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Powerful Signs of Male Attraction: How to Tell He Likes You

Are you confused if the hot guy is interested in you? Many men find it hard to communicate their feelings to the girls they like. No matter how hard they try to hide it, it always shows in the change of their behavior. This is when a woman has to be ready to identify the signs of male attraction. The signs will help you as a woman to figure out what the men’s feelings are.

The problem with signs is that they are difficult to interpret and understand. It is not clear for the girl if the man is flirting or just being friendly. Picking up the signs will help you move to your next step if you are looking for a relationship. Girls, this article will help you know if your crush feels the same way.

What Are The Physical Signs That He Likes You?

Your body will always react if your loved one or foe is nearby. You may begin sweating, the heart rate increases, and blushing. Here are the other physical signs to help you know if a guy likes you;

1. Pupils Dilate When Making Eye Contact

Something interesting makes our pupils dilate. The same way our pupils narrow when looking at something with contempt. This can happen when you also feel threatened. If your crush looks at you with pupils widening, that is good news. Provided he is not only interested in your looks, there could be something special between the two of you.

2. Keeps Smiling at You Compared to Others

Smiling at anyone is always a good way of showing approval. If he smiles a lot while talking to you, a good chance is that he likes you. They just smile at anything you say compared to when talking to others. A caution is that you should not jump to conclusions. Some people like smiling all the time at everyone.

3. Flushed Skin and Blushing When He Sees You

People get nervous around people they like. In an attempt for the body to cool down, it reacts in certain ways. The face may get flushed with the cheeks getting red. If they also blush when talking to you, it is a good sign to take note.

4. Voice Deepens When Talking to You

Occasionally the males’ voice gets a bit deeper when talking to girls. If the voice deepens when talking only to you, he is interested in you.

5. Opening Up His Body Language

Is he inviting enough for you to approach him? When he is not interested in you, he will keep his body posture in an unwelcoming manner. He may stand crossing the arms or giving you a demeanor look. Look out if he avoids eye contact when talking to you. This could show they are shy but are the other signs showing the same. If not, the guy is interested in you.

Does he want to move closer to you? Watch out for this throughout all your interactions. If he wants to be physically closer to you, he likes you. He just wants to be around you and yearns for future interactions.

6. He Mirrors Your Behavior

You smile, he smiles back with the same intensity. You start a conversation; he takes the lead and continues. He will nod his head with an agreement to what you say. This shows there is a quality in you that he admires. Mirroring your behavior shows he wants to relate to everything you do. Take it as a positive sign that he likes you.

Body Language Signs to Look Out For

There are specific body language signs that show a guy likes you. Pay attention to the signs below if you are trying to find out if a guy likes you.

1. He Cannot Stop Fidgeting

People often fidget when they feel excited about something or someone. If the guy fidgets around you, he could be interested in you or just shy. The guy could keep his hands close to him or cross his legs. This is a sign they are not yet comfortable with you. This barrier can be broken by getting into a relationship.

2. He Uses Excuses to Get Physical Touch with You

Many people like it when the person they like touches them. There could be no reason for him to touch you, but he always finds one. This is a sign he is interested in you. He just wants to be closer to you always. If this is too much for you, just back off and establish your boundaries.

3. He Takes Extra Care of His Looks When Around You

Does he put on his best clothes when he comes to see you? This is a sign of attraction as he wants to maintain a good image. He will brush his teeth and wear cologne before a date. They are just saying that they want you to like them by taking good care of themselves.

4. Inviting You to Do Things Just the Two of You

If someone is interested in you, he will spend most of the time with you alone. He will invite you for lunch or run personal errands. You might spend the weekend together alone in a park. This is one of the strongest signs when a man likes and likes you close to him.

5. He Avoids Looking at Other Girls When with You

This is a super sign that a guy likes you. He would want to look at you always and no one else. You would always want to look at someone you like and completely concentrate on them. He also does not want to make you jealous. If the two of you are comfortable enough, he could stare at you for minutes.

6. Being Too Friendly with You

Was he indifferent towards you at first? He could not have liked you at first sight. All of a sudden he starts being friendly towards you. This is a sign he is starting to like you. He has started to notice you are more than what he saw at first.

Communication Signs to Look Out For

How does he communicate with you? Communication skills are important because that is where the message is passed. Be sure to check out the following signs;

1. He Talks to You Often

If he likes you, he would yearn to communicate with you every time. He may send you messages frequently and try to compliment you almost every time. How long does he converse with you? Long conversations with no real reason are a sign of good chemistry. You would just talk about a lot of things without noticing.

2. He Stops His Activities to Have a Conversation with You

There are things he may be doing but stops to have a conversation with you. He values giving you his time because he likes you. He values the relationship between the two of you. This is not common; thus, it shows some people who like you would do anything to talk to you.

3. You get to Hear His Personal Stories

You may have been talking for some time now and he wants to go to the next step. He will start telling stories that only close friends get to hear. He will narrate his childhood adventures or past experiences. This shows someone is safe to open up about his feelings with you. They trust you, like you, and want to be honest with you in even the smallest things.

4. Stumbling Over Words

Does he say things like ‘um’ between his lines? When such happens more often, someone likes you and he is unsure what to say. They are nervous around you because they like you. This usually happens when someone is trying to tell you something deeper.

5. Giving You a Lot of Compliments

It is one of the most obvious signs that someone likes you. People show appreciation to people they like by telling them. He tells you how beautiful you are, your great job, and even about your personality. He wants to spend more time with what he feels when with you. If he gets closer, it will be easy to convey his feelings.


The signs above are to help you gather more information about the unknown. Check for the physical, body language, and communication signs when he is around you. Do not conclude because of one sign. Make a combination of different signs so that you truly believe he likes you. You can also be upfront with your feelings. Honest communication will ease the things between the two of you.


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