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A Sweeter Wedding with a Sweetheart Table

Perhaps one of the greatest joys one can have in life is being able to celebrate your wedding with all your family and friends. Along with the slowly sinking euphoric feeling of finally committing the rest of your life to your cherished sweetheart, the happiness doubles when you know all your other loved ones are there to share the momentous occasion.

However, more than pleasing the guests, spending the special day with your newly wedded spouse is of higher priority. It is, after all, your day. While you can’t escape the cheerful clamor caused by your guests during wedding receptions, it is still highly possible to reserve some space and time for intimate conversations between you and your spouse.

How is it possible? Through a sweetheart table.

What is a Sweetheart Table?

A sweetheart table is a table reserved for the married couple — and the married couple only. It is situated across the other sets of tables and chairs, facing all the guests.

Usually, the couple may be seated at a long dining table together with their wedding party. With a sweetheart table, however, the couple may enjoy the smaller space alone. At the same time, their wedding party can be seated with any of their friends and family members.

The Benefits of Having a Sweetheart Table

Planning your wedding is not an easy thing to do. You have to be intentional in every decision you make. This applies even to choosing the table setup for your wedding reception.

To help you in deciding whether you want to go for a sweetheart table or not, we listed the benefits of having one.

1. You can personalize it however you want

If you’re on the artsy-sentimental side, this reason alone would be enough to convince you to set up a sweetheart table. Why not?

While the rest of the guests would be seated in wonderful tables uniformly arranged (and perhaps more budget-friendly), you and your spouse can choose to highlight the wedding by decorating the sweetheart table however you want with no one to question it! Since you are the focal point of the occasion, let your table be the focal point of the reception venue.

Being able to decorate your sweetheart table however you want will also leave you with satisfying photos of you and your spouse. Take note, however, that having a sweetheart table will definitely increase the attention that guests can pay you, so if you are not very comfortable with that, it’s totally fine to do away with the more traditional set-up.

It’s your day, though? Why not bask in all the attention you deserve on your special day?

2. It will be easier for the guests to approach the married couple

Suppose you and your spouse have eaten your fill. Guests will want to be able to approach you and put forth their congratulations and best wishes. With a sweetheart table, they won’t have to worry about “disturbing” the wedding party who’s supposedly eating with you. They would only need to ensure you are ready to be interrupted with your “sweetheart” time.

However, it is good to assume that there will also be guests who will feel more intimidated since you have singled out among the crowd. If you think this scenario is likely to happen, then make sure to do the table visiting yourselves after you have eaten. The sweetheart table would make it easier to leave your dining area since, again, there would be no other family members or close friends you have to think of before leaving to do your meet-and-greet.

3. You can be intimate with your sweetheart despite the crowd

Imagine the joy of being finally married to the love of your life! Now imagine how it would feel to take a few minutes in quiet observation of how everyone you have ever loved has gathered for the day you have anticipated for so long.

Through having a sweetheart table, not only will you and your spouse be able to eat in peace, but you also have the chance to breathe after a busy day of getting married. You can even use it as a time to be intimate by sharing a small conversation together.

However, you should also take note that having a sweetheart table would physically separate you from your closest family and friends. If you still fancy being near them and feeling the connection, by all means, place their tables near your sweetheart table.

How to “Up” Your Sweetheart Table

You have to keep in mind that your sweetheart table would likely be the focal point of your wedding reception venue. What that means is that it will be a part of plenty of photos you will keep and reminisce on for life.

While your wedding planner would have brilliant ideas on how to go about your sweetheart table, it is you and your spouse’s ideas that would truly matter. What do you want your sweetheart table to look like? Below are some ideas to “up” your sweetheart table and make it extra special.

1. Glam up with tabletop decoration

You can totally choose to glam up your sweetheart table with anything you can ever imagine! Choose an aesthetic to go with and decorate the edges of the table. Whether you want it to be filled with flowers or you want a silky piece of long cloth draped on it — it’s totally up to you.

To spice things up, you can also put pretty candle holders and scented candles, dried flowers if you like it rustic, or simply go with a beautiful table that’s enough to catch attention on its own.

2. Bare tables and a bridal bouquet on top

Did we mention the very table itself is important? Whether it’s made of polished glass or hand-carved wood, pick your sweetheart table carefully. A bare table can go a long way as long as it’s true to your aesthetic.

For instance, a bare, wooden vintage table works well with rustic, vintage, or nature wedding themes. Double up the function of your bridal bouquet (or maybe have one in your spare) and place it as the table centerpiece, and you are done!

3. Aesthetic arch

The sweetheart table is one thing, the décor surrounding it is another. Why not add up to the magic and install a beautiful arch running along the sides of the table? You can line up the arch with fresh flowers perfect for a garden-themed wedding.

Feeling a little more celebratory? Go with balloons! Little balloons adhering to your wedding motif are also a nice arch décor. A cloth with fairy lights all over the arch works as well, especially if your wedding reception will extend overnight. How whimsical, right?

4. Mind the backdrop

Mind the backdrop, especially if your wedding reception is a closed indoor area. Even if your sweetheart table is the grandest of all, its value will decrease if your backdrop is unpleasant to the eyes.

Remember the arch? Match its theme with your backdrop, whether or not you actually have the arch. Flowers, plants, clothes, fairy lights – even a banner of “Mr and Mrs” sign or “Just got married!” will do.

If you are holding your wedding reception in such a scenic place, why waste the view, right? Let the scenic background do the decorating. If it’s a beach wedding, line up your sweetheart table where the horizon can be seen in the back.

For garden weddings, let the flower beds and shrubs do the talking. Or maybe place your sweetheart table directly under a decorated tree. Maybe you’re holding a unique reception in museums or libraries. Imagine that — no need for extra effort, right?


For most people, weddings are ideally a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It’s understandable to want it to be perfect. Whether or not a sweetheart table will be a perfect addition to your dream wedding, you have to make sure you have considered both your and your fiance’s opinion. After all, once the big day comes, the two will finally become one.



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