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How to Get Dog Poop Out of Carpet: Step by Step Guide

Owning a pet is an outright blessing that can happen to your penthouse. Moreso, dogs boast exuberance and joyful moments radiating back into your life. It’s always a pleasure to have a dog as a co-occupant at your residence with the comforting nature and the great company it brings along.

Though any good thing has its inevitable downsides. Dogs are not an exception.

Dog owners are obliged, come what may, to provide intensive care and protection to their symbiotic friend. Sometimes, even with the care and the thorough house training, they can be annoyingly messy and obstreperous.

From urine, shed hair to other dirty secretions- all these are nothing fun to tackle especially when deposited in the wrong places. Mishaps do happen despite carrying out toilet training. Your dog may not be able to reach the toilet box before relieving itself.

If your dog poops on your carpet, what will you do in such a scenario? Buy a new carpet immediately? Definitely not the best idea to actualize yet valid.

Advisably, engaging in serious cleaning with the right cleaning agents and equipment is the way to go. It’s not rocket science. If unaware, it’s one of the simplest tasks, simpler than you thought. Eager to know how it’s easily done, read on.

But first, let’s get a highlight the risks and precautions to undertake. It’s very essential. Dog poop is just not any harmless dirt.

Can Dogs Pose a Big Threat to Your Health?

As earlier said, cleaning poop is easy peasy. But there’s the need to understand dog poop requires careful handling before knowing your way around the cleaning process.

Dog waste on the floor is quite a common occurrence in any dog breed. Dogs may decide to do their excretory business out of sight, leaving no trail and to some, it bothers not.

It’s crucial to know that it’s more than what you see on the floor with your two eyes. As much as it’s detrimental to your carpet, your health is in danger too. And your health is a matter of prioritization.

Dogs are carriers of pathogenic microbes which surprisingly may not affect the dog itself but hazardous to humans. You are affected or rather made sick when you come into direct contact with the waste of your canine friend and contamination occurs. This is the reason why most vets advise every dog owner to be vigilant in their doings. Dog waste is toxic.

Therefore, it’s best to ensure that you use protective gear and equipment when handling dog poop. Prevention is always better than cure. This precautionary measure is fundamental in maintaining high levels of hygienic standards and a healthy environment for yourself.

Products and Tools You Need  Before Cleaning

Removing dog poop from the carpet can be an extreme sport without the right tools and products at hand. And the good part is that all these items your carpet needs are easy to find at the stores in your neighborhood. Worry not, and effortlessly purchase the below:

  • Sterilized gloves: A pair is enough to keep you safe from directly touching the dog poop. Hygiene is a must.
  • A plastic dustpan/spatula: it’s significant such that it acts as the carrier surface when scraping the excess mess off the carpet
  • Poop trash bags: after removing the excess, this is convenient and secure as an eco-friendly point of disposal. You need not discard the poop anywhere in a way to keep the environment clean.
  • An empty spray bottle: This holds the prepared solutions and it’s easier to dispense with a spray bottle to avoid over-wetting the carpet
  • Clean cloth rugs of high absorbency/ paper towels: It should be sufficiently absorbent to suck up the moisture; most preferably cotton material. It works to dry the carpet.
  • Soft-bristle brush: helps with the scrubbing bit of the cleaning process
  • Laundry detergent: works to deal with a stain seeming somewhat tougher
  • White vinegar: An acidic formula and does the work of lifting the poop stains off your carpet for easy removal. It’s a natural bleach.
  • Baking soda: it’s something probably in your pantry as a baking agent. It’s a natural odor eliminator for use in cleaning surfaces in your house. Mostly applicable in the last steps of cleaning to deodorize the pet stains.
  • Store-bought enzymatic cleaners/carpet cleaners: Available at the stores, these are chemicals pre-made and ready for use. If you don’t like cleaning the natural way, then you ought to invest in a commercial cleaner.

Simple Way to Remove Dog Poop From The Carpet

Now that you have all the products and tools with you, the next in place is to eliminate the ugly site on your carpet.

It requires immediate action. If you didn’t know, the longer the dog poop stays on the carpet, the higher the possibility the defect may stay permanent on the carpet. The acids in the poop are damaging to your carpet fibers. Its liquid part seeps into the carpet fibers causing unpleasant odors and complex-to-remove stains.

