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100 Inspirational Horse Quotes For Horse Lovers

Horses are known for their intelligence and ability to communicate. They are also very sensitive creatures who respond well to kindness and love. If you want to get closer to horses, try these top horse quotes.

Horses are intelligent animals. They are capable of learning new things and adapting to changes in their environment. Horses are also social animals who enjoy spending time with other horses.

Horse lovers often say that they don’t mind being around horses because they are such good company. The following are some of the best horse quotes ever written.

Best Horse Quotes

1. “The most important thing about a horse is his heart.” – Unknown

2. “A horse is an honest animal; he tells you exactly what he thinks.” – Henry David Thoreau

3. “It takes more than one man to make a horse go, but it takes only one to make him stop.” – Robert Heinlein

4. “I have had many friends, but none whom I loved as much as my horse.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

5. “If you can talk to a rock, you can talk to anyone.” – Native American proverb

6. “He was a great horseman, but he never rode a horse worth riding.” – Mark Twain

7. “You know how people always say that if you love something set it free? Well, I think that if you love someone, set them free too.” – Unknown Author

8. “Don’t be afraid to give your horse freedom. It will reward you by giving you its loyalty.” – Unknown author

9. “There is no greater joy than to ride out on a beautiful day with a horse under you and the wind blowing through your hair.” – Unknown

10. “Horses do not need our approval or affection. We need theirs.” – Unknown

11. “All horses are born equal, but some horses are better than others.” – Unknown

12. “When a horse is young and full of spirit, he must learn obedience before he can become a companion.” – Unknown

13. “Horses are like children. You have to treat them gently at first, then when they grow up, you can beat them without any regrets.” – Unknown

14. “A horse has two souls: the one that lives within him and the one that lives outside of him.” – Unknown

15. “A horse’s mouth is his own worst enemy.” – Unknown

Funny Quotes About Horse

16. “A horse should be treated like a person, not a piece of property.” – Unknown

17. “Never hit a horse, even if he deserves it. A horse doesn’t understand right from wrong. He just knows pain.” – Unknown

18. “A horse does not care whether you rise early or stay late, eat tenderloin or hamburger, wear silk underwear or cotton shorts. All he asks is that you be kind.” – Unknown.

19. “Horses have been called the friendliest of all domestic animals.” – Unknown

20. “A horse can live on grass alone, but he won’t thrive on hay alone.” – Unknown

21. “Horses can be trained to do almost anything. But they cannot be made to feel sorry for themselves.” – Unknown.

22. “Horses don’t need people. People need horses.” – Unknown

Best Horse Quotes For Kids

23. “A horse needs a rider willing to take chances, to look foolish, to lose gracefully, to laugh at himself, to remember that there is beauty in falling.” – Unknown.

24. “A horse doesn’t want to run away, but he wants to get away from you.” – Unknown.

25. “A horse may not be able to reason, but he sure can sense fear.” – Unknown

26. “A horse will respect you so long as you respect him. If you abuse him, he will abuse you back.” – Unknown.

27. “A horse only loves you until he hates you. Then he remembers who owns him.” –Unknown.

28. “The most important thing about a horse is that he never lies down.” – Unknown

29. “A horse is more intelligent than people think.” – Unknown.

30. “A horse never forgets a kindness.” – Unknown.

Famous Horse Quotes

31. “I am a horse-crazy man.” – Unknown.

32. “It takes a lot of work to keep a horse happy.” – Unknown

33. “Horses were my passion. They still are.” – Unknown.

34. “If you want to make a good impression on a horse, dress well.” – Unknown

35. “A horse that is used as a pack animal can carry twice its weight.” – Unknown

36. “A horse always prefers to go where he feels safe.” – Unknown.

37. “You can train a horse to do many things, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” – Unknown.

38. “Horses know what they want. It’s up to us to figure out how to give it to them.” – Unknown

39. “A horse with no manners is better than a man with bad ones.” – Unknown.

40. “A horse gets tired by thinking; a human gets tired by doing.” – Unknown

Short Horse Quotes

41. “No matter how much we love our horses, we must accept that they are wild creatures.” – Unknown.

42. “A horse isn’t a pet. He’s your partner.” – Unknown.

43. “A horse thinks he’s smarter than he really is.” – Unknown

44. “There are three kinds of men: those who ride horses, those who try to ride horses, and those who buy horses.” – Anonymous.

