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10 Most Dangerous Cities in New Jersey

What makes New Jersey such a dangerous place? Is it because of the high crime rate or the lack of public transportation?

New Jersey has some of the highest violent crimes rates in the country. According to the FBI, the state had the third highest number of murders in 2021. The state also ranks near the bottom in terms of public transportation options.

While New Jersey does have a reputation for being dangerous, it’s important to note that the crime rate varies greatly from city to city. If you live in Newark, Trenton, Camden, or other major cities, then you should expect to see higher crime rates. However, if you live in smaller towns, you might be surprised at how safe they are.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in New Jersey

1. Paterson

Paterson is one of the poorest and least populated cities in the US. It has been named as one of the nation’s worst places to live. But even though it isn’t very crowded, this city still experiences around 40% of all reported rapes in New Jersey.

2. Elizabeth

This city was once named as the best place to live in New Jersey, but now it’s no longer on top. In 2016, Elizabeth saw more than two-thirds of its residents leave. Despite that, it still remains one of the safest cities in New Jersey.

3. Trenton

This city used to be known as the “Queen City”, but these days, it hasn’t got much going for it. Around one in every eight children living here grow up without either parent.

4. Camden

Camden was once an industrial powerhouse and home to many national corporations. Today, it has become so dangerous, that it actually has the second highest murder rate in the state.

5. Newark

You probably haven’t heard of Newark, but it’s the largest city in New Jersey and there’s a pretty good chance that you, your friends, or your family members call it home.

6. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is another beautiful seaside destination with a terrible problem. Every year, thousands of people die when ocean waters burst their way inside the casino buildings. A wave called a storm surge floods parts of the city and causes serious damage.

7. Ocean City

Ocean City may seem like a nice place to visit, but unfortunately, it can also be a really scary place. On average, visitors to the resort get robbed about twice a month. That adds up fast!

8. Bridgeton

Bridgeton is a small city in south eastern New Jersey located just 16 miles away from Philadelphia. This city is not only plagued by crime, but it’ll also surprise you by the fact that it has a relatively low population.

9. Vineland

Vineland is a town situated just 12 miles away from the famous Amish Country. It’s one of the safer towns in New Jersey, where only one person per day dies from a homicide.

10. East Orange

East Orange is another example of a thriving city in New Jersey, which happens to have a high population. People usually go there because they want to attend Essex County College.

Violent Crime Rates In New Jersey

New Jersey has long been considered a blue state. With Democrats controlling the government, it’s no wonder why. So, what is the record for violent crimes in New Jersey?

Murder: 4.7/100k

Rape: 6.25/100k

Robbery: 9.05/100k

Aggravated assault: 11.95/100k

Property offense: 1,037.46/100k

How to Stay Safe in New Jersey

If you are planning on visiting New Jersey anytime soon, then you should know how to stay safe while you are there. The following guide will help you stay safe in New Jersey.

Stay out of deserted areas such as parks at night. If you see any suspicious characters, don’t hesitate to tell someone straight away. Don’t ever walk alone anywhere.

Don’t carry too much money with you. Keep the amount you need to survive in case something goes wrong.

Be careful who you talk to. You never know if that stranger is trustworthy.

Never give out personal information to anyone.

Always lock your car doors.

Avoid walking around poorly lit streets at night.

Do not accept rides from strangers.

Do not use public transportation after dark.

Never leave anything valuable in your vehicle.

If you’re driving, make sure that you always buckle up.

When using headphones, make sure that you keep them safely tucked away.

When going to sleep, make sure that you lock all the doors and windows.

The best way to avoid being victimized is to practice common sense. If you follow these tips, then you won’t have to worry about getting into trouble.


Crime rates vary throughout different regions in New Jersey. Atlantic City has some of the highest crime rates in the state, whereas other places such as Vineland and Elizabethtown have very little crime.

While traveling, you should be aware of your surroundings. Also, you should know how to protect yourself from criminals. Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of how to do so.



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