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How To Fake A Fever And The Symptoms That Come With It

There are a lot of reasons why one might want to fake being sick. It can be a need for a break from work or school, or even just to avoid meeting with people for dinner or what not. Whatever it is, simply saying you don’t feel well can sometimes not be enough. There are times when you need to convince people to get away with it and to do so, you will have to manifest symptoms to make them believe.

If that is what you are looking for, then this article is for you. Read on to know more on how you can fool anybody into thinking you’re sick and how to show that you have some of the symptoms that come with it.

Registering High Temperature On a Thermometer

One of the most popular ways of proving a fever is by getting a high body temperature on a thermometer. The normal body temperature is 37°C. If you want people to believe you are having a fever, you will need to get a higher reading on the device. Here are some ways you can increase it:

1. Use Hot Water

Running the tip of the thermometer in hot water or dipping it in is an easy way to get a high temperature. Just keep the tip in hot water until you see it show up to 38°C. Be careful though in getting the temperature too high it might be too obvious that you are faking or worse, you may cause unnecessary panic from the person you are trying to convince. Also, note that this trick may only last for 2-3 minutes as the temperature reading will revert back to normal.

2. Shake The Thermometer

This trick only works if you are using the traditional type of thermometer which has mercury inside it. If you hold the tip and shake it, the mercury can go down to your desired reading. Be careful in shaking too hard as you can shatter the glass and actually hurt yourself in the process. Like the first one, do not go for a very high temperature as it can be harder to believe.

3. Rub The Tip of The Thermometer With Your Fingers

This one works best with a digital thermometer. Just hold it steady with one hand, and use your other hand’s index finger and thumb to rub the tip as fast as you can. This should give the tip enough friction to give a high temperature reading.

4. Ingest Something Warm

If your temperature is to be taken through your mouth, then this trick is for you. Right before you get your temperature reading, eat or drink something warm. You might even hold the food in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it in. Doing so will leave your mouth warm long enough to get a convincing temperature. Be sure that the food is not too hot or you’d burn your tongue.

If your parent or guardian trusts you enough, you can even just volunteer to take your temperature and read it to them so you don’t have to go through so much trouble. Just give out a temperature reading that is not too far from your real one to not raise any doubt.

Getting a Sickly Appearance

You can also tell that a person has a fever only by touching or looking at them. There are physical signs that show fever like sweating, the face turning red or otherwise pale, tired-looking eyes, etc. If you can get yourself to flash these physical signs, you can be more convincing that you have a fever.

1. Use a Warm Bottle or Compress

When you tell someone you feel sick, one of the instant reactions you’ll get is them touching you on the forehead or on the neck to see if you are warm to the touch. You can fake this by pressing a warm bottle to your forehead or neck for some minutes before you get checked. You can also use a warm compress or a heating pad. Just do it right before they check on you or you might lose the temperature before they touch you.

2. Eat Something Spicy

If you are a fan of spicy foods, then this should not be hard for you to do. Eating spicy food can naturally raise your body temperature and even make you sweat. Just be sure that you can handle the spice level or you can get busted when you start fanning out your tongue! If you eat beyond your tolerance, have a glass of milk ready to help you ease the pain in your mouth.

3. Do Some Workout or Snuggle in a Blanket

Before you get checked, take some time to cover yourself, particularly your head, in a blanket. It will make you sweaty and a bit flushed. You can also do some cardio and it will give you the same physical symptoms. Your face will be rosy and warm that when someone reaches out to touch you and they don’t know that you’ve done some jumping jacks, you will definitely get them to believe that you’re sick.

4. Use a Face Towel or a Mist Spray

Perhaps the easiest you can do to get the sweaty appearance is this. Just get a warm face towel and press it on your face for a couple of minutes. It will give you the rosy complexion you need to fake a fever. You can also use a spray bottle with a really fine mist and spray it on your face. Do not overdo it to the point that your face is dripping.

Manifesting a Few More Symptoms

To make your act a lot more powerful, you may want to back it up with some popular symptoms that usually accompany a fever. Here are some tips to give you an idea:

1. Say You Are Cold

While a sick person may feel warm to the touch, they usually feel cold. So when someone comes to check on you, stay under the covers or wear warm and thick clothes. Convince them that you feel cold with a little shivering chin, too. If they ask you to remove the blanket to cool you down, refuse and tell them that you really feel cold and can’t stand it without the blanket.

2. Act Weary and Less Energetic

If you want to make them believe you are sick, do not act your regular ways and be a little more tired-looking. When you are sitting, lean your arms on the table and rest your head. Make it look like your head feels too heavy to keep up. You can also keep your eyes looking sleepy to give them a tired look. Arch your back a little while walking because a straight back makes you look alert.

3. Pretend to Lose Appetite

When you are feverish, you have a tendency to lose your appetite. If someone offers you food, politely (and weakly) turn them down. Ask for water, juice or tea instead. They might even seduce you with your favorite food. While it may be hard, turn it down as that will be a clear indication that you are not feeling like yourself.

4. Fake a Cold

Oftentimes, fever comes with colds so acting like your nose is runny or letting out a faint cough can do the trick, too. Leave a few crumpled tissues on your bedside table or on the floor for a little more props. Spicy food can also make your nose runny.

5. Complain About Aches

If you are not too confident with your acting prowess, faking a headache or a stomachache may be easier backups. These are also harder to verify on the other person’s end. Just hold out the body part you are complaining about and tightly close your eyes for effect. If you say you have a stomachache, run to the comfort room and stay longer than usual.

6. Do Not Overact

Whatever you do, do not overdo it. Acting too dramatic can either make it too obvious and the person will be able to tell you are lying or they might be too worried that they bring you to the nearest clinic or hospital.

Final Thoughts

If you get caught in the lie, admit it instead of getting into deeper trouble by making more lies. Admit you are pretending, say sorry and be honest about the real reason why you didn’t want to go to work or to school in the first place. Whatever it is that is troubling you, it may be easier to deal with when you have help from your parents or guardian.



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