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Snug Piercing: Everything You Need to Know

Piercing has been an accepted practice since ancient times. Some religions also consider it as a divine fashion. However, pop culture and celebrities gave it new fame in the last few decades.

Especially, the young generation pierces somewhere on their bodies as an act of rebellion. Yet, many mature persons also opt for it along with beautiful tattoos.

Nowadays, snug piercing is becoming popular. Many people want to try it. But due to pain, they avoid it until the last moment.

However, if you have made your mind to snug piercing, this post will guide you all. You’ll know everything about it. For example:

  • What exactly is snug piercing?
  • How much will it hurt you?
  • How much will it cost you?
  • What will be the procedure?
  • How should you do aftercare?
  • What side effects do you have to face?

Every detail will be in plain words. So, keep reading. You’ll get a lot of information. Plus, it’ll help you decide better for yourself.

Let’s begin!

Snug piercing: What exactly is it?

Not every piercing is called snug piercing. Your ear has an outer lobe, cartilage, and an inner lobe. Your cartilage has two specific areas that are called anti-helix or anti-tragus. When you choose to pierce there, it’s called a snug piercing.

The place to pierce your ear cartilage depends utterly on your choice. Plus, you can choose the size of the hole. However, the greater size will also come with greater pain.

When you pierce anywhere on your body, then it never hurts as much as a snug piercing. That’s why only brave and resilient people can handle the procedure without screaming or sweating.

There are also painless procedures for snug piercing. During which artists use special drugs. Yet, you will also feel pain when drugs will wear off.

Either way, if you want to choose a snug piercing, be prepared for the pain. However, you will enjoy the beauty of it after the complete healing process.

Snug piercing: How much will it hurt?

If you have gone through the piercing process before, then you can understand easily. The snug piercing will hurt more than a normal ear piercing. Yet, everybody feels the pain differently and reacts to it differently.

If you are a strong-minded person, you will get through it without any trouble. However, if you are a soft person, it might make you cry.

Also, the pain will never go away even after a few days. You might also get swelling and redness around your ear. While walking, you will feel slight shocks of pain for a few days.

Remember, if you get extreme swelling that does not go away even after a week, then you must consult a doctor. It can be a case of internal infection. For that, you also have to take the antibiotic.

Snug piercing: How much will it cost?

The cost of snug piercing depends on many factors. For example:

  • How much experience does the artist have in the market?
  • What type of procedure do you want?
  • What type of jewelry do you want?

If you choose an experienced artist, then you should expect a snug piercing with iron jewelry for under $70. However, if you want gold or silver jewelry, you can expect it to go above $200.

Also, if you require a painless procedure, you also have to pay for the painkiller drugs.

In short, you can have a snug piercing as low as $30 and as high as $500.

Snug piercing: How will the artist do the procedure?

The snug piercing procedure is really simple. Here are the steps you have to experience.

  • You will tell the artist about the spot.
  • Or you can consult the artist about the best place.
  • You also have to choose between a single hole or a double hole.
  • Next, the artist will mark the spot with an ink marker.
  • After that, the artist will use an antiseptic solution on your ear.
  • It will kill germs and protect you from infection.
  • Next, the artist will take a hollow needle and pierce your cartilage.
  • And put your desired jewelry in it.
  • The needle will only take one second to pass through.
  • Plus, it will be a sudden pain shock.
  • The whole procedure will take less than five minutes.

Snug piercing: The healing process

Your healing process will take time, and it will also depend upon the type of jewelry you have chosen.

Generally, a snug piercing heals itself in less than six months. Also, it’s better to use a barb bell rather than a ring. It will speed up the healing process.

You must also avoid touching your ear during the healing time. Otherwise, your fingers will transfer bacteria from your hands to your ears. Next, you will have to suffer from an infection.

Remember, you also have to do proper aftercare. Otherwise, you will face pain and troubles around your ear.

Snug piercing: How should you do the aftercare?

Here is the detail of proper aftercare.

  • Get a salt spray from a medical store. You’ll find plenty of them under $10.
  • Apply the salt spray on your ear once a day.
  • Always use a thick tissue to apply the solution spray on your ear.
  • Do not use alcohol on your piercing. It will hurt you and make things worse.
  • Apply the salt solution all over your piercing. Make sure it must go inside the hole. Otherwise, your healing process will be slow.
  • Clean your ear twice a day. It will itch a little. But you have to do it anyway.
  • Do not use chemicals or beauty products on your piercing during the first thirty days. It will make things worse for you.
  • You can also use over-the-counter aftercare products.

Snug piercing: What are the risks?

You can also face some side effects. Here’s the detail.

  • Your pierced hole might get an infection. So, in that case, you must consult a doctor.
  • Your cartilage might shift its place. It happens due to poor aftercare.
  • Your ear rejects the piercing. In that case, you cannot do anything.

Snug piercing: What are your jewelry options?

There are many jewelry options for you. Barb bells, rings, and hoops are common. You can get them in any metal, such as gold, silver, titanium, platinum, and many more. However, the choice of jewelry depends upon your style and budget.

Also, many artists recommend using bio flex materials. This way, you will have fewer chances of infections.

In a nutshell

If you want to make a strong style statement, then snug piercing is for you. It will hurt during the procedure. But you will get what you want.

Also, you must do the best aftercare. Otherwise, you will get infections and side effects.

Remember, if your body rejects piercing, then leave the idea of snug piercing. Otherwise, you will suffer. Have a great day.



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