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What is Spiritual Love? What does it Feel Like?

What is spiritual love? Spiritual love can be quite hard to define, but it’s something that many people experience.

Spiritual love is the purest form of love because it doesn’t need anything else to exist. It can be also felt through any kind of relationship, whether platonic or romantic.

We often associate spiritual life with following a certain religion or belief system. This isn’t always the case.

A lot of people find spirituality in their romantic relationships as well!

There are tons of benefits associated with having a spiritual partner. One is that it makes your relationship stronger on an emotional level. The other is that it also connects you to yourself on a deeper level.

This type of connection can help you grow spiritually. It makes you more aware of what’s happening within yourself and how you’re feeling in the present time.

What more else is there to learn? Let’s find out below.

What is spiritual love and what does it feel like?

There are many different words for spiritual love. It’s something you may experience in any relationship. Thus, there isn’t a single term to describe the feeling.

For some people, spiritual love is a type of unconditional acceptance and understanding. That means accepting your romantic partner as they are. You won’t try to change or fix anything about their personality or actions.

It also means being able to understand our partners on an emotional level. And it spills over even when we don’t know exactly why they’re acting or behaving in particular ways.

Unconditional acceptance doesn’t mean we like everything about our partners. It does mean that we love them anyway.

Spiritual love is a connection to yourself and your spiritual side through the other person in the relationship.

This means you’re able to see more of who they are on an emotional level. You get the full picture without distractions or filters. This type of spiritual awareness shows deeper connections with others. It also helps us connect better with ourselves as well.

In other words, spiritual love may be what some people call “connection.” But there’s nothing simple about it. It can open up floodgates within both individuals involved in the relationship.

That is why it’s something very sacred and special. The connection may be of feelings of joy and happiness. Yet, it can also open us up to more difficult emotions like sadness and grief.

So, spiritual love isn’t just about the good times. That’s why many people find spiritual life through their romantic relationships as well!

The benefits of having a spiritual love relationship

Spiritual love can benefit us in ways we might not expect.

The benefits may vary from person to person. Despite that, they’re all equally important and beneficial in their own way.

Here are some examples:

  1. A spiritual partner helps you grow emotionally.

As a result, you may end up having improved relationships with friends and family.

  1. Spiritual love doesn’t mean sacrificing our individuality for the other person’s sake.

It makes both individuals stronger because they aren’t dependent on each other.

Instead, they depend only on themselves while still together. Both of them move through everything life throws at them covering the other person.

  1. For spiritual people, spiritual love can bring out the best in us.

It helps you to better understand yourself and others.

It frees us from guessing at our own or someone else’s thoughts or intentions.

  1. A spiritually connected relationship means there is no need for games.

Both people involved simply accept one another – faults and all.

This type of unconditional acceptance makes it easier to avoid misunderstandings. Such could otherwise lead to arguments and other rifts in your relationship.

  1. It can help us care for ourselves better, both emotionally and physically.

When we’re in a spiritual love relationship, we have someone to turn to when our emotional needs aren’t getting met.

We also feel more motivated to take better care of ourselves as individuals. The reason is that our image gets reflected at us through the other person’s eyes.

Spiritual love connection as life lessons or blessings

Spiritual love is a connection to something beyond us, both in this world and the next.

This kind of love can be for another person or animal — even an object like your car. It’s still spiritual because you feel connected on a much deeper level. It even goes beyond what we call “romantic” or physical attraction.

a. As a life lesson

Spiritual love connections may come into our lives as life lessons. In this form, it helps us develop compassion and empathy. These types of relationships are often friendships rather than romantic pairings.

We need to learn how to connect with others (and ourselves) through unconditional compassion. It’s only then that we’ll know true spiritual love exists.

b. As a life blessing

Spiritual love can help us develop our spiritual practice.

When we meet someone who shares the same values and beliefs, it’s easier to form a lasting bond. Such strong bonds will support both of you in your personal development.

Having an unconditional loving connection with another person is what makes life worthwhile!

If you’re fortunate enough to have this type of relationship in your life, cherish it for all it’s worth.

