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How To Be More Feminine

Anyone can be a bit more feminine if they choose to become one — keyword: CHOOSE. It is a choice to become feminine and even not to become feminine. Whatever energy you choose to manifest is entirely up to you, and no one is allowed to bother you about it.

Still, seeing how you read this article, let us assume that you want to become more feminine. That one day, you woke up and thought to yourself: “I can be sexy; I can be sweet; I can be graceful — I can be all of that and more. I can be strong with my feminine energy.”

Well, maybe you didn’t exactly think of those words, but the feeling is close to it, right? Being feminine is more than just physical appearance. It’s also shown in the way you think and act.

To guide you in becoming more feminine, below are some valuable tips for you to follow through.

Understanding Feminine Energy

So, what exactly is feminine energy? We mentioned earlier that anyone could choose to be feminine. This belief is because everyone has both feminine and masculine energy inside of them. It’s not about our gender but more about how we use our energy to interact with ourselves and the world outside ourselves.

If today you decided to become more feminine, that only means you should start tapping on the innate feminine energy inside you. Allow it to bloom and govern the way you think, speak, and act. In this article, we shall use the pronoun “her” to refer to someone with feminine energy in the third person. Remember, however, that again, anyone can be more feminine.

For starters, the feminine energy is like a river. It constantly flows and is never stagnant, sometimes quietly flowing, other times rushing through the currents. However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t think before acting. She just thinks differently, her priorities different from her masculine counterpart.

Rather than forging straight ahead without looking back, she recognizes that all her moves are connected with one another. Like a river that branches out to smaller streams and bigger bodies of water, she is prepared to thrive wherever life leads her. If need be, she can even create her own way through barren lands and rocky fields, building life wherever she goes.

Why Femininity is Also Strength

To be feminine is to destroy society’s rigid expectations of you. While masculinity is all about progress and moving forward, femininity is about making both the big and small things count. It recognizes that hustle isn’t the only thing that makes one successful, but balance does.

The feminine energy values intuition. As she collects her energy from the depths of her soul, she is constantly in a phase of getting to know herself deeper. Tapping on your feminine energy means choosing to be more in tune with your needs and wants which, in turn, makes you stronger than the average person.

Embracing Your Feminine Self

Now you know that you have nothing to lose once you choose to become more feminine; it’s time to teach you how to get right into it. How do we embrace our feminine selves? Although it’s not easy as 1, 2, 3, following these tips will ultimately benefit your mind and body.

1. Feminine Mindset

Choosing to become more feminine is like a big overhauling project. If you have decided to make this transition, you need to make up your mind about it.

Channel your inner self with all your desires and reasons. Why do you want to become more feminine? It is essential to have a reason to keep coming back, especially when things get particularly difficult.

How do you develop a feminine mindset? Below are some tips to keep you guided.

  • Express yourself

It’s not enough to be in touch with your feelings. You also have to learn how to express it outside of you. Connect with the people you trust. Those who love you will understand what you’re trying to say, and those who don’t understand probably don’t care much.

  • Have confidence

To have confidence in your own skin is a trait that is so essential and yet so difficult to master when you’re constantly in the eyes of the unforgiving society. Yet, as you learn to become more feminine, you are constantly going to work on that confidence.

Confidence is not beating other people, but knowing that you are as special and your feelings as valid as anyone else. A sure way to become more confident is to work on embracing your insecurities. Insecurities are mainly the killers of confidence.

  • Show empathy

Empathy is putting ourselves on the heels of others. After all, wearing high heels is not exactly the most comfortable fit, right? Still, choosing to feel others’ emotions apart from your own is a big feminine trait.

When you show empathy, you show kindness, respect, and compassion all in one. You act as a “nurturer,” making a point to build someone else up while letting your feminine energy run its course.

  • Compliment others and yourself

Compliments, compliments everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if the world is full of people complementing one another? Compliments are a two-way thing, and one has to learn to give them and accept them.

The feminine energy thrives and improves when being praised. A simple remark about how good one’s outfit can result in a whole day of feeling fabulous. So, whenever you see something good in another, don’t miss the opportunity to tell them. However, if you see something bad that can’t be fixed in 10 seconds, just don’t say anything, and you’re good.

2. Feminine Actions

Once you have learned about what it means for your feminine energy to govern your thinking, it’s time to put thoughts into action.

