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How to Fold a Long Sleeve Shirt: Step by Step Guide

Do you have long sleeves in your wardrobe? If so, how do you store them? Do they just lay on the floor or are they folded and put away neatly?

The answer to this question could be a sign of how organized your closet is. You might think that folding long sleeve shirts don’t matter, but it actually does!

Folding clothes helps save space because it prevents creasing and all of those wrinkles that come from air drying. In this article, I will show you how to fold a long-sleeved shirt and explain why it’s important to fold your long-sleeve clothes!

Ready to dive in?

Why is it important to fold long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve shirts are one of the most difficult pieces in your closet to fold properly. It may take a lot of time and patience, especially if you’re really not into folding stuff!

This is why it’s important to know how to fold some of your clothing items. All those missed wrinkles can cause damage over time, not only on your clothes but also on your look.

Here are five reasons why it’s important to fold long sleeve shirts:

  1. Folding clothes minimizes how much space you take up.
  2. It prevents creasing and all of those wrinkles that come from air drying.
  3. Long sleeves tend to wrinkle more than other items in your closet, so this will help with that issue.
  4. For the sake of aesthetics! You want your wardrobe items looking fresh and new if possible.
  5. The other reason is that it helps you to save time when getting dressed each morning. If you’re like me and prefer not making decisions about what to wear in the morning, this is for you!

All of these reasons make folding long sleeve shirts worth your time!

It may take some practice before you’re able to do it quickly. But even so, once get the hang of it, folding clothes can turn into your weird little hobby!

How to fold a long sleeve shirt (step by step guide)

Folding your long-sleeved shirts tends to be one of the easiest routines. I opt to fold mine most of the time because accessing them in the drawer afterward gets so much easier!

How do you go about it?

Step 1: Place your long sleeve shirt on your folding table or board. Ensure that the backside of the shirt faces upwards.

Step 2: Remove any signs of creases and wrinkles from your shirt’s surface using your hand alone. This ensures that you don’t get any wrinkles hiding under the folds.

Step 3: Fold one side of your long sleeve shirt over to the other side. Make the fold centered and symmetric along the length of the shirt.

Step 4: Take both sides of the shirt and lay one sleeve flat down on top of the other horizontally. Strive to get straight lines without any gaps or overlapping. For some clothes, you can’t avoid this and that’s okay.

Step 5: Now take the sleeves and fold them both back into the side of the shirt so that you get a rectangle shape. For this, you have to fold back any overlap either at the sides or bottom of the shirt.

Step 6: The last step is to now fold up your rectangle into little squares. You can achieve this by folding it in half or even thirds. What determines this is the length of your shirt. Finish using three equal folds for longer and a half-fold for shorter shirts.

Folding using the KonMari method

The KonMari method offers another way through which you can fold your long sleeve shirts.

The steps involve:

Step 1: Fold one side of your shirt towards the shirt’s center. Make the folding line just at the edge of the neckline on both sides.

Step 2: Fold one side of the sleeve back and ensure that it lines down the vertical fold. The sleeve will go out of the line, so you have to fold it back to fit inside the rectangle. Make as many folds as needed to keep the sleeve inside the rectangle. (Between the vertical lines at the edge of either side of the neck)

Step 3: Do the same thing for the other side of the sleeve as well. If done right, your shirt will appear like a perfect rectangle with perfect edges on each side.

Step 4: Starting from the bottom, fold the shirt up either in halves or thirds to fit your storage. Again, this will depend on the actual length of your shirt.

Hint: If your clothe allows steaming or ironing, do so first before you start folding. It gives you an upper hand when it comes to fighting wrinkles.

How to fold your long sleeve dress shirts

Now, dress shirts are a more serious matter altogether. If you don’t keep or store them well, then you’re bound to get a delayed dress-up in the future. I guarantee that!

So, how do you fold your long sleeve dress shirts for crisper storage?

Step 1: Like with regular long sleeve shirts, place your long sleeve dress shirt on a flat surface. Ensure you’ve buttoned up and that the back of the dress shirt’s facing upwards.

Step 2: Fold one arm across the shoulder of your shirt. Then, fold the sleeve back in towards the center. Fold the cuffs back if they are too long to keep them within the shirt.

Step 3: Repeat the step above for the other sleeve and ensure that the cuffs meet in the middle. The cuffs may overlap in some clothes but still, it’s okay.

Step 4: Start folding your shirt from the bottom going upwards in thirds. Make the folds neat and use your hands to plain out any wrinkles.

Step 5: Do this until the collar of your shirt lies vertically atop the bottom of the last folded bit.

Step 6: Turn over and store as you please.

How to fold dress shirts when you want to travel

Well, folding your dress shirts to keep in the wardrobe is one thing. Folding them to pack for your travels is entirely another.

This is mainly because you need to make the most of your limited space when it comes to packing up.

To go about it:

  1. Lay your shirt facing downward with the back facing up to your face.
  2. Level out any signs of bumps or wrinkles from the shirt using the side of your palm.
  3. Starting from one side, fold your shirt lengthwise at the center back to the other side of the shirt. Make sure that the sleeves lay uniformly on top and below the other.
  4. Fold the sleeves back into the shirt. Keep them within each side of the folded margins. If the cuffs extend out of the hem, fold them back in so that they remain within the shirt.
  5. For the last step, start folding the shirt up from the bottom in 3 or 4-inch folds. Work this up until you get to the collar.
  6. Your dress shirt should now look like a compact spring roll ready for packing!

How to fold your long-sleeved sweaters

You’ve so far now learned how to fold your long sleeve shirts and dress shirts. But how do you fold your long sleeve sweaters and sweatshirts? Luckily, it’s also a breeze and doesn’t take up much of your time.

Let’s take a look below:

Step 1: Place the sweater with the back facing upwards on a flat surface in front of you. Make sure that the sleeves have spread out as evenly as possible.

Step 2: Remove any creases or bumps using your hands to prevent wrinkles from forming.

Step 3: Start with the right side of the sweater and fold it in so that the shoulder touches the collar.

Step 4: Fold the right sleeve back so that it remains on top of the folded right seam.

Step 5: Do the same for the left side of the sweater/sweatshirt to get the same look. You may choose to keep the sleeves crossed or spread vertically parallel in the middle.

Step 6: Fold the bottom of your sweater/sweatshirt upward in half. Make as many folds as required to reach the collar.

Step 7: Turn over and store as you please.


Folding your long-sleeved shirts is an easy way to keep them from getting wrinkled.

Whether you want to fold in the KonMari method or a more traditional style, it’s important to remember that folding helps protect clothes and maintain their shape.


If you have any questions about how to best fold your long sleeve dress shirt, sweater, or other long sleeve garments, fire away! Don’t hesitate to reach out in the Comments Section below!



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