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Top 7 Purrfect Exotic Cats in the World

Cats are often one of the top pet choices for many households.

Why? It is because cats come in the right size to perfect for your household.

Most cats are disciplined and easy to lead when it comes to potty training. They also eat in smaller quantities compared to other pets (ahem, dogs), and they want their own space, which makes them a wee bit low maintenance. Indeed, cats are the perfect choice for any household.

While some people prefer to go to their local community pet store to adopt stray kitties, others would want to take it a notch further and purchase luxury exotic cats. Exotic cats are known for having extremely rare breeds. And with that uniqueness comes a hefty price to pay! Of course, something one-of-a-kind will definitely come with a huge price tag. Let us look at some of the most exotic and luxurious cats in the world.

Top Luxury Cats in the World

1. The Skogkatt

Price Range: Up to $800

The Skogkatt, also known as the Norwegian Forest Cat is admittedly, not much of a looker. With its thick wooly gray hair and sharp claws, the Skogkatt is one bossy cat as it will only come and go as they please. Rumor has it that the Skogkatt breed are the cats placed in pirate ships to keep rodents at bay.

Did you know that they almost became extinct due to inbreeding? Luckily, they were preserved. Today, the Skogkaat is primarily located in Europe. Individuals who are Skogkatt fanatics can import this rare breed into their country, of course, by following standard steps and procedures.

2. Egyptian Mau

Price Range: Up to $800

Probably one of the more popular exotic cats in the world, the Egyptian Mau screams luxury with its regal and unique look. It is so popular that ancient Egyptian people used to worship the Egyptian Mau! This feline is the only natural-spotted cat in the whole world, with spots mostly located at the fur’s tips. Other unique features of the Egyptian Mau include its widely spaced ears and beautiful green eyes that seemingly pierce when they look at you.

3. Korat

Price Range: Up to $800

If superman is to humans, then the Korat is to kitty cats! The Korat is endowed with many skills and talents, including unusually heightened senses of sight, hearing, and scents. Mainly located in Thailand in very rare quantities, the Korat symbolizes prosperity in Thailand’s Asian culture. The intriguing feature of Korats is its heart-shaped head and nose. Another aspect that makes the Korat unique is its silver-tipped blue color that seemingly shines and shimmers when the light especially hits them in a certain way. People who are allergic to cats and fur can purchase a Korat because their tight coats and fur do not shed.

4. Selkirk Rex

Price Range: Up to $800

Don’t you hate it whenever you have a bad hair day? Well, the next time you cannot get your tresses to cooperate, have one look at the Selkirk Rex cat, and I am sure your bad mood will go away! Known as the cat who always has a bad hair day, the Selkirk Rex’s distinguishing feature is its uber unruly curly fur all over its body! Their extra hair makes them so cute and irresistible to hug and cuddle with. These types of cats are known for their vibrant energy. Hence, if you think of purchasing one, be sure that you also buy many toys to keep them occupied.

5. American Curl

Price Range: Up to $1,300

The American Curl is probably one of the rarest cats in the market. Let us take a history lesson on the origins of the American Curl. For starters, they are fondly called “Curls” and are descendants of one black cat named Shulamith. This breed started when Shulamith had a litter of kittens, and all their ears started to curl after a few days.

The American Curl possesses a unique feature, particularly its silky black fur and unusual pointy and curled ears. A rule of thumb with Curls is that the more curled their ears are, the higher their value is.

6. Siberian

Price Range: Up to $2,000

The Siberian cat is one of the rarest breeds globally, making the price tag on this cat extra hefty. Primarily located in Russia, this cat is one of the country’s national treasures. One unique feature of the Siberian cat is its sweet expression characterized by its eyes’ upward slant. The color of their eyes also ranges from cool greens to ice-cold blue. Some Siberian cats even have a different colored eye, which makes them even more special!

They also have fur similar to a lion’s mane; this is because they are built to withstand even the coldest Russian winters. Out of all the exotic cats, the Siberian cat is known to be the most loving to their humans and would give you an extra cuddle if you are having a rough day.

7. Maine Coon

Price Range: Up to $3,500

The Maine Coon is dubbed as the gentle giant of cats as their plus-sized body and fur may very well be joining in the ranks of the world’s largest cat. However, do not let their size deter you because they are known to be one of the most gentle and lovable cat breeds in the world. Their love for humans is so strong that they will literally follow you anywhere. These smart felines are also trainable.

Adding on to the plethora of reasons why Maine Coon cats are so unique is that they also love water! There are many mysteries to the origins of Maine Coon. However, some say they hail from the Norwegian Forest Cat. Contrarily, others say they have royal blood as they were part of Marie Antoinette’s Angora cats. No matter their origins, the cute and incredibly cuddly Maine Coon cats are up for grabs!

At the end of day…

These cute and cuddly feline friends definitely would want you to dash to the nearest pet store and adopt or purchase one. That said, as a responsible pet owner, just like any other cat, make sure that you give them enough time and attention that they deserve so they feel loved and appreciated by their most favorite human – you!


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