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7 Brain Power Raikov Effect Technique for Staying Strong

Hey, have you ever heard of the Raikov Effect? Well, it’s a long-standing Russian Success technique. For some folks, this may be your first time to hear of the Raikov effect. For others, it could be an additional boost to your knowledge and lifestyle.

So, let’s explore what is Raikov effect. Here’s a quick start guide on the benefits and techniques of the Raikov Effect.

Are you pursuing any critical goal right now? Do you feel stuck or distracted by life challenges, social media, bills, family, and all? Then, maybe you need to learn how to use the Raikov Effect.

What is Raikov Effect?

The Raikov Effect is a common Chinese and Russian neuropsychological practice dating back to the 1950s. It involves hypnosis or techniques for improving focus in a person. Raikov Effects helps improve the human mind and to focus your abilities.

What’s your goal or endeavor in life? Using the Raikov Effect, you can improve your personality traits. You can also develop skills or abilities in specific fields of choice. For example, do you have an issue with procrastination? Or maybe you have a phobia for height, solitary places, or public speaking.

Raikov Effect can help you re-condition your mind to become better at anything. Therefore, you can use the Raikov Effect to improve your academics, career, and other life’s endeavors.

To do Raikov Effect, you deploy different brain techniques to help enhance your brain performance. The central purpose of the Raikov Effect is to block out distractions. In addition, it will help improve your conscious mind by gatekeeping the subconscious mind. That way, you can sift the type of information that goes to the subconscious mind. No worries, there’s a quick start guide on How to do the Raikov Effect below.

Origin of Raikov Effect

How did the Raikov Effect start, and who made it popular? Raikov Effect came into existence through the efforts of Russian neuropsychologist Dr. Vladimir Raikov. So I guess you can understand why we refer to it as the Raikov Effect now?

Dr. Vladimir Raikov played on the power of the mind by using hypnosis on his students. While teaching in Moscow, Vladimir made his Moscow students do head swapping. So, each student takes the mindset of someone notable in a specific field. Then, they try to use the brain of that personality on the student.

Now, have the Raikov effect, the student must act like he is that person, thereby, head swapping. For example, John wants to be a scientist; then, he takes on the role of Albert Einstein. The process helps the student to play the role of a genius mindset. By doing that, the students can start thinking or seeing things from the geniuses’ perspective.

So, does Dr. Vladimir Raikov’s Raikov Effect work?

I must say Dr. Vladimir Raikov Effect program was an outstanding success. Each student started discovering their innate abilities by drawing on the strength of other borrowed geniuses. For example, a student adopted the Raikov Effect brain training technique and excelled as a Painter. She consistently developed the skill using notable Italian Painter Rafael.

In the end, the student could produce incredible painting masterpieces like Rafael’s painting.

You can call it the law of attraction or borrowed geniuses, but Raikov Effect works! Some students excelled at playing musical instruments and others skills.

Over the years, the Raikov Effect dwindled in popularity. But with time, researchers and other scientists discovered the power of the mind using Raikov Effect. Psychologists saw a process of mental training technique to stimulate the human brain to achieve success. It is a cheat sheet for attaining success. Raikov effect helps you release positive energy for achieving your goals in life.

Today, the Raikov Effect program is more advanced than it was in the 1970s. Dr. Vladimir Raikov laid the foundation for Raikov Effect Inspire 3.

You can have the Raikov Effect mp3 with 10 minutes of audio for better brain development. It comes with both audio and pdf material for training the mind in different areas. Now, you can take more courses like the law of attraction, weight loss, and brainpower. The methods can cover various aspects of life from business, sports, health, and wealth creation.

Today, there are dozens of Raikov Effect reviews promoting courses for self-esteem or personal development. Now, let’s learn more about the Raikov Effect technique.

Original Raikov Effect 7 Steps Technique

Hypnotic Trance or deep Trance

On hypnotic Trance, Dr. Raikov helped the student focus on specific goals. But remember that the student has to focus on specifics about the genius.

First, hypnosis involves putting in a state of Trance by selecting experiences and specific memories. So, the student can avoid distractions and knock off negative energy. Second, there must be a goal at the end of the exercise. That way, you can evaluate performance for success.

Any deviation from the goal could mean failure or poor results. And that’s the essence of hypnosis, to help direct the student’s mind to the destination. You could also say hypnosis will guide the student as they navigate the path. That is why getting into a deep Trance becomes necessary for achieving similar results.


Relaxing the body to put it in a state of rest is the first point of relaxation. However, Dr. Vladimir Raikov’s goal is also to get the students to relax their minds. That way, it becomes easier for the students to focus on the plan. They also get to reduce or eliminate distractions.