45. “When I was young, I thought that all horses had wings and could fly.” – Unknown.

46. “A horse has his own way of finding water. He knows when it’s time to drink.” – Unknown.

47. “My favorite horse quote is ‘A horse is a noble beast, but he is not a gentleman.’” – Unknown.

48. “Never let anyone tell you that a horse is stupid.” – Unknown.

49. “Horses are very sensitive animals. They pick up on everything around them.” –Unknown

50. “A horse does not have to be told to pull. All he needs is the strength to believe he can.” – Unknown

51. “A horse should be treated like a person, not a machine.” – Unknown.

52. “The greatest gift you can give a horse is food and shelter. The next greatest is a kind word.” – Unknown.

53. “A horse can smell fear.” –Unknown.

54. “A horse’s mouth is his best friend.” – Unknown.

55. “A horse won’t eat hay if it smells like manure.” – Unknown,

Horse Quotes About Horseback Riding

56. “The first step in riding a horse is to sit on one.” – Unknown.

57. “A horse cannot jump over a fence unless he sees it.” – Unknown,

58. “A horse doesn’t need a saddle to be a rider.” – Unknown.,

59. “A horse wants to run free.” – Unknown,.

60. “The secret of riding a horse is to take care of him from head to tail.” – Unknown..

61. “A horse will follow you anywhere if you lead him there gently.” – Unknown,,

62. “A horse knows when he is being pulled.” – Unknown,

63. “A horse is a great equalizer. You can talk to him about anything.” – Unknown.

64. “A horse loves to laugh.” – Unknown,

65. “A horse never forgets kindness.” – Unknown.

66. “A horse only runs away because he wants to be caught.” – Unknown.

67. “A horse respects authority.” – Unknown,

68. “A horse learns more in five minutes than most people learn in a lifetime.” – Unknown.

69. “A horse teaches you patience.” – Unknown

70. “A horse likes to be groomed.” – Unknown.

Inspirational Horse Quotes

71. “I think of my horse as part of me.” – Unknown,

72. “If you don’t treat your horse well, he won’t treat you well.” – Unknown.,

73. “You can always count on a horse to do what you ask him to do.” – Unknown.

74. “A horse shows his true character in his eyes.” – Unknown,

75. “A horse with a good heart is worth two with an evil mind.” – Unknown,

76. “A horse understands more than any man.” – Unknown.

77. “A horse looks at things differently than we do.” – unknown,

78. “A horse must be trained or he will remain untrained.” – Unknown,

79. “A horse that obeys without question is a slave. A horse that questions is a king.” – Unknown.

80. “A horse prefers to live where he feels safe.” – Unknown,

Horse Sayings

81. “A horse who thinks too much is no good for anyone.” – Unknown,

82. “A horse may look lazy, but he is just tired.” – Unknown.

83. “A horse has more sense than many men.” – Unknown,

84. “A horse always remembers the way home.” – Unknown.

85. “A horse gives you all he has got and then some.” – Unknown,

86. “A horse makes friends easily.” – Unknown.

87. “A horse needs attention before he can perform.” – Unknown;

88. “A horse takes pleasure in doing what he was born to do.”- Unknown,

89. “A horse goes into battle with his eyes open.” – Unknown.

90. “A horse travels faster with its ears pinned back.” – Unknown.

Losing a Horse Quotes

91. “It is better to lose the race than win by cheating.” – Unknown.;

92. “He who rides a horse should not boast of his skill, nor brag of his strength, but rather thank God for the gift of horses.” –Unknown,

93. “There are three kinds of riders: those who get off their horses to walk, those who ride them bareback, and those who ride them while standing up. The last kind are the worst.” – Unknown ;

94. “A horse does not like to be made a fool of.” – Unknown.

95. “A horse should have a soft mouth and hard heels.” – Unknown,

96. “A horse can be taught to jump, but it cannot teach itself to fly.” – Unknown.

97. “A horse doesn’t need a rider who sits still. He needs one who rides ahead.” – Unknown.

98. “A horse will run until he drops dead.” – Unknown,

99. “The best thing to do with a stubborn horse is to lead him gently around the ring until he gets used to being led.” – Unknown.

100. “A horse is a noble animal. If you ever see one kick another horse, you should shoot both of them.” – Unknown


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