So the sooner, you knuckle under and start cleaning, the better.

Cover your nose with a bandana or a face mask. Put on a rubber or vinyl pair of gloves, and voila- you are ready!

STEP 1: Pick Up The Excess Solids

Before you start getting rid of the stains on the carpet, with a gloved hand, take the paper towels and scoop up the excess waste onto the plastic dustpan. Then discard it immediately into the trash bags, and seal it up. if possible, throw the bag into the trash can outside because of the bad smell emanating out of the poop.

Be careful not to press the poop deep into the carpet fibers which will make the job more difficult and arduous. Gently do the scraping and the scooping to avoid such.

If the poop is too moist, you ought to use damp paper towels to remove as much of the waste as possible. On the other hand, the poop could be extremely dry and such a case applies to old poop. The best is to use a scraper like a dull knife to detach it off the carpet.

STEP 2: Spray and Soak With The Pre-Treatment Formula

After clearing the excess matter, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing bleach-free dishwasher soap, white vinegar with warm water, all in equal proportions depending on the amount you need. This is a DIY-made cleanser. Put in a spray bottle and dispense in fine mists onto the stained area.

If you do not like to make your own cleaner, you can use a commercial carpet cleaner specifically made for pet stains, in place of the DIY one. It’s more effective and stronger as a stain remover.

Let the cleaning formula soak into the spot for some minutes or as specified on the bottle of the purchased carpet cleaner.

If no much difference is noted, then repeat spraying the carpet cleaner and allowing it to soak until the stain disappears. If it does not get off the carpet completely, proceed further with steps 3 and 4. In the case where vice versa happens, skip steps 3 and 4.

STEP 3: Blotting The Stain With Soapy Cold Water

Next is to fill a small bucket with cold water and mix it with two tablespoons of laundry detergent. Stir gently to achieve a soapy foamy solution.

Then dip a clean soft piece of cloth into the mixture and squeeze out the excess liquid. Lastly, blot the dirty section of the carpet with the moist cloth rug.

STEP 4: Do a Thorough Scrubbing

After soaking the spot with soapy water, take the soft-bristled brush and use it to scrub the stain. Scrub in circles starting from the edges(periphery) of the spot working towards the center of the spot. You’ll see foam rising from the carpet when you do the scrubbing.

If not seen, then blot the spot with the moist cloth rug again, scrub repeatedly until the stain fades completely away. To this point, you will have accomplished removing the poop stain from the carpet.

STEP 5: Blot and Dry The Carpet

Removing the excess moisture follows the scrubbing activity. Blot the area with dry cloth rugs or papers to absorb the moisture. This way, you prevent odors that may arise due to over-wetting the carpet. And the moment, this odor gets into the carpet, it’s always hard to remove it.

STEP 6: Remove The Stubborn Poop Odor

After removing the excess moisture, mix the white vinegar with warm water in a 1:1 ratio, pour it onto the poop spot and allow it to soak in for a couple of minutes. Then rinse with clean cold water and pat dry the same spot with a cloth rug to remove the excess. and let it dry.

STEP 7: Soak With Baking Soda

Once the carpet dries up, sprinkle baking soda onto the spot and let it sit for at least ten minutes to remove any remaining odor. You could even let it sit overnight to allow it to soak into the carpet.

If not by natural way of odor removal as stated in steps 6 and 7, then spray an enzymatic cleaner of your choice on the affected area to fully eliminate odor instead.

STEP 8: Vacuum It Up

Lastly, vacuum the carpet until its pristine state is restored. This helps to remove any debris sitting on the carpet fibers. The outcome is always a sparkling spotless carpet.


Removing dog poop from your carpet is an easy affair only if you use the right tools and the right cleaning process.

One thing to note is to never use any ammonia-related products which double up the intensity of the odor.

If doing it by yourself with the step-by-step procedure aforementioned turns out to be futile, then seeking professional help from a carpet cleaning company would do. But this is a rare case of occurrence as long as you heed this guide.

Good students always achieve positive results and you cannot choose to suffer when all the guidance you need is here.

Best of luck!



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