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How to Know If a Girl Likes You But is Hiding It

There is no specific procedure that you have to follow to find out if a girl likes you. But there are signs that a girl gives off and you will know she is interested in you. For example, if a girl always smiles at you then she likes you. But be careful not to misread the signs. For example, she can be smiling at you just to be polite.

Girls find it hard to tell a man directly that she likes him so they use body language and some other signals. However, psychologists say that girls are better at picking up body language than men and if you do not notice the signs below, she can feel rejected. So, study the signs and signals below and watch out for them in any girl.

1. Long conversation

Of course, a person will not talk to you for long if she doesn’t like you. A girl that likes you will try and find side stories to make the conversation longer. Either face to face talking or a phone call she will make it long. A girl that likes you will make the conversation neutral and relaxed or sometimes incorporate some fun statements. These long conversations can extend up to text messages.

2. Smiling

A girl that likes you will always smile at you. A smile is a facial expression that means someone is happy to see you. So she is always happy when she sees you but she is not telling you. This smile is different from a polite smile. The smile is always warm and lasts longer than a polite smile. Sometimes the girl will smile frequently during the conversation.

3. Remembers all facts about you

Most of us forget facts about our friends the moment they tell us. But for a girl that likes you will always remind you of some fact that you told her. For example, if you told her the type of songs you like, she will remember and bring it up in a conversation. A girl that likes you can remember even small things like the color of your brother’s dog. This means she is paying attention to your life.

4. Blushing

This is the oldest sign a man can see in a girl that likes him. The girl will always smile when you throw some little compliment at her. Sometimes she will always blush when she is around you. This is the best sign because someone cannot just blush for the sake of blushing. Someone can give a fake smile but for a fake blush it is impossible.

5. She always informs you that she is free

Most people say, “I would rather stay alone during my free time”. But if a girl that likes you will always hint around or tell you that she is free and she needs some company. Most girls hint around that they are free because she doesn’t want you to see that it is obvious she likes you. You can hear her saying, “I am free on Tuesday” or “my roommate is out this weekend.”

6. Looks nervous

It is normal for most girls to look nervous when she likes you. She will have butterflies in her stomach every time she meets you. You can see she is confused about whether to hug you or to give you a handshake. She will also struggle with topics of conversation. Sometimes she will repeat stories that she already told you.

7. Watching you a lot

Psychologists say girls are like dogs, they study their master before they start playing with him. If you catch her gazing at you when you are not looking at her, then know she likes you. This is because her brain zones out and she starts imagining how the two of you will look together. She will smile at you when the eyes meet.

8. Quick replies on chats or messages

The modern-day social media allows a person to chat with many people at the same time. But if a girl likes you, she will leave all other messages and reply to yours first. She will always want to know what you will say next. She can even call you if she notices that you are taking time to reply to her texts.

9. Behavior of her friends

Girls always tell their friends if they like a man. So you will see her friends giving you some distance or leaving you two together. Some friends can give you clues that she likes you while others tell you straight in the fact that she likes you. Her friends will also watch you see if you are interested in her. Just know you are the topic of discussion when they are girls alone.

10. Trying to get physical contact with you

Nobody touches something nasty. So when a girl always gets an excuse to touch you then she likes you. She will always brush her hands on you or place her legs on yours. When she does so, she is testing if you would share the feeling with her. This also shows she is comfortable and happy around you.

11. She is inquisitive

A girl who likes you will always want to know everything about you. She will ask about your friends and family. Some even want to meet your friends and family. She will ask where you live, study and your favorite sport. Sometimes she will join in your interests like go with you in the field or going with you to watch your favorite movie.

12. Playing with her hair

As we said earlier if a girl likes you, she will be nervous around you and playing with her hair cools her down. And playing with her hair will make you concentrate on her face. You will find yourself looking at her face which is her main source of attraction. Girls with short hair will brush their hands on the head every time you look at her.

13. Spend time with your friends

In case a girl likes you, she will try to be close to your friends. She will use her closeness to your friends to get extra information about you. And if she becomes part of your friends then she can get a chance to see you most of the time. She can even tell some of your friends that she likes you and in turn your friends will tell you.

14. Make you jealous

A girl that likes you will test if you like her back by making you feel jealous. She can tell you other people who are interested in her, mostly the ones you can recognize. Or she can flatter around with your close friends. This is an accelerant for you to show that you like her or else the other person will take her.

15. Teasing you

If a girl always brings up jokes that give you a hard time then she likes you. Girls do this so that all your attention is on them. You will be always wondering what she will do next. Some tease you so that you stay happy and also get a chance to physically touch you. Teasing is a technique that starts early in grade school where if a big girl likes a small boy, she will always tease him.


After reading the above signs you have noticed that many girls have passed you without knowing. Good friends and coworkers find it hard to tell you that they like you, so they can only use two or three of the signs above. The girl can be scared of ruining the good co-existence at work or the good relationship if you are friends hence she will hide her feelings sometimes.



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