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12 Distinct Types of Nose Shapes: Which One is Yours?

Did you know that human beings have different nose shapes? Take a closer look, and you’ll realize people have different ones.

Some people have long noses, others short, others wide, and others thin. All these difference in nose shapes boils down to human evolution. The shape of your nose says a lot about where your lineage originates.

There are many different nose shapes around the world. But, it’s worth noting that some people do get surgery to alter their appearance. Below are some common nose shapes.

Types of Nose Shapes

1. The Greek Shape

The Greek shape is unique. You’ll notice most of the sculptures and artwork from ancient Greece had this distinctive shape.

From the front, it’s a narrow shape that’s straight at the edge and pointy. For many people, such a nose represents a person who likes living a sober life. They never like impractical expectations and would rather deal with the reality of things.

Additionally, they lead private life and tend to keep secrets about who they indeed are. It takes time before you can understand such a person. Publicity is never their thing and tends to keep their private life away from the limelight.

That makes them excellent secret keepers. You can tell them anything and trust it remains between the two of you. The nose shape is much sought after by people who want to get a nose job for its elegant appearance.

2. The Short Shape

Many people believe the button rose is the shortest nose shape you can see on any human being. But, that is incorrect. The short shape is the right one, and it’s smaller even in appearance.

It’s a delight to have because it gives you a youthful and happy look. People with short nose shapes appear delightful and are a great company to have around. But, they don’t like people who play games. It’s better to keep them cheerful than see their temper come alive.

However, despite loving the social scene, they don’t disclose too much. Only those closest will know the truth. The rest know surface information which is what they need to keep up appearances in social circles.

But that doesn’t mean they’re dismissive. It’s the opposite. They are welcoming and open to meeting new people. Such a genuine personality makes them have more people around them.

3. The Snub Shape

While the snub shape shares resemblance with the Greek one, it’s not the same. Yes, it’s thin and tends to be pointy at the tip. But the difference comes at the upper slope. It’s rounder and small.

Humour and wit are the best traits of people with snub shape. They delight in making people happy and want to keep the laughter going. Intelligence is another trait because they tend to understand concepts faster and respond accordingly.

These are decision-makers who tend to lead rather than follow the crowd. They should act once they understand rather than wait for everyone else to catch up.

4. The Straight Shape

The tip of the straight shape is round, plus the nose has wider nostrils than most. It’s a straight nose that’s flat and signifies a person who understands.

Kindness is a trait shared with people with straight nose shape. They have higher emotional intelligence and click with others on a deeper level. It’s easy for people to get comfortable and open up around them.

Another way you can describe them is patient and calm individuals who aren’t quick to react. They’d rather keep control of their emotions and analyze situations first. That being said, they won’t stick around if people have a bad temperament and are nasty.

5. The Nubian Shape

Any person with the Nubian shape has a pointy edge that faces down. It appears almost to touch the tip of the upper lip and has a straight nose bridge.

Curiosity drives people with the Nubian shape since they delight in learning more about life and nature. They ask lots of questions and love going on adventures in new places. They aren’t scared of new things and tend to leap.

In other words, this is a person who follows their heart and is quite expressive. It’s easier for them to learn new ways of living and don’t hang on to the past. Their humility and easy-going nature make such transitions a delight for them.

6. The HHHook Shape

The hook shape resembles a bird’s beak. That’s why some people call it by the same name due to its structure. At the tip of the nose, it tends to curve downward.

Just as distinctive as this nose shape is, the people who have it share the same characteristics. They are strong and know how to get their points across. Their opinions are bold, and they don’t mind if other people don’t share the same belief.

The most important aspect is getting their point across. It’s easier to jump at opportunities and take risks. They do so for something in line with their beliefs and outlooks on life.

Another evident trait is diplomacy. The people have a gift of bringing people together despite having a difference in opinions. Also, they’re creating individuals.

7. The Concave Shape

The concave shape is another delightful and much sought-after nose shape by people getting a nose shape. Its cuteness is due to the notable arch with a curved tip at the edge of the nose.

Such a shape is common in people who embrace their emotional nature. They tend to feel on a deeper level and express how they feel without holding back. Sensitivity makes them more vulnerable and easier to hurt even without intending to.

These individuals are more introverted and have a kinder personality. They are the first to help others in dire situations and let people get close to them. You can ask them for help, and they always come through for you.

8. The Crooked Shape

Most people with crooked noses were either in an accident or an altercation. Initially, they had a different nose shape, but the incidence affected that.

