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P-shot: What is It, Benefits, Cost and More

Thanks to the discovery of the p-shot Procedure, men can now enjoy freedom from erectile dysfunction! Erectile dysfunction is an alarming medical situation.

Unfortunately, the John Hopkins School of Health reports that approximately 18 million American males suffer from ED. That means 3 out of every five males must experience this ugly situation. And it affects males of whatever age, young or old.

Erectile or sexual dysfunction can make a man lose his self-esteem. Some men stay away from relationships due to the embarrassment. ED symptoms include soft erection, reduced sexual desire, premature ejaculation, short erection periods, and more.

While many may bother about the effects of ED, let’s take a look at the causes. Erectile dysfunction could occur due to physical or psychological, and mental reasons.

The physical causes include diabetes, kidney failure, prostate cancer surgery, thyroid disorder, and more. Psychological causes of ED are less common but complex. Physiological causes of ED include stress, anxiety, depression, fear of intimacy, relationship issues, and more.

Your lifestyle could be a probable cause of erectile dysfunction. For example, habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse, poor dieting, or lack of exercise affect health generally.

Some men feel embarrassed and never discuss the problem, while others seek help early enough. It is interesting to note that erectile or sexual dysfunction has a remedy. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t need surgical Procedure but a system known as p-shot!

What is P-shot?

The word P-shot is an abbreviation for priapus shot. P-shot is a procedure for treating erectile dysfunction in men.

Treatments involve platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) requiring to inject PRP. PRP works for the repair or rejuvenation of cells and tissues in the penis.

The P-shot regenerative process comes from the patient’s blood. Platelets are part of the cell group. Therefore, their results show in the release growth factors of some proteins.

P-shot helps to improve the nerve sensitivity and supply of blood. It can also increase the size of the penis or facilitate its growth.

What’s P-shot Procedure like?

The Platelet helps in the successful treatment of the issue. It contains about 28 release growth factors necessary for the rejuvenation of older cells. In addition, Platelet also helps to generate new blood vessels and nerves.

PRP procedure involves taking a blood sample from your arm. The blood gets processed to separate the platelet-rich serum. After collection, the penis gets injected with the serum.

PRP enables the flow of blood to the penis, increases sensation, and stimulates the growth of the nerves. The Procedure causes an increase in the size of the penis in height and length for most men. It is different from Peyronies disease, which is degenerative.

Is P-Shot Procedure Painful?

Aside from the regular prickly pain of an injection, there’s no other pain experience. To administer the treatment, the physician applies a numbing cream on the penis region. It helps to minimize the discomfort in the nerves or blood vessels.

Another good news is that P-shot doesn’t require any form of recovery or bed rest. In addition, there’s no record of a severe side effect from treatments previously carried out.

The Procedure is very safe since PRP comes from the blood. So, there’s no need to worry about adverse reactions or side effects.

Why Do I need a Penis Pump after a PRP Injection?

When you receive an injection into the penile shaft, a pump becomes ideal. It ensures the PRP works well and helps the flow of blood to the penis. It would help if you did this daily for a few weeks. No worries, it is easy and only requires ten minutes to administer. Peyronies diseases can result in penile deformity.

However, it would help if you threaded with caution when administering the treatment. That’s because an error can result in damage to the elastic tissue.

How Long Does the Priapus Shot procedure take?

The procedure time takes about 15 to 20 minutes. However, your waiting period depends on two variables. First, your blood needs processing. The next is that the numbing cream is applied and must settle in for a smooth operation.

How Do You Prepare for Priapus Procedure?

Relax! You don’t need to do anything before the Procedure. It is as simple as an outpatient appointment. Just ensure your calendar is free for the D-day to meet with the medical personnel.

The doctors would require a blood sample for testing your stem cells before commencement. It will help them check your stem cells, Platelet, the health of your blood and plasma.

Is Priapus Shot Permanent?

It would feel great if that p-shot is permanent, right? Well, the fact remains that no permanent treatment exists for male dysfunction.

However, the good news is that p-shot lasts for a very long time. While most pills for the treatment lasts for a couple of hours, p-shot takes 12-18 months. So you have over a year of enhanced sexual health. Now, did someone just grin?

Benefits of P-shot Procedure

Hey, every gentleman does not joke with his penis. It is about one of the most important organs for males. That’s why erectile dysfunction seems like a death sentence for a male.

You wouldn’t blame them, would you? Well, look on the bright side as p-shot comes to the rescue. Benefits:

Enhanced Penis

The p-shot stimulates the release growth factors of the platelets. As a result, men can experience harder, stronger, and larger penis with the stem cells.

Enhanced Sexual Experiences

Besides the increase in the size of the penis, men experience a sensation after receiving the p-shot. The effect is an improvement in sexual functions or performance.

Others include:

  • Less downtime
  • Less premature ejaculation
  • Improved firmness and stamina with fewer prostate issues

How Soon Do you See Results after P-shot Procedure?

You will discover that the results for the treatment occur in stages. And the process begins after 24 hours with sensitivity and sensation. The goal of the p-shot is a sustainable erection. But there is a guarantee of it happening.

Improvement comes within 2 to 3 months. You will notice an incredible performance after three months. After that, the male will enjoy heightened sexual drive. Guess what? Resuming sexual activities takes 4 hours after treatment.

How Frequent is the P-shot Treatment?

You can receive p-shot treatment as often as your body needs it. However, for a more definite time frame, try an annual procedure. Annual spacing will help restore the functionality of your penis using natural means.

Since it involves your PRP, there is no limit on the number you can receive. But based on natural occurrence or observation, you can determine when to have subsequent treatment.

Health Issues Requiring P-shot

If you have erectile dysfunction, then you need a p-shot. Have you attempted alternative remedies or traditional treatment for improved sexual health? Then, a p-shot can help resolve the issues.

All you need is a physical examination of blood samples and stem cells. Also, an in-depth understanding of the symptoms will help.

You may be a candidate if your interest includes any of the following.

  • Improvement in your overall sexual health.
  • Better intimacy with your partner.
  • Enhanced erectile quality, sustainability, and functionality.

Side Effects of P-shot

P-shot does not require any surgical process. Therefore, there are no significant side effects. Likely issues may include:

  • Slight injuries
  • Redness
  • Swelling

However, please note that the symptoms will clear out within a week.

How Much Does P-shot Cost?

The treatment varies in price due to the peculiarity of each patient. An average cost ranges from $1800 to $2400. It is an elective procedure that doesn’t require insurance cover. P-shot is a cost-effective treatment solution that is cheaper than ED surgeries.

So, are you experiencing a drop in your sexual performance due to erectile dysfunction? Then, p-shot is the risk-free medical Procedure to consider. Now, you can get your groove back!


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