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How to Make Moon Water: 6 Simple Steps

The moonlight is the source of calmness, smoothness, and cool sensation. However, if you have cancer sign, it will strongly impact your emotions and feelings. The reason is the dominance of this planet in cancer signs.

The moon is one of the two giant luminaries that you see in the sky. Usually, many astrologists, magicians, and mystics have no doubt about the moon’s exceptional power. In fact, these people use this planet’s extraordinary attractive potency for certain activities. So, it’s a powerful tool for manifestation and magic.

The moon has a unique attraction power. Especially when you synchronize yourself with the moon, it is almost dominant over your consciousness. This happens through interaction with the moon’s energy currents.

Imagine going through this process more aesthetically! Yes, it’s possible by making moon water.

What are the Unique Features of the Moon

Moon As a Feminine

The moon represents feminine energy, whereas the Sun represents masculine energy. There is no concern with gender, but the power of energy differs.

The moon’s cycles surrender and reflect as well as release and invite.  It directly impacts your intuition and creativity, the creation and time rhythms, enlightenment, and shadow work.

Moon as a Mirror

Moon is a mirror that has two sides. The dark side of the moon reflects your fears. It improves your capacity to heal your fears and shadows. This is the time when we welcome the new, set intentions, and manifest them into our lives. The New Moon also serves as a reminder that the night will not last forever.

You can witness your brilliance under the full moon. The moon’s illuminating light shines equally on all of your personality. It directs you to live in balance.

What is a Moon Water?

The moon water is basically water that comes in contact with the full moon‘s light and soaks up some of its power. In more detail, it’s distilled water that’s been charged with lunar energy during the new and full moons. It’s strongly believed that the moon water can improve your subconscious feelings and emotions. It also aids in the healing and rejuvenation of our spiritual bodies.

What is the History of Moon Water?

There is no new practice of moons’ fascination by a human being. The origins of moon water are unknown. Instead, it is a primitive activity to increase the power of water molecules by the alchemical process. This process is explained in a crystal healing for women book that occurs in the presence of moonlight rays.

The history of moon water is well connected with almost all the cultures of the world. Moreover, it is evident that moon water has been utilized for beauty and ritual purposes for centuries.

Different Stages of Moon and its Energy Intensity

There is a considerable difference in moonlight energy between different stages of the moon. This ultimately also affects your moon water strength. You can carefully choose the stage of the moon according to your needs and objectives.

New Moon: Fresh begins, site objectives, cleanliness, new beginnings, and transparency are all associated with the New Moon.

Waxing Crescent: Growth, activity, preparation, motivations, intents, enticements, and success are all aspects of the Waxing Crescent.

First Quarter: Imagination, divination, relaxation, and action.

Waxing Gibbous: Refine, notice, be in good health, and be in excellent energy.

Full Moon: Strength, success, goals realized, charging items, clarity, and healing

Waning Gibbous:  Undoing Binds & Curses, Introspect,

Third quarter: Control bad habits, dispelling curses, and breaking curses are all part of the third quarter.

Waning Crescent: Freedom, liberating, success, banishing, knowledge, balance, apology are all words that come to mind while thinking of the Waning Crescent.

Can You Make Moon Water on a Moon Eclipse?

Eclipses cast shadows and depict what is hidden beneath the surface. This is frequently toxic or in requisite purification. Generally, eclipses aren’t the kind of moons you want to tap into for energy. Instead, eclipses should be used in helping to remove toxins from your system gradually. In conclusion, it is not recommended to make the moon water in the lunar eclipse.

What is the Best Time to Make Moon Water?

Every full moon has its own specific set of characteristics. It is pretty common that you might be interested in some of them. The best proposed time to make moon water is during a new or full moon. It’s ideal for infusing your water with positive affirmations.

Additionally, it sets your objectives for growth if you create it during the new moon. More specifically, the full moon is an ointment for you to remove all of your unnecessary thoughts. It welcomes new and powerful energy that improves your life vision and attention.

How to Make Full Moon Water

Moon water is an excellent cleansing tool for the body and home. It may be a source to keep you calm and energetic. It’s quite easy to make moon water as you need only a few things.

