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Spider Bites Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

If you want a piercing that’s edgy and unique, why not get a spider bite piercing? It’s a lip piercing that’s become very trendy. It’s also known as the ‘double-lip piercing.’ And, it will draw attention to you while showing your personality.

So what do you need to know about spider bite piercings? You probably don’t want to read a dozen of articles to find everything out and to find accurate information.

Don’t worry. This extensive guide will tell you everything you need to know in one place about spider bite piercings. And it will also give you some inspiration if you want to get a spider bite piercing!

This initial Q&A will help you know a bit more about spider bite piercings and determine if it looks like a piercing you would like to get yourself.

What Is A Spider Bite Piercing?

So what is a spider bite piercing, and what does it look like anyway, you might wonder?

Well, a spider bite piercing is a type of lip piercing. As the name indicates, the piercing looks like a spider bite.

A spider bite piercing consists of two piercings close to each other, located under the lower lip, near your mouth’s corner, on either side. So you can now see why it’s called a spider bite.

How Much Does A Spider Bite Piercing Hurt?

The pain of a spider bite piercing will vary and depend on each person, like any piercing or tattoo. Sure, there are piercing pain charts out there, but it depends on your pain tolerance at the end of the day.

Having a needle pierce your skin is never pleasant, although some people enjoy the adrenaline of it. Usually, you may feel discomfort or sting for a spider bite piercing, but the procedure is quick.

Some people even say it hurts less than other types of lip piercing and even other body piercings. If your ears are pierced, for example, it will probably hurt more than that. But a spider bite piercing hurts less than a nose piercing if that means anything to you.

At the end of the day, it’s like getting a shot: it hurts while the needle is in there, but it goes by quickly and is not so bad as what you thought it would be. The anticipation is probably worse than the actual piercing.

How Long Does A Spider Bite Piercing Take To Heal?

Usually, a spider bite piercing takes one to three months to heal, so it’s pretty quick to heal compared to other piercings. This will, of course, depend on if you got a good professional piercer, if you take good care of your piercing, and on the complications that can follow the piercing.

Also, don’t take the piercing jewelry out during the healing process, not even to change it. If you absolutely need to remove it, ask your piercer to do it for you. To reduce the pain and possible swelling during the first week, you can apply ice in a cloth or tissue to your pierced area. Or you could drink water with ice, or even eat popsicles.

How Much Does A Spider Bite Piercing Cost?

This will almost entirely depend on where you get your spider bite piercing and who your piercer is. If your piercer is a professional with a good reputation, then he or she will probably be more expensive. But often, with piercings and tattoos, usually, it’s worth going for the more expensive option, as you’ll be pretty sure it will be done right.

Usually, it will be anywhere between 20 and 80 dollars, so it’s pretty cheap for a piercing. But you have to remember you have to pay for your selected jewelry as well, whose price will depend on what material it is, what design it is, and more.

You can always ask your piercer to schedule a pre-appointment where you discuss the piercer’s experience, the price, the type of jewelry you want, and if a spider bite piercing really is for you.

Should You Get A Spider Bite Piercing?

Spider bite piercings are relatively cheap, don’t hurt too much, and they give you a unique look! It also heals quickly, and the procedure is pretty simple. A spider bite piercing is also a great way to express your personality, and it’s more unique than other types of lip piercing.

But it’s up to you if you can bear the pain and if your work environment would accept it. Unfortunately, there are still some work environments that discriminate according to your physical appearance.

Who Shouldn’t Get A Spider Bite Piercing?

There are some people who, unfortunately, should probably avoid a spider bite piercing. If you have any doubts as to if this piercing could be for you, talk to your piercer or your local doctor and ask for their advice.

So who should avoid getting a spider bite piercing? Well, if you’ve had keloid scars in the past or have them now, don’t get this piercing. And that’s about it. Just make sure you go to a reputable piercer, as there is no need for qualification to do that piercing type.

When Should You Consult A Doctor?

Consult a doctor after your piercing if you have any pain or swelling after a week, or your skin gets hot, and if you have unusual discharge or pus. Also, if the piercing smells bad, or if it keeps falling out, you get rashes or red bumps around it, or even tooth damage, don’t hesitate to see your local doctor.

Steps Of Getting A Spider Bite Tattoo

Here are all the steps of getting a spider bite tattoo, from your appointment to aftercare and when to contact a doctor if the side effects are bad. This way, you can decide if a spider bite piercing is really for you!


Getting a spider bite piercing is pretty straightforward. If you want any extra information on top of this one, you can always contact your piercer, as he or she will be happy to explain everything to you.

