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Face Slapping: Facts and Benefit of It During Facials

I’m constantly shocked at how far people will go to look beautiful. Face slapping technique is one way that I find perplexing.

So the main questions I’ll address are: does it work? What is the mechanism behind it? And why you should give it a shot.

Asians are the inventors of some of the most bizarre beauty cures that work well. I’m surprised that these cures have been around for generations, so how come we’re only now learning about them?

However, that is beside the issue. Asians have various beauty suggestions that can aid with hair growth, volume, and even dandruff reduction. They also offer healthy food options, such as herbs and spices. However, the rest of the world is catching up.

Face slapping to eliminate wrinkles, and fine facial lines are the latest trend! Yes, you read that correctly: face slapping!

Definition of the Face Slapping Technique

Face slapping involves tapping the facial muscles with the back of the hand to target specific locations. It is a fast-paced procedure in which the esthetician strikes the facial muscles to activate them. As a result, there is a boost in oxygenation and blood circulation, which improves the skin’s appearance.

This technique is indigenous to Thailand, where it has been the norm for millennia. That’s why Asians don’t seem to get wrinkles!

So I’m sure that face slapping is worth a shot. Let’s delve a little further to learn more.

Literature Facts On Face Slapping

The face slapping technique goes deeper than just merely smacking someone’s face. The Thai massage literature purports that our bodies have energy lines known as Sen. They are all over the body, including the face.

If you have ever heard about energy flows and such, you understand certain blocks of these energies. Having wrinkles on the face indicates some block on the facial Sen. These energy lines need to be open and slapping them swiftly relaxes these muscles opening up the energy lines.

Benefits of the Face Slapping Technique To The Skin

Here are some of the benefits you get from getting your face slapped for beautification:

Activation of your Facial Muscles

Activating your facial muscles plays a significant role in keeping the skin elastic, maintaining its contours, and keeping its youthful look.

When you activate your facial muscles, you help the skin stay firm and eradicate any sagging around the jaws, eyes, and cheeks.

It Boosts Blood Flow in the Face

With good facial blood flow comes flawless skin that is youthful, plump, and healthy. Blood is the transporter of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. And so, if the face is receiving a good dose of both, it rejuvenates itself to look healthier and firmer.

People with skin conditions like skin dryness can benefit from face slapping.

Stimulates the Production of Collagen

Collagen holds the skin up and prevents sagging. It also offers you that plumpy and supple look that makes the skin look incredible. It also helps reduce aging and helps tone the skin.

The slapping motion of the technique boosts its production.

It helps the Skin Better Absorb Products

Your skin needs to be absorbant to be healthy, and face slapping helps that too. Women worldwide spend millions of dollars yearly on skin products like serums, creams, and oils. These products build up the skin by offering extra nutrition plus protect it from the sun’s dangerous rays.

Face slapping enhances blood flow therefore also helps the skin to absorb these products better.

Cleanses the Skin Pores And Get Rid Of Excess Sebum

Our skin has tiny holes called pores that essentially allow the skin to breathe. Each pore has a hair follicle as well as an oil gland that produces sebum.

These pores are mostly larger in the face around the nose. If they get clogged when hair and sebum get trapped inside, it results in black and whiteheads.

Contrary to the belief that you can open the pores, you can only clean them using facial products and treatments to remove debris and dirt. Some of the techniques used are steaming, facial masks, exfoliating, laser treatment, and face slapping.

Face slapping literally slaps the dirt out. Interesting, right!

How an Esthetician Does The Face Slapping Procedure

This procedure is pretty straightforward, you (the client) sit on a salon chair, and the practitioner stands. The beautician might carry out the procedure as part of a facial session adding other techniques or doing it independently. Regardless, here is how it goes.

The esthetician starts by cleaning the face and applying lotions to soften and open the skin pores.

Next, they proceed with the slapping motion, which is a slow but firm slap all over the face. They start with the cheeks, around the mouth, nose, eyes, the forehead, and finish with the jawline. The slapping motion is the one that purely helps you get rid of the wrinkles out of your face.

The certified esthetician will use motions that go against gravity for better results. This enhances blood circulation and flows that work magic to the skin.

Is the Procedure Painful?

I know that this is a question that lingers in your mind, so let me put you at ease. Feedback on face slapping from people who have had the procedure before is that it is not painful.

They attest that it instead feels like an ant’s bite and not painful or uncomfortable. I bet the fact that you know what is happening makes the pain tolerance higher. Beauty truly is pain, manageable pain.

Is Face Slapping A Permanent Technique?

