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Tom Ford Net Worth 2022

Tom Ford is a creative genius who amassed enormous wealth and fame during his career. His marvelous creative insights brought in millions of dollars in revenue for Gucci, YSL, and his personal brand.

Many critics consider him a living legend, whose financial decision-making has been proven to create wealth for him. Also, his multiple careers depict that he has an extraordinary mind that leaves behind an everlasting legacy.

In this post, you will know the net worth of Tom Ford, his career, and his personal life. So, read the entire post.

Let’s begin!

The actual net worth of Tom Ford

Tom Ford earned his wealth primarily through his roles as a creative director of Gucci and YSL. Secondly, he started his personal brand and sold a lot of luxury products throughout the globe.

At the present moment, Tom Ford’s net worth is just over 500 million dollars, and it’s going to increase with time. It’s because his personal brand is presenting many products in the fashion market that are gaining more and more popularity in the public.

Tom Ford’s early life

The original name of Tom Ford is Thomas Carlyle Ford. He was born on 27 August 1961 in Austin, Texas.

Tom Ford’s parents are Shirley Burton and Thomas David Ford. Both of them had good careers as realtors.

Tom Ford’s childhood was spent in San Marcos and Houston. At the age of eleven, his parents moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There, Tom Ford got his school education and graduated from high school in 1979.

After graduation, Tom Ford moved to New York and enrolled in New York University to study art history. But after one year, he dropped out to start his acting career in TV commercials.

After not finding much success, Tom Ford enrolled in Parson The New School of Design to study interior architecture. In his second year, he also took fashion courses. But he got a degree in interior architecture from Parsons.

After graduation, Tom Ford found Studio 54 with the help of Ian Falconer. He spent too much time with Studio 54 at the start of his career. There, Tom Ford realized that he has gay tendencies.

Tom Ford’s career highlights in fashion

Tom Ford was really interested in a career in fashion. That’s why, besides an architecture degree, he applied to many fashion-related jobs.

Eventually, Cathy Hardwick hired Tom Ford as a design assistant. He worked with her for two years.

In 1988, Tom Ford started working with the brand, Perry Ellis. For two years, he designed many things there.

Next, Tom Ford moved to Europe and got a Chief designer position at Gucci for Women’s wear products.

Tom Ford’s career flourished at Gucci. In six months, he also started designing men’s products.

Tom Ford became creative director at Gucci in 1994. In the next two years, Tom Ford successfully increased sales by 90%.

Tom Ford worked for Gucci and YSL as a creative director until 2004. After that, he started his own brand for men’s wear and beauty accessories.

Tom Ford has created original dresses for American First Ladies and many Hollywood celebrities.

Tom Ford’s real estate investments

Tom Ford also has an impressive portfolio of real estate. He owns a four-story townhouse in New York City, valuing over 20 million dollars.

He also owns a Holby Hills Mansion in Los Angeles, valuing over 40 million dollars.

Tom Ford also had a 20000+ acre ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where two movies were filmed. The first was 3:10 to Yuma, and the second was Thor.

He was selling his ranch in 2016 for 75 million dollars. In January 2021, he successfully sold his ranch. But he never disclosed the price.

Tom Ford’s career highlights in film direction

Tom Ford also started his film production company in 2005, named Fade to Black.

In 2009, Tom Ford debuted as a film directed and completed a critically acclaimed movie, “A Single Man.”

His film received Golden Lion Award at 66th Venice International Film Festival.

Tom Ford also has worked as a film producer in one movie.

In 2016, Tom Ford released his second film, “Nocturnal Animals.”

This movie received Grand Jury Prize at Venice Film Festival.

Tom Ford’s personal life

Tom Ford Started dating Richard Buckley in 1986. They married in 2014. The couple adopted a son in 2012 named Alexander John Jack.

In September 2021, Richard Buckley died. At the present moment, Tom Ford is raising his son and is not dating anyone.

Wrap up

Tom Ford is an inspiration for all youth who are aiming to get wealth through a creative profession. His life tells us that anyone can get to a peak in a career with persistence and struggle.

Tom Ford’s 500 million net worth is a good example for everyone to start struggling for progress. Have a great day.



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