How you carry yourself will show other people how you feel inside. When people see how feminine you act and talk, the physical aspects hardly matter. Of course, we will still tackle how to look feminine but truly embodying femininity is through your actions:

  • Practice good posture and good manners

If you’ve ever seen a full make-over in movies and tv, you’ll often see girls being taught how to walk with a book on top of their heads. Practicing good posture, from the way you sit to how you walk, also exhibits how confident you are in your own body.

At the same time, being feminine is about proper etiquette, like greeting people with appropriate pleasantries and chewing with your mouth closed. As “nurturers,” the feminine person is a role model for other people, so exhibiting good posture and manners for others to emulate is one of the greatest contributions of femininity to society.

  • Learn to speak like a lady

A lady talks not in hushed tones but in a clear, well-defined voice. If you don’t like how your voice originally sounds, it’s perfectly fine to experiment with higher tones and a slower speaking rate. This, however, isn’t all that there is to speak like a lady.

A lady speaks politely and rarely cusses. She isn’t rude to other people, even if the other party is testing her patience. When pressed, she smiles and either keep quiet and stays away or replies with a witty, impactful statement that harms no one but asserts her dignity.

  • Educate yourself and empower other women

Unfortunately, being feminine is often tied to drama. Many people, females, in particular, think it’s better to surround themselves with male friends to avoid drama.

However, if you truly want to be empowered as a feminine person, you will find that surrounding yourself with people who embody the traits you want to have for yourself is more beneficial. Not only will you be inspired to do better, but you will also learn a great deal by observing how they choose to face challenges and thrive against hardships with their feminine energy.

  • Walk the walk and talk the talk

Dear, you are a model, and the world is your runway. Carry yourself with confidence and hold your head up high. If you seek to empower other people, you definitely have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

You are strong and independent like raging waters, but at the same time, remember that you are also the quiet; gentle waters that can bring peace to someone who needs it. Thinking and acting through your feminine energy has to be a genuine part of you. If not, it will not register in other people’s minds.

3. Feminine Appearance

We told you that as long as you act more feminine, physical appearance hardly matters. However, for others, they have to look the part to really become what they are aiming to become, and we fully respect that.

Below are some tips you can start doing to improve your physical feminine self.

  • Observe personal hygiene

The simple act of taking showers daily, brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, wearing clean clothes, and spraying on some perfume makes a big difference. If you feel clean, your mood will improve. Consequently, the people around you will appreciate having a pleasant presence with them.

Giving yourself time to groom is also an act of self-care to your physical body and even to your mentality. Even though you have plenty of things to do for the day, make it a point to spend a few minutes observing your personal hygiene habits.

  • Build your feminine wardrobe

Starting with the clothes, skirts, and dresses is a nice way to tell the world that you are trying to look more feminine. Pieces that have laces and frills are a great way to start. Choose a wardrobe palette that represents the kind of feminine energy you have. Pastel colors for sweet feminine and neutral or bold colors for a powerful femme usually work.

Don’t forget about accessorizing. Bags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes with heels scream femininity. Above all, ensure that you are comfortable in the outfit you choose to wear for the day.

  • Experiment with hair and make-up

Women usually have fun with their hair and make-up so if you’re trying to be more feminine, enhance your natural assets and turn it into something that will really make you feel good about yourself.

For your hair, it is totally up to you if you want to wear it up or loose. You can curl it, straighten it, color it — whatever works! As long as you are convinced your hairstyle looks good on you, then you’re welcome to style it as much as you want or keep it as it is.

As for make-up, remember that it only serves to highlight your natural features. Skincare is of utmost importance, but for a bit of spice to your days and nights, there are plenty of vlogs on the internet today that teaches the art of make-up. Make-up can make one feel more powerful and in control and if that type of feminine energy is your thing, by all means, learn it!

  • Embrace your sensual side

Many people are afraid of giving in to their feminine side because they think it’s a step towards being promiscuous and being taken as thoughtless and weak. This idea is far from the truth.

Being “sensual” does not exactly mean being “sexual.” You are choosing to be more feminine not just to attract potential partners but because you want to become confident in your own skin. Confidence is sexy.


Embracing your feminine side is not an overnight change. Rather than a goal to achieve, it is a daily challenge to partake. Always remember that being feminine is not a weakness but a way of showing the world that you are stronger when you are kinder, sweeter, and happy in your own skin.



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