Face slapping is only effective for about six months. Even so, you cannot see the results after only one session. You will have to go for the session about twice or thrice a month to keep up the beautiful and plump appearance of the skin.

Dermatologists argue that if you stop at only two or three sessions without follow-ups, the facial blood flow will resume to normal after a few months. Even go back to how it once was.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ideally, you can get your face slapped for free, but be ready to part with approximately $350 for a session to get it professionally.

Sure, that is on the higher end of most facial massage techniques, but if you want a certified and trained person to tend to you, that amount is not much. As a result, beauticians all over America are embracing this new technique and placing it in their rate cards with crazy offers. For instance, one beauty Parlour offers their clients four visits in a month for $1000.

Advantages of the Face Slapping Techniques

Below are the overall benefits of getting the face slapping technique to your face:

It Helps You Get Radiant And Glowing Skin

Perhaps the first and most obvious benefit is that you get beautiful supple and plump skin. Because the procedure boosts blood circulation, activates facial muscles, stimulates collagen production, and cleanses the pores, you get to celebrate radiant skin. In addition, you will have fewer wrinkles and face lines, and this is a good thing if you want to look youthful.

It is Fast and Effective

The procedure lasts about 15-20 minutes, meaning you can get it in the morning before work or even during your lunch break. You will also get to see the results after a few sessions if you have a certified and trained esthetician do the procedure on you.

It is a Healthier Alternative

Numerous facial techniques can achieve the same as face slapping but even faster. Procedures such as getting botox, laser treatment, and topical creams are good examples of detrimental effects on the skin.

First of all, botox is introducing chemicals into the skin, thus exposing the body to potential adverse reactions. Then there are laser treatments which are also risky. Topical creams may be mildly dangerous, but you are still introducing chemicals to the body. And there is really no way to tell how the body will react over time.

Face slapping is a one-time event that happens only when you go for a session. And even during that session, the trained esthetician does not use chemicals to get the job done.

Downsides of the Face Slapping Technique

Here are some of the disadvantages of the face slapping technique:

Redness of Skin After A Session

Being slapped always causes the skin to turn red and hot, which still happens during the procedure. Even though it does not sting, you are bound to appear flashed for a while after the procedure if you have a light complexion.

The solution here is simple; if you are prone to appear flashed after a session, a cold towel press might help subside the redness. Or place ice cubes in a towel and dab on the red zones.

There is a Lack of Personnel with the Training

Because the face-slapping technique is unique to Thailand, only a small percentage of the population knows how to do it properly. People who learned these practices from their mothers are largely from Thailand, where face slapping is commonplace.

As you leave Asian countries, the number of persons with a literature background in the practice of the body’s Sen diminishes. This means that only a select few people are aware of how to accomplish it properly.

It is Expensive

Since the people with the proper face slapping technique are less, the people offering this service are expensive. As aforementioned, a session might cost you $350 and four $1000, which is quite costly.

Even though it is cheaper than treatments like laser and botox, it is still on the higher end. But on the bright side, it is the healthiest of the rest.

Is Face Slapping for Everyone?

Face slapping is beneficial for every skin type, but unfortunately, not everyone should sit and have this beauty treatment done for obvious reasons. Below are some of the people that should not try face slapping:

If You Have A Special Skin Or Nerve Disease

Some people suffering from certain pain disorders should not indulge in this practice. This is because a harmless slap that another person would not even winch might cause excruciating pain. If you fall under this category, you better find an alternative.

If You Have Sensitive Skin

Still on skin pain, if your face is sensitive to pain and swells up, you are also exempted from getting the face slapping beauty procedure.

If Your Skin Is Burnt, Has A Wound, Or Your Jaw Has An Injury

This reason goes without saying. However, suppose you get the procedure done anyway; you are hurting yourself more.

Also, if you have an injured jaw or have a toothache, you should not even dare to get this treatment. The pain might worsen, and you will not enjoy your good-looking skin afterward.

Can You Practice Face Slapping At Home?

Ideally, no, unless you have the necessary training. But, regardless, I do not think you can be as efficient if someone is doing it for you. So I strongly recommend seeing a specialist.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear now why our Asian brothers and sisters have perfect skin without wrinkles. Most individuals would not believe it if someone informed them that someone smacked them to achieve that.

But, now that you know about it, face slapping is a thing, and people are undergoing training to be professional ‘face slappers.’

It still sounds funny, but it is what it is.

Face slapping is picking up all over the world. And guess what?

It’s not only a woman’s treatment. Men, too, are getting a piece of this cake. Everyone wants to look young, and if face slapping does it.



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