They have difficulty in breathing and tend to be self-conscious. The nose looks crooked, and you can tell that it’s not the standard shape.

But, it’s not all bad news because such people tend to be attentive and make lots of observations. They’re generous and caring to others without passing judgment.

So, that makes them excellent people to have in your life as friends, lovers, or other meaningful relations. Most want to get a nose job to fix the issue and have a different nose shape.

9. The Fleshy Shape

People with fleshy noses have a visibly different appearance. The root is narrower than most other nose shapes. Additionally, the tip is pointy and snub.

It’s the nose that most intelligent people have. These are excellent decision-makers who never fear going after what they want. Not only are they competent in life, but they have an intellect that’s hard to match.

Such intelligence makes them the go-to person when others have a complex problem.  Such a deep understanding of life makes them stand out and better advisors in any setting. All their answers are intelligent, and they can be pretty aggressive.

10. The Roman Shape

Since there’s the Greek shape, there’s also the Roman one with a distinctive bridge. It’s bent just a little and has a smaller base. You can see this nose shape in any sculpture or artwork from the time of the Romans.

It’s a nose for pretty head-strong people with bold personalities that tend to be in your face. It’s not easy to faze such a person since they can easily stand up for themselves.

Moreover, such individuals are go-getters who don’t allow many things to hinder their progress. They have a practical set of skills that helps them navigate the hustles of achieving set goals.

It’s a nose shape that symbolizes masculinity.

11. The East Asian Shape

Most people from East Asia have this nose shape with a flat shape and tend to be thinner than most. It has a smaller surface area. These people are loving and kind.

Some are also quite intelligent. This is one of the most liked nose shapes.

12. The Arched Shape

It shares certain similarities with the hook nose shape. It’s curved at the nose bone but tends to have a pointier tip.

It’s an organizer’s nose. That means people who are more methodical and prefer things set up in a particular manner. The organization is something they thrive at as well as management.

Such individuals have a passion for things they love doing, which is infectious. Not to mention they are practical and have a drive that sees them accomplish set tasks or goals.

One notable trait is their commitment to the work they do. These are professionals who pursue careers and raise the ladder.

How to Change your Nose Shape

While nose shapes are something you’re born with, you can make changes later in life. One way many people accomplish this is by doing rhinoplasty.

Have you ever heard of it? Well, you might know it by a more specific name: Nose job. Using a nose job, you can alter your nose shape into anything you like. Just be sure to find the right health professional for the job.

Rhinoplasty is diverse, which means you can alter the shape of your nose surgically or non-surgically. In the end, you get a different shape and size depending on your preference.

Also, it’s one of the best ways to correct nose defects affecting your appearance and breathing. Below are some of the issues common in specific nose shapes.

Flat or Wide Nose Bridge

The flat or wide nose bridge is a trait common in Hispanic, Asian, and African people. The width of the nasal bridge is visibly wider.

Using rhinoplasty, you can have the bridge reduced and have a smaller nose than before. You look like a different person with an improved nose contour.

Large Rounded Tip

The lower lateral cartilages of the nose are large. This makes the entire tip appear rounder and prominent. That’s a bulbous tip that you can correct by getting a nose job.

It alters the size of the lower cartilages, which gives you a triangular shape that’s much smaller.

Long Nose

Such people have a significant and more prolonged nose than is typical. It becomes the main focus of any person they meet and, at times, a source of ridicule.

It’s not uncommon to see such people shy away from social scenes and want to get a nose job. Rhinoplasty gives them a smaller and shorter nose, thanks to top of the line shaping techniques.

Thin and Pointy Nose

The nasal septum cartilage is long and sharp, which gives you a pointy tip. Nose reshaping surgery works to reduce the amount of cartilage on your nose. In the end, you have a smaller nose with a less pointy tip.

Crooked Shape

Perhaps you were in a fight or an accident that altered the shape of your nose. The crooked nose shapes are a cause of concern to many people.

Not only does it affect your appearance, but it can also interfere with your breathing. Such people have a difficult time catching a breath which affects their activeness and sleep patterns. That’s where nose reshaping comes in to help improve their quality of life.

Bump on the Nose Bridge

People tend to have a bump on the bridge of the nose. It can be a different size and shape for each individual.

While some people want the whole bump removed, others prefer altering it a little. Therefore, talk to your doctor about this before getting rhinoplasty to fix the bump.

Summing Up

Nose shapes are different. Certain factors like ethnicity, climate, and genes dictate the type of nose shape you have. However, through rhinoplasty, you can alter the shape as you wish.



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