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Fat Joe’s Net Worth

The latest 2021 update shows that fat Joe is worth four million US dollars ($4 million). And his main source of wealth is his music career and a few movie appearances. Who is fat Joe? Fat Joe is just a stage name, but his official name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena. He was born on 19th august 1970 in Bronx, New York. His parents are Cartagena & Ernesto Delgado.

It was hard for him to start his music career because of his poor family. The humble beginning encouraged him to work hard and achieve his goal. The single ‘flow Joe’ which was released in 1993 was his stepping stone to success. This single was the best on the billboard of hot rap songs. Here is when he became a famous American rapper.

Source of Income/wealth

His main income comes from music which includes song writing. He has also accumulated some money from movies. He is not the best movie actor, but he makes good appearances in movies.

Examples of the movies are Prison Song, Night School, Thicker than Water, Empire and Superbad.

In 2006, fat Joe’s voice was Seymour in the film Happy Feet. Since 2017 up to date, fat Joe has an active role in a TV series called ‘She Gotta Have It’.

Joe’s Real Estate Property Investment

Somewhere in 2000, Joe bought one acre of land at some distance out of Fort Lauderdale. The buying price at that time was $120,000. But now the piece of land is worth $1.5 million without any other property on the land like the house.  You can see this is a good investment.

Music Career

Fat Joe started his music career in the early 90s as a member of a famous hip hop group called “Diggin’ in the Crates Crew” (DITC). After a few years, he decided to continue alone and formed his own record label called “terror squad”. He signed a few musicians into his label for example Tony Sunshine, Big Pun, Cuban Link and Remy Ma.

In 1993, he released his first album called “Represent”. This album had the best single called ‘Flow Joe’ that was the best on the hot pop singles billboards.

In 1995, the second album with the title “Jealous One’s Envy” was released. This album was among the top seven R&B and hip hop albums of that year.

In 1998, this is the year Fat Joe started his own record label called Terror Squad. He also released the “Don Cartagena” which rose up to be among the best seven albums in the top 200 billboard chart. The RIAA certified this album with gold.

In 2001, this was the year of blessings to Fat Joe. He released his fourth album that was titled “Jealous Ones Still Envy”. This album featured some famous rappers and it had a platinum certification. A single by R Kelly called ‘We Thuggin’ was the best in the album.

In 2004, Fat Joe released the first album with the terror squad called “true story”. It had a famous hip-hop song called ‘Lean Back’.

In 2006, he released the seventh album titled “Myself and I”. This was the first album after getting a deal with Virgin Records.

In 2009, he decided to release “Jealous Ones Still Envy 2”. However it was not a hit like the previous one.

In 2010, Fat Joe signed a music deal with E1 records. And he released an album called “Dark Side Volume 1”. This album had the best sales of about 12,000 records in one week.

From 2011 to 2017, Fat Joe has released several singles that came up on the top ten hip hop songs. Examples are ‘Another Road’ in 2011, ‘Ballin’ in 2013 and Plata O Plomo in 2017.

From 2018 up to date, he has released only one album called “Family Ties”. But he has also released a single with Chris Brown called ‘Attention’.

Fat Joe’s Rules of Success

1. Be responsible for yourself

Fat Joe says that to be successful avoid excuses and own up all of your actions. Most people only accept their good actions and acknowledge wonderful situations. This is wrong according to Joe. If you also own up to your wrong actions it challenges you to work hard to correct them. And this is how success comes your way.

2. Be the example

Fat Joe says that if you want success or change be the first one to work for it. Be the example of those around. Let them realize that if you achieve it, they can also do it. Let people follow your actions to achieve success in life. From a humble home Joe went up in society and he encouraged some young rappers in his neighborhood.

3. You have to work hard

Joe says to get the success you must work hard. Working alone will not help you but working hard will get you to success. Nothing comes without some effort. He also says that hard work without determination is useless. You must work and focus on your goal. Joe’s goal was to sell over 10,000 records in one week and he achieved this in 2010 when he sold 12,000 records in a week.

4. Make good friends

Joe says that his biggest selling albums and singles are those that he featured his friends. Friends encourage you when everything goes down and give you the strength to rise up again. It is easy to work with your friends because you are used to each other. But he says you have to be careful with fake friends who can pull you down.

5. Prayer

Joe says that everyone has a supernatural being that he prays to. Whatever religion you are, pray to your god for help. In some situations, you only require super natural powers. There was a time Fat Joe did not have money to release his album. But from nowhere he got a sponsor. Up to date, Fat Joe says that was the power of his god.


Fat Joe’s net worth is four million US dollars. He was born in 1970 to a humble family of Cartagena & Ernesto Delgado. His parents gave him the name Joseph Antonio Cartagena. His main source of income is from music including songwriting. He has also made several film appearances. He was the voice of Seymour in the film Happy Feet (in 2006).



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