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How to Use a Pendulum to Make Better Decisions

You may not consider yourself an indecisive person, but a little help to make better decisions won’t hurt. That’s where a pendulum comes into play. You can use it to get answers whenever the need arises. But exactly how do you use a pendulum?

Determine a pendulum’s signal, relax, and quiet your mind. Program the pendulum’s source and ask a polar or yes-no question. If you do this correctly, you should get a definite answer that will help you make better decisions.

Easier said than done, right?

Not quite.

It is actually as simple as I’ve described. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make much sense right now. You’ll get the hang of it before you finish reading this article.

Why Should You Use a Pendulum?

Life is a string of choices, even when we’re not aware that we are making them. For example, you could choose to keep reading this material or skip it without realizing that you’re making a decision.

The challenge comes up when we try to make conscious decisions. It is okay if you are unsure of what choice to make when you are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Life-altering decisions can be quite tasking.

But for many of us, we often get stuck even when trying to decide on mundane things, such as what to wear to a dinner party.

Fortunately, a pendulum can get us out of this quandary.

A pendulum is a simple and effective way to access guidance from your higher self, spirit guide, source, energy, or whichever label fits. Of course, you have to learn how to use it properly if you must get accurate and reliable results.

Now, let’s get into the details of how to correctly use a pendulum.

What Questions Can You Ask?

No questions are off-limits. You can ask your pendulum anything! It can answer simple, complex, and even mundane questions. But you want to make the process meaningful to you in some way.

Here’s what I mean.

Your pendulum is not a toy or a mere prop for playing “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” or some variations of that kind of stuff.

Think of it as a special tool or device that helps to nudge you in the right direction on important issues.

You could ask about love, life, health, career, or finance. You can consult your pendulum to gain more clarity when you are stuck between two equally important choices.

But the questions don’t necessarily have to be related to life-altering decisions. You can ask whether to buy a certain type of car or if you can trust someone in your life.

Ultimately, you get to choose what the “important issues” are but the point is you don’t want to use a pendulum to make every single decision of your life. That would defeat the purpose of having a brain and other human faculties like reasoning, imagination, intuition, or gut feeling.

Another thing to keep in mind is how to phrase your questions. Asking your pendulum for an opinion isn’t going to get you any response.

For example, you’re not going to get an answer if you ask “should I…” or “am I supposed to…” type of questions. No matter how complex or simple the question is, make sure it can elicit a yes or no response.

Here’s the bottom line: if you can phrase a question to have a yes or no answer, your pendulum can provide an answer. But you won’t get an answer every single time.

Your energies may not be aligned or it might not be a good time for the pendulum to answer. Give it a rest until another time if you don’t get a yes, no, or maybe.

Don’t force the process or else you might get a biased answer – just something to suit your ego and not an honest response from your higher self.

Choosing a Pendulum

Picking a pendulum can be pretty straightforward for some people. For very indecisive people, though, they might even need a pendulum to help them choose a pendulum!

You don’t have to split hairs about specific pendulums or gemstones because there is no right or wrong. Plus, you can have more than one.

Recommendations and suggestions are great but these items are very personal and most people form strong bonds with them. For this reason, it is usually best to choose a pendulum that feels right for you.

There are different types of stones on chains or cords and these gemstones come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Jade, Amethyst, Clear Quartz are some of the common crystals on pendulums.

It is not out of place to see people having pendulums made from a piece of their favorite jewelry on a chain.

Feeling a connection to the pendulum is the most important factor when choosing one of these simple yet useful tools.

Trust your intuition when you walk into a gemstone shop. Go through the collection and choose one that “speaks” to you. How does the pendulum feel in your hands when you hold it? You will know the right one for you if you focus on your feelings.

Cleanse and Charge Your Pendulum Before Use

Once you find a pendulum that feels right for you, it is best to cleanse and charge it with your energy before using it.

Cleansing clears away any stagnant or negative energy attached to your pendulum. Charging it raises the vibration of your pendulum.

The cleansing and charging processes are simple and you don’t have to repeat it each time you use the pendulum.


Here’s a powerful technique to cleanse your pendulum:

  • Place the pendulum on the earth, preferably near a rock. Let it sit on the earth surrounded by natural elements for about 24 hours.

Make sure it can absorb both the earth’s minerals, as well as sunlight and moonlight. Using the earth’s energy is the most powerful pendulum-cleansing method.

  • If this method is not practicable for you, place the pendulum on your windowsill for an entire day to absorb sunlight.