  • A glass bottle or container (without a cover, but cover can be used for storage)
  • Sage or incense
  • Labels and a pen ( To mention the date and phase of the moon)
  • Water — Any type of distilled tap, from a river, directly from spring water. The important thing is water must be clean or drinkable
  • A lighter and container to burn the herbs (optional)
  • Crystals, herbs, and flowers can all be infused into your water.

The process of making moon water is simple. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Selection of the Container/Jar

To begin, use smoke from your incense or sage to cleanse the glass container. Fill a glass jar halfway with rainwater, preferably fresh.

You may also have some fun and choose a container that suits your objective if you have a specific intention or goal in mind that you want to materialize with the moon. Make sure the water you use is safe to drink if you plan to consume your moon water.

2. Choose the Best Moonlight Exposure Place

Place your container or jar of water on the patio, a windowsill, or somewhere else where the moonlight will catch it. Typically an outside location is preferable for this overnight moonlight exposure. However, if you live in an apartment or otherwise have restricted access to the outdoors, placing it along a window sill would suffice.

3. Incorporation of Some Crystals

This step isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s an excellent method to boost the strength of your water. You can incorporate some of your favorite crystals on the uppermost part of your container or jar. Black tourmaline and fluorite crystals are some of the great options. All of these stones are excellent for cleansing energy and enhancing intuition.

4. Keep Container Overnight

Simply leave the container/jar in the moonlight overnight.  Be assured that everything is in place and your purpose is set. After overnight exposure, moon water will be ready to use the next morning!

5. Decorate Your Moon Water with Flowers and Herbs

There are different ways to increase the aesthetic value of your moon water. One popular way is the addition of other flowers or herbs. Roses for love, chamomile for purification,  lavender for relaxation, or anything else you’re attempting to achieve can be added to your water.

Some people add these flowers or herbs during moonlight exposure. But, many prefer to add it after making moon water through a boiling process. In either way, you must strain your moon water to maintain the purity of your water.

6. Label Your Moon Water

This is optional to label your container or jar. However, it is helpful for long-term use as you can remember the date and specific phases or signs of the moon. The simple way to label your jar is the use of tags.

What are the Benefits of Moon Water?

Everyone knows sunlight exposure benefits us with vitamin D. But, what about the moonlight? According to spiritual beliefs and theory, the use of moon water amplifies your energy and enhances your skin’s beauty. This happens due to the radiant moon’s energy, which is held inside the water molecules.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that moon water has any particular health benefit. While the moon has scientifically confirmed effects on our water due to its gravitational pull.

Creative Ways to Use Moon Water

You can use your moon water in a variety of creative ways. Moon water has a plethora of applications. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it was created with your intention in mind. Here are some common ways to utilize your moon water.

Drink It

Drinking the Moon Water means you consume moon energy. Water will do more than just hydrate you. But, it will also assist you in getting any stagnant energy out of your body and empowering you.

Ritual Water Bath

Bathing on the full moon is a beautiful way to connect with lunar energy. To deepen your connection to the moon, add it to your bath.

Irrigate Plants

Irrigate your plants with moon water. Plants also benefit from a spray of moon water to boost their vitality levels.

Cleansing Agent

Moon water can be used to clean your floor. As a spiritual cleansing agent,   you can cleanse your crystals, altar, sacred space, and any other ritual instruments with it.  One of the exciting ways to increase your creativity and imagination is cleaning your paint brushes with moon water.

Tea Water

Boil your moon water for your tea to reconnect yourself from the inside with the moon’s energy. It will increase your calmness and energy two fold.

Fragrance Diffuser

You can use moon water to diffuse your fragrance and essential oils. As moon water will maintain the intensity of these aromatic compounds by its lunar energy.

Do You Know About the Moon Water Bath?

According to Astrologers, there is no better option than a moon water bath to enjoy the super energies of the universe. This practice is evident and traced back to thousands of year’s history of Ayurveda medicine.

Ayurveda powerfully narrates that a moon bath is essential to evoke your inner health. Moreover, it also inculcates natural rhythms into your body.

This moon water bath has the unique potent energy of the moon. Your body will have the healing effect of this water bath. Overall, a moon water bath has a tremendous impact on your body. This also makes sense as your body is mainly composed of water, i.e., more than 60%.



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