The first step of getting a spider bite piercing, like any other piercing, is that your piercer will disinfect the chosen area. In this case, under your mouth. This reduces the chances of an infection. He or she will also sterilize the needle(s) for your piercing by first washing it with warm water and then disinfecting it with a medical-grade disinfectant.

Of course, any other equipment that will be used, as well as your chosen jewelry, will also be washed and disinfected. Then, the piercer will mark the chosen area with a pen or marker, specifically used for writing on the skin, even sensitive skin.

Afterward, the piercer will gently and quickly insert a needle into the skin area. Then, the jewelry can be inserted. The piercer will repeat the step for the second hole and make sure to clean the blood in between. The second piercing needs the needle to be inserted three to five times, so be prepared for that. Finally, he will disinfect the mouth area. And you’re done!

Preparing For The Piercing

Before the aftercare, there are some things you can do before the piercing, like rinsing your mouth with a gentle mouthwash. Also, avoid drinking or eating before and after you get pierced, as the area can get irritated. Bear in mind that your skin can easily reject the piercing jewelry, as the area around the mouth is sensitive and thin.

Also, try to relax before the appointment, listen to music or meditate, for example. You could also bring a close person with you, so you can relax during the appointment.


A spider bite piercing is a bit more difficult to heal than another type of lip piercing. Just make sure you have good oral hygiene and that you clean the area every time you eat or drink. Also, avoid drinking, smoking, or even makeup.

Also, like any other piercing, you can find topical creams or sprays you can apply, as recommended by your piercer, pharmacist, or doctor. Avoid touching it before it’s healed, and never touch it before you wash your hands with soap and water to avoid bacteria and getting an infection.

You should also clean your piercing. It’s pretty simple. Just use a solution with warm sea salt and mix it with water. You can make this yourself, by the way. You simply need to mix 8 ounces of water with a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. To use this solution, dip a cotton ball and apply it to your pierced area for a few minutes, twice a day.

You can also buy already made products that will help your spider bite piercing heal faster. And always make sure you dry your pierced area after you wash it. To dry it, use a paper towel and gently pat the excess water. Don’t rub your face or use a towel, as it will be too rough for your sensitive skin. If you follow all of this, you shouldn’t get side effects.

Extra Fast Healing Tips

If you want your spider bite piercing to heal faster, there are a few extra things you can do. Avoid sleeping on the side where you have your piercing, eat soft foods, do a mouthwash with sea salt, and use a gentle toothbrush and toothpaste.

You can also take a multivitamin tablet every day and eat yogurt, which promotes healthy bacteria as it has probiotics. Avoid eating any spicy food or frozen food as well. Also, avoid public pools, as they’re full of bacteria and germs.

Side Effects

Like for any piercing, there are potential side effects. You could, for one, get an allergic reaction to your chosen piece of jewelry if it’s made of nickel, for example. Or your piercing could rip if it gets caught in anything, like an object or an item of clothing.

Or you could get an infection if you don’t follow the aftercare instructions properly or if your piercer didn’t sterilize his/her equipment properly. Also, there can be some nerve damage if the piercing is done too close to a nerve or isn’t done right. That’s why it’s so important to get a professional piercer, who has a good reputation, even if the price is higher.

Your piercing jewelry can also migrate or be rejected by your skin. This can happen quite frequently, as it’s when your body grows skin tissue and will move or push out the jewelry. This can also happen with embedding when the jewelry becomes too small for your skin.

If you take good care of your piercing, let it heal properly, and go to a reputable professional piercer, you shouldn’t have any side effects at all. So it’s essential you follow all the aftercare instructions from this article and the advice your piercer gives you.

Inspiration For Spider Bite Piercings

Here are some ideas of spider bite piercings you can hopefully get inspired by.

Different Types Of Jewelry You Can Get

The three most popular options for a spider bite piercing are the captive bead ring, the circular barbell, and the curved barbell. The captive bead ring is a thick circular ring that has a bead in the middle, where the ends of the circle meet.

The circular barbell looks a bit like a horseshoe and has round beads that you can take off at the ends. As for the curved barbell, it’s a bar that is a bit curved and also has round beads at the ends.

More Inspo

Here are some extra ideas for your spider bite piercing, including style and shape ideas:

  • Minimalist spider bite piercing
  • Maximalist spider bite piercing: multiple piercings
  • Boho-chic spider bite piercing
  • Black, silver, or gold spider bite piercing
  • Colored spider bite piercing
  • Criss-cross spider bite piercing
  • Diamond-like spider bite piercing
  • Nose and lip spider bite piercing


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