feed them with insects, cyclops, and crustaceans to add variety to their diet.

Even though the Electric Blue Acara are omnivores, they prefer a high-protein diet. You can choose to feed them spinach and cucumber for vegetable options.

Because these types of fish are small, they eat in moderation. They consume their meals in under three minutes. I recommend feeding them three times a day at most so they can grow.

You also need to make sure to remove all leftovers from the tank after they feed. In this way, their tank is clean.

Tank Mates

Electric Blue Acaras can get along well with many other fishes. I recommend other peaceful fish like catfish, rainbowfish, Oscars, and Moga Cichlid.

Do stay clear from other more aggressive types of fish. You should also not include smaller fish. The Electric Blue Acaras might be aggressive towards them.

The best tankmate for the Electric Blue Acaras is their species! It is best to choose an even number so that the odd one will not get bullied.

Having a single species in an aquarium is not a popular choice. The Electric Blue Acaras are so mesmerizing to look at that many people do this instead!

Common Health Issues

Ich and Skin Fluke are two common health issues for the Electric Blue Acaras. You can change their water to maintain its quality to prevent Ich and Skin Fluke.

A healthy diet can also help prevent these common health issues.

Electric Blue Acara Breeding

The Electric Blue Acara are very easy to breed. Your breeding tank should have minimal plants or decoration. You can fill it with large grains of sands and large rocks. It should also be decent-sized that can cater up to 20 gallons.

The water quality should be excellent. The pH levels should be from 6.5 to 7 ph. Choose fishes that are about 8 to 10 months.

When Electric Blue Acaras are mature. You will notice that they will pair off. They will also spend most of their time near the rocks. The rocks will serve as their breeding ground.

Females will lay up to 200 eggs. Females will stay close to their eggs to protect them. Males will move away and ward off potential predators.

What Size Aquarium Do They Need?

The tank size for your Electric Blue Acara should be at least 30 gallons. Since these types of fish are active swimmers, they need to have a large space to swim. I recommend 1:15 fish to water gallon ration.

How Much Per gallon?

The Electric Blue Acara is a curious and active fish. They need a large tank to swim on. There should be 15 gallons of water space for every one species of fish for it to swim around.

Compatibility With other Fish

The Electric Blue Acara is a peace-loving fish except during spawning season. For the most part, they will get along with other peace-loving fishes. Do not put bigger or more aggressive fish in the tank. I also discourage putting smaller fish as the Electric Blue Acara might attack them.


The Electric Blue Acara is a stunning fish that will stand out in your aquarium. It is pleasing to the eye with its iridescent blue color that sparkles and shines as they swim.

It is also quite easy to take care of. It is a low-maintenance fish that has straightforward feeding and tank requirements. Because of this, it is a popular choice among many fish enthusiasts.



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