Both people involved become open-hearted towards one another without judgment or expectations. Spiritual love brings out the best part of ourselves since there are no pretenses or masks.

Signs that you have found your true spiritual love match

If you’re looking for the signs that someone is your spiritual love match, some of these include:

  1. You can talk about anything with them.
  2. They understand what you mean when you say words like “spiritual” or “emotional.”
  3. There’s no need to explain yourself because they already know what it means. It doesn’t matter if one person has spirituality as their primary focus while the other does not. There truly isn’t a barrier between both people involved in this type of relationship.
  4. You feel more peaceful when you’re around your partner.
  5. You feel more confident and self-assured in every area of life. This includes work or school if you have a career outside the home too.
  6. Your needs are always getting met by this person. Also, it doesn’t mean they do all of them for you either. Instead, both people involved, give to one another freely without trying to control how much their partner gives back. And asking is never about guilt-tripping someone into doing something.
  7. You may feel like the two of you have known each other from way back.
  8. Your life and career paths align effortlessly.
  9. Both of you help to guide each other through life in realizing your purpose.
  10. Each of you is more concerned about what you bring into the relationship than what you get.

How to create more room for spirituality in our own lives and relationships?

Everyone has their unique approach when it comes to creating space for themselves and others.

Here are some tips:

a. Make time for self-reflection and meditation every day

Self-reflection and meditation can help you keep an active connection with yourself.

This way, you can strengthen your experience with inner peace.

You can, as well, find a balance between life on its surface level (ego) and deep down inside (spiritual).

b. Keep your spiritual line awake throughout

When spending time alone or with friends/family, try asking questions such as “What is this person’s purpose in my life?” or “How can I be of service to them?”

Doing this will help you get in touch with what your life’s purpose is for your partner.

If spirituality isn’t at the forefront of our lives every day, then we risk losing sight of it completely.

c. Don’t be too conscious of your spiritual direction

Remember that no one owes you anything. It’s not your job to protect or defend anyone but yourself.

When you meet someone on a spiritual journey, then it’s easy to share your experiences and feelings.

But if they’re not as spiritually inclined as you are, don’t push them into doing something that feels unnatural for them.

d. Practice unconditional love daily by yourself first

Whether we realize it or not, everyone has judgmental thoughts from time to time.

In relationships where there is an imbalance of power, the other partner can feel inferior. As a result, this feeling might lead them away from their own path too.

This trend is likely to occur in a relationship where one person tends to be more critical.

Remember those times when you’ve judged yourself harshly? If so, think about what caused this feeling instead of focusing on how bad it felt afterward.

e. Remember that spiritual love is in the details too

Ask yourself what your partner’s needs are and do something about it for them. Do it even when they didn’t say a word to you directly about it!

For example, when they feel tired, get up earlier than usual. Handle part of the chores so you can make sure their day gets started without stress.

Let’s say there’s an errand or chore that hasn’t gotten done because of time constraints. If this happens more often around the house (or wherever), offer to help out with one thing at least each week until it becomes natural again.

Being selfless doesn’t mean we’re doing nothing. Instead, we’re putting our loved ones first while also knowing how much to give back to them.

f. Spend time together daily doing things that you both enjoy

If the two of you have different interests, then find something new that both of you can try out together.

For instance:

If your partner only reads fiction books while you’re a non-fiction person yourself, pick up one book from their favorite author and read through it together. You’ll be surely surprised how much this simple act can actually help strengthen the bond between you two.

g. Share your feelings without judgment

Judgments are pretty destructive for any type of relationship. They create tension in an otherwise harmonious environment.

The truth is that no one’s path should contradict yours or vice versa. Everyone has unique traits that contribute to who they are as a person.


A spiritually connected relationship may take up more time than others, but it also brings greater rewards and benefits. So, try to make space in your schedule for sharing experiences on an emotional level instead of just having fun.

In other words, you’ll know that your spiritual love match is the person who helps you become a better version of yourself. And it’s those kinds of connections that are truly priceless!



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