Here’s a simple way to charge your pendulum:

  • Place the pendulum inside your hand and close your hand.
  • Sit quietly and close your eyes for about 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Concentrate on your pendulum and focus your energy on it. Sometimes, it helps to imagine a beam of light from your heart flowing to the pendulum.
  • Ask your spirit guide or guardian angel for support when using the tool.

How to Use a Pendulum to Get Yes/No Answers

Now that the preparations are complete, you’re set to use your pendulum. Here’s how to use a pendulum correctly:

Step 1: Getting Ready

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Clear your mind of fear, guilt, worry, and any other highly charged emotional states.

Do anything you can to relax.

You may assemble different props, such as incense, crystals, candles, and even play quiet, meditation music. These are not required but are okay, as long as they get you in a relaxed state.

Step 2: Position Your Pendulum

Sit comfortably with your back upright and both feet flat on the floor. It is okay to stand if assuming this position is not possible in your situation.

Loop the chain or cord once or twice around your forefinger and grab the fob between your thumb and index finger.

Alternatively, hold anywhere on the chain, provided there is enough length on the rest of the chain to allow the weighted stone to swing freely.

Make sure you hold the pendulum with steady hands. It is okay if your hand shakes a bit, as that won’t affect the answers you get. If necessary, rest your forearm on the arm of a chair or something solid to provide support.

Step 3: Program Your Pendulum

Usually, this is a one-time step. It allows you to determine what each movement or signal mean.

The responses you can expect are “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” (or “I don’t want to answer”).

Some of the common pendulum movements are:

  • Swinging back and forth
  • Swinging side to side
  • Clockwise movement
  • Counterclockwise movement

To program your pendulum:

  1. Decide which movement represents what answer. For example, a back and forth movement could mean a “yes” for you.
  2. Demonstrate the signal by saying something like, “Move like this, in a back and forth motion, when the answer to my question is yes.” Make sure to swing the pendulum in the yes direction as you say the words.
  3. Repeat the demonstration for each signal.

You can also allow your pendulum to choose its signals or responses. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hold your pendulum correctly and say “Please, show me yes.” Wait for a response and note it. Whether or not you get a response, move to the next step.
  2. Say, “Please, show me no.” Some pendulums like to respond to this question first. Note the movement. If you don’t have a response to the first question, now is a good time to repeat it.

Step 4: Verify What You’ve Done So Far

This is also a one-time step.

Whether you program your pendulum or you let it show you its signals, this step will help you test the trustworthiness of the responses. You will also be sure you understood your pendulum’s signals.

To do this, ask a few test questions. For example, “is my best friend’s name Jane?” “Is today Monday?”

Note how your pendulum swings and make sure that all the signals are correct. Go back to step 3 and reprogram your pendulum if the responses are mixed up.

Step 5: Connect the Pendulum to Your Higher Self

Start each session by connecting to your higher self. You could say something along the lines of, “I connect to my higher self and seek honest answers.” Come up with a statement that works for you.

Step 7: Ask Your Question

Phrase a very specific polar or yes-no question.

  • Example of correct question: “Is my name Kelly?”
  • Example of incorrect question: “What is my name?”

Step 8: Clear the Pendulum

Lastly, you want to let your pendulum know that you have received an answer and you’re ready to move to the next question or end the session.

You can do this by touching the gemstone to your palm or any other surface.

Remember to store your pendulum in a safe place or wear it on your neck chain when not in use.

What if Your Pendulum Isn’t Responding At All?

You can try at a later time if your pendulum doesn’t respond.

Also, if your pendulum gives wrong answers, you may have a mix-up in the responses. Try to program the yes, no, and maybe responses again. Alternatively, allow your pendulum to choose its signals or how it wants to respond.

But if it is not responding at all or not working properly, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • You did not phrase your question correctly. Your questions need to be very specific.
  • You are distracted, restless, tense, tired, or highly emotional. You need to relax completely and focus on the practice.
  • You are using a pendulum that doesn’t resonate with your energy. Perhaps you are using someone else’s pendulum and it is not compatible with you. Or you bought one that doesn’t really feel right. In any case, you may need to try using another pendulum.
  • There is magnetic or electrical interference. Make sure you are not close to any magnets or electrical gadgets, especially devices that emit high frequencies.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – how to use a pendulum correctly to make better decisions.

The idea of using pendulums to make better decisions might sound weird, especially if it’s your first time encountering it. But there is nothing woo-woo about it.

It is a simple yet beneficial spiritual or energy practice. Relax and detach yourself from any specific response. Practice with an open mind and you will definitely get better with time.


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