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New Moon Rituals: What Is It and How to Creat It

New moon rituals give us a great point to start our cycles with freshness and more inspired spirits. It is when we get the chance to wipe our slates clean and decide on the paths we want to pursue.

For persons of the feminine walk, this means an immense and divine way to cleanse our inner selves. You get to rid yourself of the dark energies lurking within your spiritual faculties. This could include distractions, self-doubt, toxicity, weaknesses, addiction, and other things.

As you will see in this article, a new moon ritual can help you morph into the best version of yourself. It is the universe’s way of offering you a new chance at becoming better with each cycle.

What’s more, the energy of the new moon does not conform to one place alone. Thus, you can come up with your ritual if you feel guided to.

So, how do you create your new moon ritual? And what are some of the things you might want to avoid during the new moon cycle?

I invite you to discover the answers to these and more below…

What are New Moon Rituals?

We experience the new moon when the sun and the moon align. During this time, the rays of the sun are entirely blocked by the face of the moon. – That is speaking from an astrological perspective.

In the divine sense, the new moon initiates the beginning of a new cycle in most lives. Here, you get the chance to have new beginnings. You can set new goals, reflect on yourself, and charter a new course for your life.

Surprisingly, many people are not aware of the power of the new moon and its positive energy. But despite that, we are still all aligned to this gift regardless.

Many people begin on new paths in their homes, careers, and dreams unconsciously during the new moon and achieve great success!

Can you imagine what embracing this power consciously could help you achieve?

Is the New Moon Ritual Static?

One of the most fulfilling things about new moon power is that there is no preset way to conduct your ritual. The power of the new moon offers everyone a chance to create their intentions uniquely.

This freedom gives you a chance to carry out your process exactly as your spirit feels. Not as the majority does.

Thus, you don’t have to follow what is already working or is in existence. This is very rewarding especially if you don’t already belong to a ritual group. It’s also an amazing opportunity to get things right if you are just starting out.

But first, you’ll have to understand the connections during the cycle of the 8 phases of the moon.

Manifesting with the 8 Phases of The Moon

Unknown to many, the 8 phases of the moon offer energies that you can harness in preparation for the new moon. Understanding these phases will guide you to manifest clearer intentions for your new path.

What are the 8 phases of manifestation?

1. The New Moon

This is the most prime in the cycle. During this phase, we are not able to see the moon as it’s blocked by the sun.

This is when you plant the pure seeds of intention. You break off any stagnation and improve on areas in your life that you feel lack.

It is the perfect moment to release your intentions to the universe.

2. Waxing Crescent Moon

This phase follows the new moon and is the perfect time to moor into your new intentions. It happens when the moon slightly rises above the sun and we can begin to see it.

Focus all your mind on what you set in the new moon and will your mind to stay on that course.

This lunar cycle gives you the chance to visualize your goals and wants. Remind yourself of your intentions by reading them daily to keep them alive.

3. Waxing Quarter Moon

The waxing quarter moon is when the two celestial bodies are at 90 degrees with each other.

It is during this time that you’ll start facing challenges in realizing your goals. You’ll spend most of your time making decisions on how best to proceed on your path.

You have to stay focused and productive during this time. These challenges offer great lessons for your life and are a part of the whole cycle of manifestation.

4. Waxing Gibbous Moon

This phase happens right before the full moon and comes with a lot of rich energies.

During this time, things will start aligning and you’ll start seeing the world with enlightened eyes. You should tap into this fresh energy and drive more action into your intentions.

5. Full Moon

The full moon reflects the magnificent light from the sun and shines it upon us to illuminate our paths. The moon and the sun create a highly active flow of possibilities as they both radiate the earth in their own time. It is one of the significant balances of the Yin and Yang.

The full moon comes with magical breakthroughs and compelling creativity. It blooms your grown intentions from the previous phase’s manifestation.

This stage of the cycle is a sign that you need to take in more of the moon’s light. It will nourish your intentions and help you finalize what you want as your results.

It is also another opportunity to rewire yourself to achieve success.

6. Waning Gibbous Moon

This phase happens when the light begins to fade after the full moon. It is the perfect time to manifest what you may want to release. This includes freeing yourself from any blockage or doubt keeping you from receiving fruit.

In this phase, you have to focus more on your strengths and ignore the weaknesses.

7. Waning Quarter Moon

The light diminishes a great deal at this point and you’re left to seek enlightenment from within. Here, you must search the depths of your inner self and follow where it’s leading you.

If there are still any lingering negative energies from the last phase, this is where you have to drop them down.

Only then will you attain purity of intention and harvest your dream from the moon.

8. Waning Crescent Moon

This is the pre-climax to the new moon and the last phase in the lunar cycle.

The waning crescent moon lifts you into the celestial space and lets you reflect on your journey through the whole cycle. You also get to see what you’ve achieved from your set intentions.

Are there lessons learned? Is there growth? Are you happy with your manifestations this far?

