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How Long Does Razor Burn Last?

Shaving at any part of your body produces lovely skin underneath. But you experience itching, redness, and burning feeling after some hours of shaving. Sometimes, it becomes unbearable. That condition is a razor burn, and it happens to all of us.

Yet, you may also get inflammation and itching where you shaved after a week or so. That is another condition called razor bump.

In this post, you’ll know everything about razor burns and razor bumps. Plus, you’ll find out:

  • What does cause them?
  • How long do they last?
  • How to prevent them?
  • How to treat them with home remedies?
  • When do you need to see a doctor in adverse cases?

So, keep reading further. It’ll educate you as well as help you in the future.

Let’s begin!

What are specifics about razor burns?

You may feel razor burns right after one hour or few hours of shaving. Your shaved parts will start itching. You’ll feel an incredible craving for a scratch. But it’ll never go away even after heavy scrubbing.

Sometimes, your skin will become reddish, or some flakes will appear on your shaved skin. You can also feel something burning under your skin.

How long does razor burn last?

Razor burns do not take much time. Your symptoms will disappear overnight or after one day. If you use some correct remedy, then you can feel relief immediately.

What are specifics about razor bumps?

Razor burns are special types of folliculitis; their scientific name is pseudofolliculitis barbae. They do not appear right after shaving, but you’ll see their symptoms after a few days.

When the razor inflames your hair, a razor bump-start happening. The thing is: your hair becomes trapped under your skin during the growing phase. As a result, the area becomes bumpy and red. Plus, you feel irritation and itching.

Razor bumps take time to appear on your skin, and they also disappear after irritating you for a longer time than razor burns. During that period, you’ll never feel comfortable and do everything to relieve your itching and irritation.

How long does razor bump last?

You’ll feel symptoms of razor bumps for two or three weeks after they appear. If you do not do any remedy, they will disappear on your own. But you’ll have to suffer during the resolving period.

What does cause razor burns?

You’ll feel symptoms of razor burns right after a few hours of shaving. The primary causes are:

  • Shaving your skin with an old and rusty razor
  • Shaving your skin at a faster speed
  • Shaving your skin in the wrong direction
  • Shaving your skin while it’s completely dry or with less moisture

What does cause razor bumps?

Razor bumps also appear due to poor choice of razors and shaving your skin in the wrong direction. The primary cause is the closing of your follicles’ opening with your skin flakes that are still attached to your skin.

When your hair grows back, your skin stops them from coming out. As a result, small bumps appear on your skin, creating irritation, redness, and itching for you.

How to treat razor burns and razor bumps?

You can wait and allow razor burns and razor bumps to heal them out. But it would be a painful choice. Here are some options that you can use to treat different conditions in these situations.

Treating heat and itching

If you are feeling itching or too much heat on your skin, you can get relief by cooling it off. For that, take a washcloth and dip it under cold water. Next, apply it to the affected area. It’ll give you comfort within seconds.

You can also apply Aloe Vera oil or Avocado oil directly to your skin. It’ll also give you relief quickly.

Relieving dryness or irritation

If you experience too much dryness along with painful irritation, don’t rub your skin. It’ll make it worse. For relief, you can use moisturizers, aftershave, and lotions. It’ll hydrate your skin and provide you comfort.

If you want to use natural remedies, coconut oil is the best choice in that case.

Remember, you must not use any product with alcohol. It’ll give you more irritation and itching.

Reducing inflammation

If you get inflammation on your skin, you can use both home remedies and over-the-counter products.

The best home remedies are:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Tea tree oil solution with water
  • Witch hazel extract
  • Oatmeal mixture for 20 minutes on your skin

If you want to use synthetic products, use topical creams that have hydrocortisone. It’ll reduce swelling and redness.

Treating small bumps

If you get small bumps, then do not shave the area for two or three weeks. Plus, do not rub your skin. It’ll make the condition worse. Apply topical creams that have cortisone.

It can also happen that you get welts or pus in your bumps. In that case, consult a doctor. You’ll get an oral anti-biotic

Other general remedies you can use

The following are some options.

  • Application of cold compress on the affected area
  • Application of moisturizers without alcohol
  • Application of wet green tea bags on the affected area
  • Application of fragrance-free lotions
  • Application of emollient creams and lotions
  • Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Antibiotics in case of infections on the skin

How to prevent razor burns and razor bumps?

You can avoid razor burns and razor bumps by practicing good shaving habits. The following are some tips and tricks for you.

  • Exfoliate your skin with a loofah or scrub before shaving.
  • Use steam or warm water on your skin before shaving.
  • Never shave on dry skin. It’s best to use moisturizers, shaving cream, gels, and more.
  • Replace your razor frequently. The life span of a razor is 10 times. So, you must replace it after 7 or 8 shaves.
  • Right after shaving, apply sunscreen on the shaved skin.
  • Use cool water on your skin after shaving. It’ll close your pores.
  • Try electric trimmers instead of razors.
  • Do not pull your skin tightly while shaving.
  • Use the razor in the direction of where your hair grows.
  • Clean your blade multiple times during the shave with water.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Yes, in some conditions, you have to see a doctor. The following are some adverse cases.

  • If you get extreme welts on your skin.
  • If your skin pores get an infection.
  • If your skin starts releasing pus
  • If you feel persistent pain.

The doctor will recommend you some anti-biotic and lotions. When you apply them for two or three days, your condition will become better.

In a nutshell

Poor shaving choices and habits lead to razor burns and razor bumps. Most times, they disappear without any treatment. However, if you feel too much irritation and itching, you must use any remedy described above.

In case of infections, you must consult a physician and do proper treatment. Above all, you must aim to avoid razor burns and razor bumps by practicing good shaving habits. Plus, if you get razor burns too often, try an electric trimmer instead of razors. It would be best for you and your skin.

Remember, when you get razor burns and razor bumps, scratching and rubbing will make them worse. So, try the best remedies, and get relief. Have a great day.



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