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10 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship with You

I had the perfect relationship with my ex-boyfriend. We were together for three years and I thought that we would be together forever.

However, one day he just stopped talking to me and when I tried calling him, he didn’t answer. It turns out that while we were dating, he was also seeing someone else!

He never wanted a serious commitment. What’s more, it was pretty obvious from his lack of interest in what we had going on long before our breakup happened. I just couldn’t see it then.

Have you found yourself in the same situation? Have you wondered whether that guy really likes you or is just horsing around with your emotions?

This is for you today in case you’re unsure about your current partner’s feelings towards the future of your relationship. Here are some signs he mostly doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Signs that he probably doesn’t want a relationship with you

For you to know that the man you’re dating isn’t serious in the long haul, there are some obvious signs.

For instance:

1. He doesn’t want to take your relationship seriously

He might even try avoiding you when the topic of commitment is up for discussion.

This guy probably isn’t ready or willing to settle down with one person anytime soon. If he’s not talking about the future – like marriage and kids – then it means he’s probably not interested in a serious commitment with you.

So what should you do?

You should always know when a man wants more from an existing relationship. Otherwise, there are no chances at all for him to change his mind later down the road.

If this happens often enough, then maybe he simply has trouble committing himself to one person. In that case, it might mean that he probably never wanted a committed long-term relationship with anyone else either.

2. He isn’t afraid to flirt and date other women

He might even try cheating on you or flirt with someone else when the two of you are together!

If this happens often enough that it makes you feel uncomfortable, then there’s no trust between the two of you.

Of course, if he does cheat on you – which would be an extremely clear sign that he doesn’t want a committed long-term relationship – don’t think twice about ending things right away.


What kind of man would do such a thing? Who needs him anyway?

3. His uninterested and unavailable to discuss important stuff

He’s often unavailable when you need to talk. He doesn’t value your time and he isn’t willing to make an effort for you two to spend quality moments together. (e.g., catching up, going out).

You feel like a second option even though it shouldn’t be that way for any relationship.

For instance, you try to plan a weekend together but he’s unavailable.

You ask him when is the best time for both of you and he doesn’t answer or suggests dates that won’t work for you. He isn’t even willing to compromise with his schedule so that things can go well between the two of you.

In sum, whenever it comes down to planning stuff around him, it’s best if you forget about it!

It will be impossible from there on out if this guy can’t make any effort whatsoever towards making your relationship more serious.

The bottom line is that if your partner makes no efforts at all to please and spend time with you, then he probably never wanted a relationship to begin with.

4. He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends and family

He isn’t willing to introduce you as his girlfriend and he doesn’t want anyone to know that you’re seeing each other.

This is a huge red flag!

There’s no way that the two of you will ever take your relationship seriously if he can’t even be proud enough in front of his friends and family members. (And yours too, for that matter)

If this happens often, then it might mean one thing – there’s nothing serious going on between the two of you.

You aren’t exclusive, so why would he care anyway?

It sounds harsh but it could very well be true. If not, then maybe things are just moving “too fast” for him or something like that.

But there’s no point in waiting around! If you love him and want to stay with the guy, then he should consider taking things more seriously. He needs to care about your feelings and how important this is for you if he wants a committed relationship too.

5. He’s always emotionally unavailable

You’ve been together for a few months now and you still can’t open up to each other.


He doesn’t understand or care about your feelings and is also not making an effort to do so.

If you’re going through a similar patch, then perhaps it’s time to focus on yourself instead of him.

This guy isn’t willing to be there for you when you need him most. It’s safe to consider breaking things off with him if you want a committed relationship.

If he doesn’t open up to you, why would it work out in any way?

You’re better off being single than having a boyfriend who is emotionally unavailable and all that jazz. It just won’t work between two people if there isn’t an equal amount of intimacy or understanding going on between them.

6. He’s not spending enough time with you

There are always excuses as to why he’s always busy and away when you need him most.

He’s not able to adjust his schedule so that he can spend more time with you.

In this case, it might do you both good if things ended sooner rather than later.

A relationship won’t work if the effort only comes from one side alone.

And yes, some people have demanding jobs or other stuff going on. Still, serious ones try finding room for their significant others in their schedules.

7. He doesn’t make long-term plans with you

For all you know, he’s not even considering the future.

He keeps things very casual and doesn’t think about bigger picture stuff, nor does he look at your relationship in a serious light either.

Although it’s easy to assume that this is just a phase, you can’t know for sure.

It would be best if the two of you went your separate ways in this case too. Maybe then, he’ll realize what he had and misses out on something better in life!

8. He disappears and resurfaces without apology

He’s a difficult guy to keep track of and he doesn’t apologize for his behavior either.

This is just not acceptable by any means if you’re looking for a serious relationship!

It might be time to think about breaking up with him then, because this guy may very well continue acting like that towards you or even other women in general.

It could cause problems down the line when your paths cross again (in case they do). He won’t care who knows what anyway.

As long as he has fun and gets some action on the side…he’s good to go!

9. He forgets everything important to you

He forgets your birthday, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries.

Well, if he doesn’t even remember the important things, how does he expect to be there for you forever?

He can’t seem to remember any dates or milestones. If this is a habit of his and not just an occasional thing, it’s time you dealt new cards.

These are all signs that show he isn’t your long-lost prince on a horse.

You need someone who thinks about all those little moments as much as you do. You deserve a guy who will go way beyond basic levels of consideration. Someone who goes above and beyond with special gestures on days like birthdays and anniversaries.

10. He’s always uncomfortable when you are on his phone

This is slowly becoming the oldest sell-out in the book.

He may also hide his social media or email accounts from you.

He’s insecure and doesn’t want to feel like he’s losing his freedom or space. Yet, this isn’t healthy for you at all!

He should be as comfortable as possible with the woman who has chosen to spend her time with him. If he can’t let you see that side of himself without feeling fear, then it’s probably not a good move for either one of you in the long run.

What is a long-term relationship?

This is a serious, committed kind of companionship where the parties involved are in it for the long haul.

In other words, they want to grow old together and share their lives with each other! There’s no room for flings or just “hooking up” here.

Does that sound nice?

It sure does, but some people might not be ready for something like that.

Those who prioritize casual relationships may still have nothing against getting into one though. (As long as both partners know what they’re signing up for before things get too deep)

You must show honesty about everything from day one so you won’t run into any surprises down the line.

How to tell if he’s interested in having a long-term relationship with you

A guy who’s interested in settling down with you will make it clear from the start.

He’ll be open to meeting your friends and family, even if he’s a little nervous about it at first.

He won’t keep his social media accounts hidden from view either. In fact, he may even share photos of himself on them or tag you in some posts once things get serious between you two.

Don’t forget that guys can also have long-term relationships without marriage these days.

As long as they perceive their connection as an exclusive one where both sides stay committed for life. If this sounds good to him, then chances are high that he wants something real with you too!


The signs mentioned above are some of the obvious ones. There might also be other not-so-obvious ones as well.

When you’re wondering whether he wants a relationship with you, these points should help guide your decision moving forward.

If he shows deep interest, then chances are high that commitment isn’t a problem for him. On the other hand, if he’s not, then it means that he probably never wants a serious relationship in general.

So, don’t waste any more time on such a guy. You deserve someone ready to commit themselves to have a relationship with you.



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