You can evaluate all this by going back to where you wrote your first intentions. Then, your soul will receive absolution and help you prepare better for the upcoming new moon cycle.

How a New Moon Ritual Can Benefit a Woman

The world is such that a woman most times feels dead flat tired, overwhelmed, or detached from her body. This is all exacerbated by some patriarchal systems that still run the society.

The good news is that a new moon aligns your life as a woman with the higher powers of the universe.

Did you know that the menses are in synchrony with the moon’s cycle and the 4 seasons?

Linking yourself to the moon’s cycle gives you the power to connect with Mother Nature and her care.

How to Create Your Ritual in the Next New Moon

Getting started with your new moon ritual is not difficult. You only have to create space, set your intentions, and manifest the magic with the moon.

Let’s see how below:

Get cleansing supplies

Cleansing items could be things that have deep meaning to you personally. They can be pendants, pictures, and such things. These items bring peace and sacredness to your ritual space.

You can also use healing herbs, crystals, stones, and candles. Also, it is a good idea to have a notebook where you can scribble your intentions.

Prepare your sacred space

This is an important step to seal your commitment to your new intentions. To get into a sacred space, you can take ritual baths using sea salts to relax your faculties. Doing this washes off the uncleanliness of the world behind and readies you for the spiritual world.

Another great cleansing item is a burning sage. You can use it around your chosen space and body. Other mediums include music and meditation.

Important: Your space doesn’t have to be an all mysterious shrine. It can also be any place that makes you happy, peaceful and induces a meditative state.

Perform a grounding

Grounding helps you tap into the flow of energy deep from the earth’s core. You need grounding if you show signs of nervousness, mania, vague thoughts, and paranoia.

To perform grounding:

Visualize your spiritual roots moving deep from your feet into the earth’s layers to the earth’s core.

Now, feel your roots feeding on the power of the core. Draw it back up through, again, your feet.

Visualize it now illuminating each of your chakras and flow out from your head and around your feet.

Seek guidance for your intentions

This step is not entirely significant for the ritual but may help in some cases. For this, you’ll need oracle cards, animal spirit cards, or tarot cards.

Place or spread the cards before you, then pull one that you feel attracted to. The card may gift you with an idea or reaffirmation of what intentions you need to pursue.

A single pull will do. You’d get surprised at some suggestions that the cards have for you.

Set your intentions

From your journey during the 8 moon phases, you’d now have some intentions or ideas of what you want from the new moon.

Take all of these and record them down into a journal or notebook.

There are no limits here to what you can write. Thus, you can journal all the intentions brought from the depths of your heart and guts.

After writing them down, read them out to yourself and see what ignites a large spark in your soul. Pick that one as your new moon intention and focus on it.

Picking one intention per cycle helps you to concentrate and become more sensitive to the journey.

Examples of intentions could be:

  1. I am called to write a book.
  2. I am called to pick up a healthier diet.
  3. I am called to partake in charities.
  4. I am guided to practice more self-love.
  5. I am guided to create more family time.
  6. I am guided to be more positive.
  7. This cycle I seek to give out more love.
  8. This cycle I seek to receive abundance.

It’s that simple!

Close your ritual

The closing ritual gives you the blessing to start living your new intentions.

The closing ceremony is a lot more of a thanksgiving moment. You can extend gratitude to yourself, angels, Mother Earth, the universe, or any other thing that you feel important.

You can take it a notch higher and write down your set intention on a paper. Afterward, fold it neatly and release it into the skies by tying it to a helium balloon or a paper lantern.

Another way is to burn or bury the piece of paper to signify your pact with the moon.

Live your intentions

You’ve now started a new path in a deeper understanding of the connection between self and the moon. Stay on course and do your best to live your intentions moving onwards.

A good way to be always conscious of your intentions is by keeping them in an open, visible space. For example, inside a wallet, journal, or pin it on your favorite wall.

Take into consideration all the manifestations of the moon’s cycle and follow its guidance.

Stay aware of all the changes around you and note them down as the cycle progresses. Celebrate when you find success and reflect when challenges come your way.

Things to Stay Away from During a New Moon

To keep your energy balanced during a new moon cycle, always stay positive and go with that flow. This means that you’ll have to stop:

  1. Blocking new people from your life.
  2. Refusing invitations extended to you.
  3. Abandoning things that you really care for. It is a waste of energy.
  4. Staying around toxic people who drain you or bring negative energy into your space.

Submit to The Magic

Relieve yourself from the bondage of the world. Connect with your higher self through the power of the new moon.

Choose to have peace, abundance, love, joy, success, and happiness as your fort. Create your ritual today and see where the magic of the moon will lead you.

I hope this guide has been a gem. I hope it serves your quest into the new moon rituals!


Happy, peaceful living!


Are you ready to submit to the power of the new moon? Feel free to share this article with your friends and let me know if you have any queries.



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