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Why Life is So Hard? 7 Possible Reasons

It can be easy to feel like success is out of reach, or that you will never find the happiness you crave. But it’s not true!

The truth is, success and failure are two sides of the same coin. They go hand in hand–you cannot have success without failure and vice versa. And we each deserve a life full of positive thoughts and hope for tomorrow.

Life is not supposed to be easy and sometimes success doesn’t come easily too. But, there are a few things we can do to make life more bearable.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the lessons I’ve learned on why life is so hard and how you can cope with it.

But first…

What is Success?

What does success mean to you? Is it making a lot of money, having lots of friends, being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want?

Those are all great things that success can bring. But success isn’t always what we think it is.

Sometimes success comes in small doses like when someone says “thank you” for something nice that you did for them. Or, when the sun shines on your face while walking down the street. Success is about living life and enjoying everything it has to offer – even the hard stuff!

It’s not about the failures you’ve had, but how you got up after each one of them.

What is Failure?

Failure is a part of life. It’s how we learn, and it gives us the chance to try again until we get it right.

Whether you failed an exam or just missed that deadline, failure happens when things don’t go as planned. And that means that everyone can fail at some point in their lives.

Don’t let negative thoughts get in the way of all the good things happening around you right now.

You can live through anything as long as you have hope for tomorrow. And trying over and over until you achieve your goal brings you closer than ever before to success!

Reasons why your life may be so hard on you right now

Are you stressed out with school or work? Are your relationships falling apart? Or are you just not living the life that you want for yourself right now? No matter how bad things seem, there’s always a solution!

The first step is becoming aware of the problem. Once we know what isn’t working in our lives, solving these problems becomes easier. I say this because now instead of searching aimlessly for answers – we already have them at hand!

So, what are some of the things that may make your life hard?

1. Unbalanced emotions

When we are very happy, it’s hard to notice that something is weighing us down. But when things get tough and our mood changes, the first thing you should do is acknowledge what you’re feeling!

After all, your emotions give important clues about how to live a happier life. When I become too overwhelmed with my thoughts or feelings – I write them down to understand where they come from.

Sometimes this helps me realize that other aspects of my life need attention as well. And then after taking care of those problems – everything falls back into place again!

Whatever you do, your emotions shouldn’t get the better of you!

2. You’re settling for less in life

When you settle for less, it’s hard to feel happy about anything. And that means the things we do. It could be our work or relationships that are not as fulfilling as they could be.

It may take time before you find your passion in life but when you do – never let go of it. Keep doing what makes you happy and stay motivated no matter how tough a situation might seem right now.

If you settle for less in your life, you will never get satisfied with what you have. And if that happens, life becomes so much harder to deal with!

So, what is the one thing in life that makes it worth living for you right now?

Do something about it and see how things can change just by bringing more happiness into your world!

Life is too short for us to waste any more time on stuff that doesn’t make us smile anymore.

3. Overdependence on others for you to be happy

When you are too dependent on other people for your happiness, it’ll prove hard to stay happy when things go wrong.

Accepting the fact that no one else will make us happy – even if they do nice stuff for us all of the time – is something we should start doing right now. It may take some getting used to, but learning how to deal with life alone can actually help us in many ways.

Not depending on others means that we accept who we are and what our limitations are. It helps us move without feeling sorry about them or letting anyone convince us otherwise. And once you learn how much better it feels like when you’re not tied down by anything – you will never go back to depending on others for happiness!

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re too dependent on another person, think about what role they play in your life right now.

Are they someone you can’t imagine living without? Or is that person just a part of your life and doesn’t make or break it in any way?

It’s never easy to let go but the rewards are worth working towards!

4. You don’t give yourself appropriate time to accomplish things

If you don’t give yourself enough time to do what you need, then it’ll be so hard to get happy about anything.

Time management is an important skill to learn at any age and should start right now! Even if your schedule seems tight for this week, try scheduling some extra time for your objectives into that planner of yours. It could help you improve your quality of life overall.

And once things get done without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, happiness shines through naturally. So, ensure that you make the best use out of every minute by staying organized and focused on your goals.

The more balanced your daily routine is, the easier it will be to put your mind at ease about things. And if you take care of yourself first, nothing else can stop you from being happy!

If life feels hard right now because there are too many unfinished tasks on that list of yours, then try giving yourself more time for those activities instead. You’ll see how much better everything falls into place. (When you’re not constantly rushing around trying to get stuff done fast enough.)

5. Setting unrealistic goals

Setting unrealistic goals will always break your dreams of achieving happiness. That is regardless of how great things seem right now.

The harsh truth is that there are always going to be days when nothing goes according to plan or all of your plans get ruined.

And if you don’t stop setting high expectations for yourself, then life will get harder than it needs to be. You’ll end up feeling like everything around you isn’t good enough or doesn’t make sense anymore because your objectives aren’t getting met.

It takes time before we learn what works best for us in the world but once we do, happiness will come easier every single day after that point onwards.

So, what really makes you happy? Is it something achievable on your part?

When we get clear on what goals will make us happy – even if they’re not perfect by society standards – then everything becomes easier than ever.

6. Fearing failure so much that you don’t start any project at all

We all know people who are so afraid to even try because they’re scared about what could go wrong. Sadly enough – this way of thinking affects many aspects of your life and gets you down more than anything else ever could.

And when someone fears doing things badly instead of just accepting the fact that no one is perfect at everything, they’ll never allow themselves to get happy either.

That’s because once we fail, it feels like a big deal. But, if we learn how to cope with failures right away – how can anyone/anything stop us in the future? We will feel better prepared for next time around.

So, if you have been living in fear of failure all this time, it’s never too late to change things. You can start right now by being more confident and willing to give everything a shot. That way, happiness will find its way into your life before long.

7. Keeping the wrong kind of company

Are you surrounded by people who bring out the worst in you? Or do they seem to be holding you back from achieving your goals and feeling happy about life overall?

If so, then it’s time to take control of the situation. And if that means cutting ties with those negative influences for good – don’t let anyone stop you!

Nothing could ever replace all of the happiness we can get just knowing someone else has our backs when times get tough. So, surround yourself with people who love and care about how amazing/happy/successful you want to become.

What You Can Do To Make Life More Bearable

So, what can you do to see life through a more positive lens?

Well, it’s all pretty simple:

  1. Find happiness and success in the little things
  2. Take care of yourself for a happier life
  3. Be patient with yourself
  4. Accept failure and disappointment are a part of life
  5. Learn from your previous mistakes


Don’t beat yourself up when life seems to get hard on you. It’s all part of living.

Happiness is a choice and only if you choose to see life from a positive perspective.

If you find yourself having a hard life because of your personal decisions, then you better change as well. Only then will you be also able to enjoy life from the sunnier side.

Remember, nothing can stop you from feeling happy except yourself.



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