Students carried out breathing exercises to achieve the Raikov Effects. The in-and-out deep breaths exercise can help relax the nerves faster. Sleep experts say it is an incredible way to help shut down the human system too.

However, to help the student achieve breathing exercises, they need a quiet environment. A calm environment helps block off extraneous noise and to focus. Therefore, the student can better get into a trance-like state. In addition, it makes their subconscious mind more active and sensitive.


Visualization involves the students creating a mental picture of their end goal. It takes the students through the process from personal experience, where they are to their destination. Therefore, Dr. Raikov encouraged his students to feel empowered to achieve their dreams. Now, you can see that this looks so much like the law of attraction. No worries, we shall learn more about the Raikov effect and the law of attraction.

For effective visualization, there should be a person you focus on. That way, the subject can walk backward from the destination to the start. Next, they can then start from the beginning to the destination. It is because images are already created in the subconscious to guide the person to achieve the goals.


Of course, hypnosis has its goal at the end of the day. So, Dr. Raikov made necessary suggestions to help guide the students. But the suggestions create a mental picture in their subconscious. Such subconscious ideas will drive them towards their final destination.

The host or subject has to send a message to the mind to shape it well using the suggestion technique. The suggestion is an incredible tool for releasing positive energy or beliefs. When you create a mental picture in mind, you are trying to be suggestive.

Therefore, in the Raikov Effect program, you already have a role model to re-model. So, the subject picks aspects of the genius they want to reflect in life. Then, with a mental picture in place, you can visualize and then recreate that model.

Positive Thinking

With the right motivation or suggestion, the students get to release negative energy. Of course, when students have negative thoughts, it limits them from achieving their goals. But the Raikov effect helps students purge their subconscious of negative energy.

The suggestions typically direct the student’s thoughts towards positive outcomes. Their role models’ life and mode of operations will channel the student’s energy positively. Over time, their subconscious takes on the traits the student desires.


Everything works based on beliefs. So, Raikov encourages the student to develop strong confidence in their ability. That’s the first step to achieving success in any field of endeavor.

Dr. Raikov made the student understand whatever they imagined they could achieve.


There are two models in the Raikov effect process, the subject and the genius. So, the student understands that they can align their behaviors to that of the individual. That again deals with the student at the start of the program, the individual’s destination.

Benefits of Raikov Effect Program

Whatever your goal in life, the Raikov Effect can help make you an improved person. It works for personal development, career development, and more. And the benefits include:

  • Mental alertness and superior brain power help you improve your cognitive abilities. You can deploy swapping heads and visualization techniques here.
  • Improved health and physical fitness, weight loss, and eating healthy.
  • Financial freedom towards achieving the billionaire mindset.
  • It has improved performance and creativity in any field or endeavor.
  • Improved emotional intelligence and personal development

How to Do the Raikov Effect

On how to use the Raikov Effect, fortunately, the process is more straightforward now. Today’s Raikov Effect program comes in pm3 or software and a PDF. It’s a modern cheat sheet that offers an incredible way to unlock the genius in you. Raikov Effect Inspire3 is an improved version of the original Raikov Effect technique.

The new program comes in 5 steps technique. You can memorize the process and apply it in situations. It also allows you to customize the audio by creating your audio using the available script. So, you can include names of your preferred genius and other scenarios of interest. For example, some people use the Placebo Effect for weight loss programs. Then, it’s entirely up to you to re-create the experience that works for you.

However, the modern Raikov Effect does not require hypnosis. But it combines the old program, NLP techniques, and the borrowed genius. In addition, it contains a free workbook, Raikov Effect PM3, and videos.

Part of your take-home from the Inspire 3 Raikov Effect review involves several simple techniques. They include the NLP technique As if technique and ‘Swapping Heads with a Genius technique.’ You also have the human brainpower and The Placebo Effects in the program. These programs will help you unlock your innate capabilities.

When to Use the Raikov Effect Program

There are specific times to use the Raikov Effect programs for optimal results. They include:

  • Using the Raikov Effect early hours of the morning before starting your day puts you in top shape.
  • Raikov Effect at lunchtime can release positive energy into your day for peak performance.
  • Raikov Effect in the evening will help you de-stress to unwind for the night. As a result, you get a healthy night’s sleep. It also puts you in a perfect frame of mind for the next day.

So, do you think the Raikov Effect program Inspire 3 is for you? No doubt, the Raikov Effect technique can help you advance your goals in life. However, please note that you need at least 3 months for the best results. Research shows that you need 21 to 254 days of consistency to form a habit. Therefore, you need patient and practice to attain your dream.



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